Ranma's first time

This is a Ranma ½ fanfic based on characters owned and copyrighted Takahashi Rumiko and VIZ communications. It is lime flavored but is not a lemon. It is also not really a dark tale, but does deal with adult situations that every girl faces when they are suddenly no longer a girl, but a young women, even one that is actually a cursed young man.

Author's Note < and > are used to bracket the Thoughts of the characters.


To all first time readers of a Ranma ½ story, remember that Ranma is a 16 year old VERY masculine male, who changes into a very sexy petite redhead girl when splashed with cold water due to a curse he acquired only a few months ago. (Hot water changes him back.) Ranma is called Ranma-chan when he is female in my story, Ryouga is a friend(?) of his who is male, and Akane is his true fiancée, although both Ukyou and Shampoo also consider themselves to be his fiancée.


The Story

Kasumi peered into her laundry room to investigate the strange noises coming from it. <I thought there was no one in there.> as she crept in though the door. There she found Ranma-chan, sitting on a stool before the wash basin, dressed in one of Akane's old sundresses, which she must have appropriated from the laundry. She was busy, methodically washing a pair of her Chinese pants, and had not noticed Kasumi’s appearance behind her.

<How strange,> thought Kasumi. <Ranma-chan has never tried helped out with the laundry before, a matter of fact, Ranma-chan, or Ranma, has never liked doing anything she considered to be a feminine task before> Kasumi knew as she watched the girl finish rinsing out the soap and start to squeeze the excess water out of the pants.

"May I help you, Ranma-chan?" Kasumi finally asked, just as Ranma-chan had finished wringing out the garment. You would have thought Kasumi had stuck her with a pin the way the startled Ranma-chan jumped up off the stool in surprise, almost dropping the pants back into the basin as she spun around to face the speaker.

"Ugh... Kasumi! I... um... fine! I... ugh... don't need any help" said Ranma-chan as she quickly balled up pair of pants and tried to hide them behind her back.

"Now, now, Ranma-chan, they’ll wrinkle that way," replied Kasumi, as she tried to reach around the girl and retrieve the garment from Ranma-chan’s hands.

"They’re... um... OK, Kasumi. I am... um... all done." Ranma-chan said, as she shied away from Kasumi, edging closer and closer to the door.

"I’ll just hang this up later!" Ranma-chan continued as she suddenly darted pass Kasumi and bolted from the room, taking the pants along with her as well as a pair of wet boxer shorts that had been draped across the basin‘s edge.

Kasumi shook her head in amusement as she watched the departing young girl, a slight smile on her lips. <Things are never boring with Ranma around!> Kasumi thought. <Now I have a mystery solve, what is Ranma up to now?> Kasumi told herself, as she started to clean up the mess left in her laundry room by Ranma.

<Really! I have no problem with Ranma washing his own clothes, OPPS! I mean hers! (with a silent chuckle) But she must learn to clean up afterwards! I will not condone a messy house!> as she noticed the spilled soap powder and various other cleaning supplies that Ranma-chan had scattered across the floor.

When she approached the basin, she noticed that wash water inside was tinted pink in color. <What? What this? Is it... blood? In the water? Is Ranma-chan hurt? She then quickly looked around for anymore evidence of injury. At first the search was fruitless until she spied a suspicious smear on the stool near the basin

<Oh My! Here is some more blood!> She thought, as she closely examined the smear. <Maybe it is not 'What is Ranma up to' but Is Ranma-chan hurt? And why is she hiding it from me?> Worried Kasumi.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Ranma-chan dashed into the guestroom she shared with her pop and quickly shut the door behind her. She spun around and pressed an ear against the door trying to hear if Kasumi had followed her. When Ranma-chan was satisfied that her escape had been successful, she hide the wet garments behind her dresser and slumped down onto the bed.

<KAMI! That was close! Kasumi is the last person I want to know about this, except for Akane of course!> Ranma-chan thought, as a slight film of moisture formed around her tear ducts. The memories of the morning returned to her as she fought back the tears. <Real men don’t cry!> She told her herself.

