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Ranma Split in Two
Ranma's curse gets split from Ranma creating two Ranma's, one male and one female. Generally the female Ranma struggles to cope with her existence as she is trapped in a female body while watching her male form get everything she wants and not turn into a girl. Sometimes she is rejected by everyone while others she has a totally different personality and so acts as male Ranma's sister. Sometimes they fall in love with each other, or with different finances.

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Amor Fati - Sarcastic Avenger . Link
Ranma took a training trip to find an enchanted sword than can cut through anything including curses. He uses it, only to wake up split in two with a male and female version. Male Ranma is too cocky and demeaning to care about female Ranma who is upset about being stuck. Back at home she feels out of place, like a curse. Akane tries to be nice but Ranma Chan wants more that Akane can't give as she cant love girls that way. She has an argument with Nabiki that clears the air for friendship and Ukyo is mad that male Ranma has chosen Akane and so can't even look at her due to her essentially being the same.

Divided I Stand - Don Granberry . Link
Ranma is chasing Happosai through a typhoon when she is blown trough the window of a mansion and crashes into a mirror. When she wakes up, she finds she has been split and their is a male version beside her. When the storm blows over, the Ranma's find that a lot of Nerima has been badly damaged and so they help in the relief effort, feeding people, finding water and shelters, saving Dr Tofu from the Yakuza.

Double or Nothing - Jeremy Mullin . Link
Ranma bathes in instant Nannichuan and is struck by lightning, separating him from his cursed form. The female Ranma, Ranko has no memories of anything before Jusenkyo and so doesn't know the basics of the art. Ranma has no knowledge of anything after Jusenkyo, which causes him to act like a macho jerk as he no longer has the curse affecting his view of woman.

Love and Honor - Syithe . Link
After falling into the spring of drowned girl, Ranma fell into the spring of drowned twins. Now Ranma is a boy and a girl and they are madly in love with each other and physically cant bear to be apart. Genma tries everything to keep them apart as them being together spoils his plans to marry Ranma to a Tendo.

Mirror, Mirror - Mike . Link
Ranma finds a cure for his curse in the Amazon village however when used it splits his body into a boy and girl, both controlled by the same brain feeling and seeing two sets of input at once. At the Tendo's Ranma and his alter ego Ranko are introduced, however whenever one of the Ranma's is interacted with the other is forced into a unresponsive state to stop it from copying the first. They explain the curse and are forced to be engaged to Akane. They go to school to try and learn how to act independently and in a fight with Kuno where they learn that injuries from one transfer to the other. Meanwhile the Amazons are hunting them down for stealing from them and Shampoo is on Ranma's trail.

Misuteru - Jason Drozd . Link
Ranma's cursed form is split of from Ranma and is treated like dirt. She decides to leave and writes a letter explaining how badly everybody treated her and how much her life sucked. This story is what she wrote.

More Than Half - Michael Fetter . Link. Link2
Ranma chan is attacked by the hentai horde and quickly defeats them. She meets Akane and they quickly becomes friends and Akane asks Ranma to stay. Akane finds a gun in Ranma's pack and asks her to leave. When Ranma comes back to retrieve her diary, she finds a male Ranma living with the Tendo's. She trains him for a while then heads over to Tokyo3 to pilot an Evangelion. Ranma and Akane show up later and they all move into a house together. Later Ranko confronts Genma about her mother and finds out the truth. She is split from Ranma.

Multiplicity - mikebreslau . Link
Ranma takes a year long training trip where he learns and improves many techniques he has seen and creates his own, one of which allows him to create new bodies all controlled by one mind. Four Ranma's allow him to date his three fiances while one turns into a young Ranko to be raised by Nodoka. A deadly Ki monster threatens the world and Ranma sacrifices all his bodies to defeat it. As a reward he is promoted to a god, while another body is a demon. Other bodies live around the world, and a Japanese Ranma is married to his Ranko body.

Nullification - ssfr . Link
Ranma buys an old nullify potion from a Chinese peddler. Ranma's curse is split and she is told that they need emotional attachments or they will die. Ranma decides only Ukyo could love her and decides to live with her, reading books to learn how to be a lesbian. Akane only likes girl Ranma who has promised herself to Ukyo , while male Ranma is devastated. He is angry but makes friends with some new guys who turn out to be Shampoo and Kodachi.

Nullifier 122 - Webdragon . Link
At the Furinken fair, Ranma finds a bottle of nullifier 122. Eager to cure himself he ignores all warnings and uses it in the bath, splitting his curse form from him. Ranma has fun teasing his girl form, who is struggling with being trapped a girl. She joins in on a slumber party having fun, yet having to pretend to be Ranko. Ukyo seems accepting of this new development but accidentally snubs Ranma-Chan when she is too busy in her restaurant to serve her yet she had served Ranma-Kun. Both Ranma's start getting close to each other, feeling attracted to their other half.

