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Ranma Split in Two Crossovers
Ranma's curse gets split from Ranma creating two Ranma's, one male and one female. Generally the female Ranma struggles to cope with her existence as she is trapped in a female body while watching her male form get everything she wants and not turn into a girl. Sometimes she is rejected by everyone while others she has a totally different personality and so acts as male Ranma's sister. Sometimes they fall in love with each other, or with different fiances. Also features characters, worlds and situations from other series.

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A Different Path - Draknor . Link
Ranma has a split personality and his girl side is much nicer and helpful than him. Kami-Sama decides to elevate Ranma chan becomes to goddess, leaving Ranma kun to deal with the fiances. She accepts and becomes Reiko Sakura. She is given a dojo to run in Juban where she meets the Sailor Senshi and invites them to come train with her, meanwhile everyone else is missing the female side of Ranma and wishes she would come back. (Ah! My Goddess, Sailor Moon Crossovers.)

Black Moon and Silence - Quontir . Link
previously: Ranma is tricked by the black moon family into signing a contract. They cure all his curses and keep the by products, which turns out to be his female curse and the nekoken merged together in a new body. Now: Mistress Nine has possessed Hotaru and is trying to find the grail. The Sailor Senshi are trying to stop her and either save or kill Hotaru who is sailor Saturn. Ranma is not on either side except her own and vows to stop all plans. Prequel: The Black Moon Contract. (Sailor Moon Crossover.)

Pale Horse - Tail Kinker . Link
Happosai gives Ranma a new technique which allows him to separate his soul and explore. He gets the idea to use this to separate his curse instead. By drawing on the spirit of the spring, Ranma projects himself out of his body. His astral self is the form of the girl who drowned, and is able to move around like a copy of body Ranma who can also move around. She wanders around and is forced to fight a hollow, and she learns she is a Shinigami. (Bleach Crossover.)

The Black Moon Contract - Quontir . Link
Ranma is tricked by the black moon family into signing a contract. They cure all his curses and keep the by products, which turns out to be his female curse and the nekoken merged together in a new body. Ranma-chan becomes sailor Angerona and infiltrates the Senshi, while working on a way to free herself from the contract with Nabiki's help. Sequel: Black Moon and Silence. (Sailor Moon Crossover.)

The Thunderbolt's Tears - Pyeknu . Link
After Ranko had had enough and left the Tendo's, she was contacted by her grandmothers lawyer who knew of her existence and decided to leave everything to her. Now named Hayashi Kanami, she is contacted by the Jewel warrior Major Raeburn who offers to teach her the Tensei-ryū, and a chance at becoming a jewel warrior. Kanami accepts the training but still needs to go to school, having made friends with a few girls previously she doesn't mind. This story is based upon Misuteru by Jason Drozd. (Multiple Crossovers too many to list.)

Wild Child - wolf40k . Link
Ranma is finally getting serious with Akane and training her when Kuno tries to use a amulet of separation on him, it splits his cursed form away from him leaving two Ranma's. Meanwhile Sailer Pluto is getting tired of constant attacks of many enemies and wishes for some help. Ranko is treated badly and is suicidal, but everyone realizes there mistakes and treat her better. She decides to leave to find herself since Ranma is around and she cant be him. She wonders around a park and sees Pluto being attacked by monsters and jumps into the fight. Pluto is injured so she takes her back to her hotel room and they talk. Ranko Walks Setsuna home and Setsuna's mother talks Ranko into sleeping over, and then staying and going to school. (Sailor Moon Crossover.)

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SD Ranchan
Created By Jason Kay