<Why did this have to happen? Having his cursed female form is bad enough, but now this! And with Ryouga...> Ranma-chan gritted her teeth and clutched her arms tightly across her chest, as she tried to drive the memory from her mind. <No, I gotta face this, I gotta figure it out...> she decided. <Maybe I’m hurt... Maybe the blood is from... something else...> as she tried to deny the recent events.

Ranma gingerly pulled up the hem of her dress and pulled down her panties to examine herself. She could not help but noticed a dampness in her red pubic hair. She reached her hand down to her groin and ran her fingers though her hair as she further examined herself. <UH... Red?> She thought in shook, as she looked the moisture on her hand. <It's still bleeding> as tears once again formed around her eyes and threatened to burst forth.

<I wish I spent more time listening to the Sensei rather than sleeping during the Sex Ed classes!> Ranma-chan bemoaned to herself. <This is something I thought would never happen! but what if... its like in my dreams...> she thought in horror.

<Is this my worse nightmares comin’ ta life? And ta think I use ta just dream of ca... ca... CATS!> She thought as her body shook in fear as she remembered her latest recurrent nightmare. <“*Well Ranma-chan now that you decided to be a TRUE female, you curse is gone! you will never transform again! You are in your TRUE FORM FOREVER!*” Replied Oni-Toufu. ...But I’m still a GIRL! I AM STILL A GIRL! I AM SUPPOSED TO BE A GUY! Yelled back Ranma-chan, as all the girls he ever knew yelled their congratulations to her...’>

The thought <I need... Help... I need... Advice!> Finally entered into Ranma-chan's mind, pushing out the memory of his nightmare. <But who? ...Not Kasumi, that would be like telling my mother! May be a real girl might do that, but not me!> as her thoughts continued. <Tell Pop instead? Wait... am I crazy? After today, I feel I just may be!> as she continued to try and figure out what to do. <Um... Akane? YACK! That's the worst thing I could do. This is something I hope she never knows about, She wouldn't understand…> Ranma-chan thought in disgust and dismissed this idea out of hand with a shake of her head.

<Advice, Advice... Of course! Nabiki! She can help me! She always has in the past! Plus she will keep this a secret... for a price, of course!> But it may be worth it, Ranma-chan decided, as she rose from her bed and headed for the door.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Ranma-chan lightly knocked on the door to Nabiki's room, hoping that no one else, especially Akane, would hear it and investigate. Nabiki opened the door and her eyes went round in surprise as she took in the unusual sight of Ranma-chan in a dress, not to mention the frightened, tearful expression on her face.

"Ranma-chan, May I… help you?" She asked, phrasing it as a leading question, hoping that Ranma-chan would stick her head in the noose all by herself.

"Nabiki! I need your advice, ...um... I need your... HELP!> Ranma-chan said with the last word coming as a high pitched squeak, but then continued “But this must never... ever... be revealed ta anyone!" as she leaned forward though the doorway so that she could whisper her answer to Nabiki ears alone, while dripping hot tears of shame onto the floor.

Nabiki raised an eyebrow and a slight predatory grin appeared on her face. <AH! Just as my finances were getting low!> As she gestured for Ranma-chan to enter her room. <Come into my parlor, said the spider to the fly> she quoted to herself, as she thought of fat bank accounts.

Ranma-chan quickly entered Nabiki’s bedroom, while keeping her eyes down cast and her whole body had blushed red in embarrassment. "Um... Nabiki? Um… ah.... This is a.... um..... female thing" She finally managed to say, as her face turned almost as red as her hair.

Nabiki's eyes lit up and you could almost hear a "Ka Ching! Ka Ching!" of a cash register drawer opening. <JACKPOT!> She mentally screamed. If this was a cartoon she knew there would be a giant dollar sign over her head right now.

"Can you elaborate on this thing ?" she asked of the scared girl. <Come on, stick your neck out just a wee bit more...> as she lead the girl over and sat her on the futon, while she snagged her desk’s chair.