Ranko's Life - Rowloman . Link
Ranma finds a shop that splits Jusenkyo cursed people. Unfortunately since they didn't have another mind, they copied Ranma's leaving a female Ranma miserable that she is trapped. It's get even worse as everybody treats her worse than dirt so she tries to commit suicide by hanging herself. Nodoka Stops her and Ranko tells her everything before leaving forever.

Ranma Nibunnoichi : Reflections - avmorgan . Link p1-3 . Link p4 . Link p5
Ranma's 2 mirror clones are trying to make love to each other until finally they realize they are the same person and can't love each other. During a fight Genma realizes he now has a son who wont change into a girl while the girl clone is falling for Ryoga. The clones gain the memories of Ranma and Ranma gains their memories. Male Ranma takes over the engagement as Genma's son, Female Ranma takes over as Ranko and the cursed Ranma is unsure what identity he is however they all have memories of the past life, an Amazon named Fa Shen. This story is way too long and confusing, so I'll finish the description here.

Ranmei - siaru . Link
After the events in Two Sides of the Coin and Misuteru, the female Ranma who calls herself Ranmei waits under her usual bridge wondering if anybody would care enough about her to come. She is surprised when Kasumi shows up, and although upset that she now has a strong link back to the Tendo's she is also happy to know at least someone cares. She finds she has problems with people not seeing her, and she can't raise her Ki anymore. She slowly makes her way to Jusenkyo hitching rides here and there.

Separation Anxiety - Catbert25 . Link
A rival to Cologne called Natsumikan tricks Ranma into using the jewel of separation, splitting him into two. He is happy at being cured while she is upset. Cologne gives Ranma-chan a bracelet to protect her from Amazons, by changing her status into an Amazon. She goes to school as Ranma's sister, being recognized by Kuno and Ukyo. Natsumikan gives Ryoga a jewel to increase his strength and defeat Ranma. Ranma-chan sees the hurt that Ranma inflicts on others and tries to get him to solve everything.

Something Better - Materia-Blade . Link
Ranma cured his curse by splitting into two. The curse Ranko is treated like dirt and Akane really hated her. Ranma and Akane got married but two years later Ranma got into an accident which crushed his kidneys and he needs a transplant. Akane finds Ranko and pretends to be nice, ignoring the tales of how miserable Ranko had been. Once the operation is finished Akane dumps Ranko like a bad piece of meat.

Soul Divide - mykon1 . Link
Ranma had finally been given the talk about sex, and he found the only girl he was interested in was his girl form. He finds a soul jewel in a magic shop and uses it to split his body into two, male and female. Ranma and Ranko are both the real Ranma and they no longer have any curses, such as the nekoken. (Contains incest, as male and female Ranma love each other and are like siblings.)

Split Personalities - Roy Rim . Link
Pantsuit Taro planned to use virtuous man water on Happosai but got twin water instead. Ranma tries to stop him and gets splashed instead, causing a male Ranma to form out of the female Ranma, twins. Ranma-Chan goes crazy and tries to get everyone to kill her.

Split Seams - Apex Six tail . Link
A Chinese junk seller sells Ranma a stick that will cure his curse. Ranma tries it out and gets split into two, Ranma and Ranko. Really short.

The Ghost of Curses Past - JP Buckner . Link
Ranma's kidneys are damaged and the only donor available is his cursed form who had been split of and who's life was made miserable while Ranma got everything he wanted. Akane appeals to Ranko for help, Ranko is shocked that they could ask such of her, after the way they all treated her. This story is loosely based upon Misuteru by Jason Drozd.

Two Ranmas - Zarrad . Link
Ranma's anger has built so much that the spirit of his girl curse takes over when he is a girl. To try and resolve his anger, Happosai splits Ranko from Ranma for a month and she helps him to get over his anger at the others. They start to double date with Akane and Ryoga when Ranma's mother is attacked by someone from another dimension so Ranma must train to defeat him.

Two Sides - Benares . Link
Happosai tries to use a incense burner on Ranma to split his female and male sides, the last time it created an evil Ranma-chan. Cologne tells Ranma that Happosai failed to follow the instructions, thus the evil clone. Excited Ranma rushes off to try it splits off his girl side, creating a girl Ranma who feels despair at being trapped forever as a girl and a boy Ranma who is excited at being cured. They fight to determine who's the real Ranma but it's a draw. Hijinks ensue as everybody decides what to do with a female Ranma, while the Ranma's constantly argue with themselves.

Split Ranma's

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Created By Jason Kay