"I was fightin’ with Ryouga and then..." Ranma-chan's voice trailed off, becoming too low to be understood as she drew legs to her chest and wrapped her arms around her knees in a fetal position.

"Speak up!" Demanded Nabiki. “I can’t hear you if you’re mumbling.”

"Well, we were grappling and then..." Her voice again becoming too low to hear, but this time Nabiki leaned forward in her chair to hear the faint the whisper of Ranma-chan’s voice.

"WHAT!" Yelled out to a shocked Nabiki, interrupting the girl’s confession "You? YOU? ...While with Ryouga? ...Wait!” Nabiki grabbed Ranma-chan by the shoulders and shook her in frustration. “Start over at the beginning and this time don’t mumble!"

"I was hungry for some ice cream, so I um... changed into a girl. Ya know that ol’ man Misaki is, a… um, ...push over for an extra large portion when I’m... well... in my girl form.“

<Ice-cream? At 9:00 in the morning! Well, to each their own...> Nabiki thought as she nodded her head in acknowledgement. Unlike Akane, she had no trouble with Ranma-chan using her feminine wiles to con dirty old men out of food, or even money for that matter! Nabiki just wished that she was as cute and as sexy as Ranma-chan's female form.

<Trust a boy to have the prettiest face, and hottest body in all of Nerima! Hmm... Then again, his male body is just as good> Nabiki observed, remembering all the times she had ‘accidentally’ walk in on Ranma while he was in the bath.

"Well" Ranma-chan continued "on the way home, Ryouga caught up with me! I wasn’t in the mood for a fight, bein’ a girl and all, so I took off through that wooded arboretum in the park, hopin’ ta lose him. I stopped runnin’ when he... um... accused me of runnin’ out on a fight again!" confessed Ranma-chan. "Then I had ta fight!"

"It seemed like we fought for hours, then we both finally started ta get tried, and we ended up just wrestlin‘, trying ta pin each other. But... in my female form, I just couldn't... um... WIN! But I just couldn't, wouldn't, allow Ryouga to defeat me, either. I managed ta wrap up my legs ‘round a tree so that Ryouga couldn’t pin me" said Ranma-chan as she gave one of Nabiki‘s pillows a wole body hug and started to blush again.

"He... um.... managed ta get his hand ‘tween my thighs and was pullin’ them apart, as he tried ta break my hold on that tree. Then he worked his hand down there!" Ranma-chan said as her eyes quickly darted down to her groin area.

"He was tryin’ ta get enough leverage ta break my hold .... and then... I started ta feel... you know, different! Down THERE! Kind of a sticky, squishy feeling all at the same time. Ryouga's hand continued push against... and he, um... managed to work his other hand between my thighs as well. He used his strength ta force my legs apart... I couldn’t hold ona that tree anymore! I fell flat on my back, pullin’ Ryouga down with me! I couldn’t help it, he landed smack dap on top of me, right between my legs! I tried ta wrap my legs ‘round his waist, to SQUISH him, but he used his hands to keep my legs spread as he press down on top of me with the rest his body, still tryin‘ ta pin me! There was a sudden feeling of wetness... um... Down There!" Ranma said as she again glanced at her groin. "And I, um... WE... gulp! Well... um... IT JUST HAPPEN!" Ranma-chan finally managed to say, blushing right down to the roots of her hair and buried her face in the pillow shame.

After a few moments Ranma-chan timidly, quietly, started to talk again. "...I, ah... still don't know... just what happen! And Ryouga... um... he seemed to be just as, um... confused as me! Neither one of use knew what was happen’, just that once it started, or happened, or what ever, I... ugh... IT... didn't… wouldn't... STOP! The blood,... from "it"... all over my groin... ...on RYOUGA!... He... he... ’sniff’ " her tears burst worth and Ranma-chan started to sob.

<KAMI! You better be ready to pay off BIG! This may put me all the way through college!> Nabiki thought half jokingly, as she listened, then mentally chastised herself <This is a very serious matter!> As she moved from her chair to the bed and put her arms around Ranma-chan to comfort her.

Ranma-chan looked up at Nabiki in gratitude, tears still streaming from her face and she fiercely hugged Nabiki back before breaking off the embrace with a start and retreating to the far side of the bed. "I… um, managed ta get home without anyone seeing me. At least I don't think anyone saw me, or Ryouga, while we where… um... um... fightin’ in the woods." A thoroughly embarrassed and upset Ranma-chan finished, as her voice once more trailed off to silence.

"Well? Then what?” Nabiki demanded, her interest piqued. “Did you… um… WASHUP?" Nabiki asked, as she glanced down at Ranma-chan's groin area with a slightly disgusted look on her face. <I don't SEE any stains on that dress…>

"I… ah... washed up, best I could, while down in the laundry room. I was... um, well I din’t want ta change back yet, so I’d just used lukewarm water.” Ramna-chan glanced at Nabiki, hoping that she wouldn’t press her for the real reason she didn’t change back. <How could I explain, how could I tell HER, exactly how scared I am! Me, ol’macho-man Ranma, himself! That I‘m afraid, afraid of what happened! Afraid that I have somehow changed, I just might NOT transform back, anymore!> A panicky Ranma-chan thought to herself. <I never told anyone ‘bout my dream!>

“I then managed ta, uh, appropriated one of Akane's old sun dresses and a pair of panties to wear." continued Ranma-chan.

<So that's why there are no stains!, I should have guessed that Ranma-chan had changed clothes! But… if she didn't, fully… a… clean herself, then she still could...> Nabiki knew that Ranma-chan had absolutely no experience in feminine hygiene. <I have to do something to help her with that> went though her mind as she observed the scared, and panicky look in Ranma-chan's face and eyes.

"Ranma-chan, do you know about... do you use a..." Nabiki voice trailed off <Careful! I need to word is just right, I really do not want to scare her any further!>

"Use a... what? Come on, Nabiki, you know me, I’m really a guy! I never paid any attention ta all that female stuff in Sex Ed class!" Ranma-chan pleaded as she look at Nabiki with her eyes big, round, and brimming with tears. "That’s why I’m here, ta ask YOU, for ....um, help, advice, whatever!"

Nabiki glanced out the door and seeing no one in the hallway, she quickly led Ranma-chan to the empty bathing room. "Let's get that dress off you, Ranma-chan" She told Ranma-chan, after shutting the door, but not before hanging the “in use” sign.

"Nabiki! Y-yo- you..... c -ca-can't meeaan.....!! "Ranma-chan stuttered out in apprehension of what Nabiki had in mind and her arms nervously clutched her dress tightly to her body.

"Come on Ranma-chan, you’re a girl right now! And it’s not like I haven't seen your female body nude before!" Nabiki interrupted. <You really are a girl, at least for the moment, there is no doubt about that now!> "Nabiki smirked in amusment.

With that, Ranma-chan slowly, reluctantly, removed Akane's dress and underwear, the later already strained red from further bleeding.

<Those aren't Akane's panties! They’re MINE! HERS are all covered in polka-dots!> thought Nabiki as she recognized the familiar color of her own underwear and she mentally added the price to Ranma's account.

Nabiki then proceeded to help Ranma to wash up again, properly this time, after making sure the water wasn’t too warm. <Akane, you’re just lucky that I wouldn’t steal Ranma from you, a little more heat in this water right now, and I really would have him in the palm of my hands, literally! > Nabiki thought as she wondered just how she was going to explain, well, everything Ranma-chan needed to know.

<Oh baby! Here we go!> Thought Nabiki, as she led Ranma-chan over to the cabinet were the various "feminine" products were kept. <This is going to be fun, just watching his... er... her face as I show and explain all this!>

Nabiki first grabbed a container of pre-mixed disposable douche, which Ranma-chan vaguely remembered seeing on one of those cryptic TV commercials about that "spring morning fresh feeling" that she couldn't, or didn't want to, quite understand.

"Wha... what’s that for?" a nervous Ranma-chan asked as she eyed the strange looking bottle.

"It is for cleaning you... um... up inside" Nabiki replied as she proceeded to tell and demonstrate to Ranma exactly what she meant by “inside“. <The look on her face is priceless!> Snickered Nabiki, as she wished she had brought her camera with her. <Damn it! I could have made a mint from some photos of her right now!>

Over the next few minutes Nabiki showed and instructed Ranma-chan in all the various items stored inside the cabinet. Ranma-chan was surprised to find that being female was a lot more "high maintenance" than she could have ever guessed. Finally the only thing that remained were the two mysterious boxes she had saved for last.

Ranma-chan could not help but notice the strange look in Nabiki's eyes as she sent out the first mysterious box. <With that glint in her eyes and the smirk on her face, I know I'm not goin’ ta like this!> Ranma thought as she tried to read the item's name. <Maxi... something... pod's? No...>

Nabiki, after pausing for dramatic effect, slid the first box aside and with an almost predatory grin, set down the second.

<Tampon?> Ranma-chan pondered the mysterious box. <Isn't that a city in America? um... famous for it’s cigars?> This observation seemed to be confirmed when Nabiki slowly removed a 6 in. long cylinder wrapped in white paper and held it up for Ranma-chan to see. <I thought they use clear plastic ta wrap cigars?> Wondered Ranma-chan. <Wait... cigars? Why would Nabiki show me cigars?> Ranma-chan eyes went wide with surprise as Nabiki un-wrapped the mysterious object.

"W -wh-wha-- what is... t--th-- that!" Ranma stuttered out as she stared at the stramge plastic tube in Nabiki’s right hand.

<KAMI! Ranma! I know you are naive but even you should know what this is!> Thought Nabiki as she got out the enclosed instruction booklet and handed it to the confused Ranma-chan.

"Ugggh! ...no, no, NO, NO, NO, NNOO!" Ranma-chan yelled out in fear as the meaning of the instructions sunk in.

"Come on, Ranma-chan, this is all part of it... You do need to know it, all of it." Nabiki stated in a no nonsense voice, but the twinkle in her eye gave way her mirth.

"B-- b-- but!" Was Ranma-chan only response as she now clutched both hands tightly over her groin to deny access to anyone or anyTHING!

"Look, Ranma-chan, I know that before you were cursed, you never had to know any of this, but now you do! And it’s best that I show you exactly how! Don’t you realize that Kasumi had to do the same thing for me!" Confessed Nabiki. All time she was saying this, Nabiki was slowly approaching Ranma-chan, holding the Tampon in her right hand like a giant hypodermic syringe, as she grabbed first one arm then the other, pulling them away from their protective hold on Ranma-chan’s womanhood.

Ranma-chan just stood there, her eyes round with fear, frozen, like a deer caught in the headlights...

I don’t think this scene needs to go any further. If you want to know what happen---GUESS! Nuki_Mouse :-)

A few minutes later a thoroughly subdued Ranma-chan sat dejectedly on the bath stool, listening to Nabiki finish her lecture on feminine hygiene. "Ranma-chan" Nabiki suddenly said, looking directly into Ranma-chan’s eyes, "this part is very serious, I need to talk you about pregnancy."

"P... pr-- preg... preg--na-- na-- nancy!" stuttered Ranma-chan “I don’t need to know nothin’ ’bout that!” she said as she rapidly shook her in denial

"Ranma, after today this is something you must know about. Any ‘unprotected’ girl can get pregnant, any time they, um... ‘DO IT’... even if its their first time, whether they’re in cycle, out of cycle, just about any time in their cycle... well any time! If they ‘DO IT’, they can get pregnant!" Nabiki bluntly said. <What do you call people who use the rhythm method? ...Parents!> jump into Nabiki’s mind as she couldn't help but think of the old joke.

"But I can't... I wouldn't... not me!" Ranma-chan muttered as all the ramifications of the days events threaten to overwhelm her.

"Ranma-chan, after today you now could... um..." Nabiki stopped, as she realized that Ranma-chan was about ready to bolt from the room and quickly superimposed herself in front of the door.

"RANMA!" Nabiki yelled in order to get the girl’s attention as she decided to try different tact. "You could be raped! What if one day you got drunk, and THEN you changed! You know what a low tolerance you have as a girl, you could pass out, or find that you can't defend yourself! And then there are all those new date rape drugs! Remember there's a lot of slime out there! It could happen!"

"I.. won't... won't... let it happen!" Responded Ranma-chan as she subconsciously placed her arms protective across her bosom and groin.

"Do you THINK that a rape victim LETS it happen!“ Nabiki yelled at the girl as she waved her arms in agitation. “But it still happens, all the time! Every day young girls are taken advantage of, assaulted, raped, or worse! It could happen to anyone! Even you, Ranma-chan!” Nabiki concluded.

After Ranma-chan had sat silently for a moment, she slowly got up and walked over to the tub. Glancing back over her shoulder, she asked Nabiki to leave her alone for a while. "I want to take a bath" Ranma-chan said shyly. <I MUST face my nightmare... sometime...>

<A bath? You need me to leave? Don't tell me that you’re getting suddenly shy again?> Nabiki wondered. <Oh! Kami!, how stupid can I be! She means she wants to change back into a man!> Nabiki silently laughed at herself for forgetting about THAT.

"Wait Ranma, before you... Change... There is one last thing we need to discuss. I think a doctor, a Gynecologist, should check you out." Nabiki stated and then braced herself for the forthcoming explosion.

"A gynecologist!" Yelled Ranma-chan as she paced around the bath in horror at Nabiki’s request. "Only girls have ta go there, I don’t need one! I won't go!, I’m not really a GIRL!" she said as she completely ignored all the evidence to the contrary.

"Gynecologist treats both men and women, Ranma. With what happened today, you should really get a checkup, the sooner the better" Nabiki said as she tried to reason with Ranma-chan, hoping to convince her of the wisdom of her suggestion. <No one really likes to visit a GYN, but… with Ranma's curse and all, maybe… hmm… I know! Dr Toufu! He's not a GYN, but he is a good doc, at least when Kasumi isn't around, and he's already familiar with Ranma's curse!> "How about a compromise, Ranma. Instead of a GYN, you could go see Dr Toufu" Nabiki stated. "We could go right now, he's never busy this time of day."

"WE? What do ya mean by WE?" Ranma-chan queried Nabiki as she thought in a panic. <DR TOUFU! But the dream! The DREAM... NO! I CAN’T...> she thought. <...But I can’t hide, that’s not manly! I know Doc! He’s no Oni! ...He wouldn’t do that to me...> Ranma-chan tried to desensitize her fear. <I don’t wanta go! But if Nabiki thinks I need it, I’ve better do it...> Ranma-chan realized as she felt like a lab rat looking for a door out of this crazy maze that was her life.

"I figured that you may need some moral support" answered Nabiki as she wonder why the idea of a doctor’s visit suddenly seemed to terrorize Ranma-chan so much. <With all the times he’s been hurt, I would think this would be old hat to him by now> She thought. <Plus I wouldn't miss THIS visit for all the gold in Fort Knox!>

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Kasumi had been quietly cleaning in the hall outside of the bathroom, not really trying to spy on Nabiki and Ranma, she told herself, but because the hall really did needed it. Like everything else in the Tendo home it was kept immaculately clean and didn’t need the all the attention it was now getting. While really not trying to listen, Kasumi couldn’t help but overhear a little of what was being discussed in the bath, something about pregnancy, rape, gynecologist examinations, and visiting Dr Toufu, today!. Kasumi was starting to worried about Ranma-chan, and more than that, she was now afraid of what just might be wrong with her. Ever since the Saotome's had come to live at the Tendo home, Ranma had become like a little brother (or sister!) to her. And now she feared that something maybe seriously wrong with her!

<Oh My! Ranma-chan, please let this all be something simple, just a silly misunderstanding!> Kasumi prayed to herself. <It can't be... That! But he is a girl at times… Kami! This is driving me crazy! She could... I guess, but… how? Wondered Kasumi.

<You KNOW how, Kasumi!> She chided herself. <I just never thought it could happen to HER! She can't get pregnant, can she?> Kasumi wondered to herself. <I just can‘t imagine Ranma-chan doing ‘IT’ with a boy at all, now if she was doing ’it’ with Akane...> Kasumi’s thoughts broke off with a start, and she had to clamp her hand across her mouth to help stifle the laugher that threaten to burst forth. <I can’t believe I am more willing to think of Ranma-chan as a yuri then as a ‘normal‘ girl, and with my own sister no less!>

<Its just that I always felt that deep down Ranma-chan was still ‘male’, that her curse couldn’t change THAT!> Kasumi reasoned as she tried to make sense of her thoughts <She does physically transform into a girl, it isn’t just some illusion so... maybe she mentally changes into one too.>

Kasumi heard a new sound that she correctly interpreted to be Nabiki straightening up the bath prior to leaving. <Kami, if she catches me I’ll NEVER convince her I wasn’t meddling in HER life again.> Kasumi realized as she spun away from the bath’s door and ran down the hall.

Kasumi swiftly retreated to the sanctuary of her kitchen. She stopped and pressed herself flat against the wall and gingerly peered around the corner into the hall. Satisfied she wasn‘t spotted she turned her mind to her housework. <Let’s see, um... lunch! I’ll make LUNCH!> she decided as she wracked her brain for a cover story hide her true activities. <Nabiki’s the only one who realizes just how much I meddle.> Kasumi knew, as she quickly scatted various kitchen implements around her countertops and started heating some leftovers from the night before.

Just a few minutes later, she heard Nabiki call out to her from the front hall. "Kasumi, Ranma and I decided to go shopping, we'll be back by Six."

“Are you sure you must leave right now? Nabiki, you two haven’t had your lunch yet. It will be ready soon” Kasumi replied in her best ’sweet, naive, innocent mother’ voice.

“Don’t worry about us, Kasumi, we’ll just get something from one of the oden stalls.” Nabiki called back as she pushed Ranma-chan towards the front door.

“But Nabiki! If Kasumi’s gone ta all the effort and all ta make us lunch...” Ranma-chan started to say.

“Shut up Ranma-chan, We don’t have time for this” Nabiki told her companion in her own, patented ’don’t cross me or you will regret it’ voice.

Kasumi walk to the door and watched with her concern evident on her face as Nabiki half-dragged a reluctant, still female Ranma-chan down the street until they were completely out of sight. <They must be going to see Ono> Kasumi decided as she returned to her kitchen and continued to cook lunch for the Fathers. <Oh! That's right! Ono promised to loan me that book…> she suddenly, VERY conveniently, remembered. <I guess I could go and pick it up on the way to the market, after all, I am going right past his Office!>

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Nabiki sat in a nearby chair as she watched the efficient Dr Ono Toufu examine Ranma-chan, much more thoroughly than Ranma-chan had EVER wanted to be! <I didn’t know that Dr Toufu had all the... um, implements for THAT kind of exam!> Nabiki wondered. She had offered to leave during this part of the exam, but stayed at Dr Toufu‘s request. <He doesn’t want anyone to accuse him of ‘improper’ behavior, he wants me to chaperone him!> as she noticed that Ono‘s part-time nurse was absent today. <OH! I hope Ono warmed those up for Ranma-chan!> she thought, wickedly, as she again looked at the various ‘implements’.

"Ranma-chan, You are a picture of health! I did not find anything physically wrong with you. All young ladies ……."Dr Toufu started to say after finishing the exam while he helped the girl out of the ‘stirrups’

"I AM NOT A YOUNG LADY!" Interjected Ranma-chan as she jumped off the table and confronted Ono. "I'm a MAN, no matter what I look like. This is all because of that stupid curse! I’M NOT REALLY A GIRL!"

“Ranma-chan, you should realize by now that your cursed form is truly female <After today, there is no doubt about THAT anymore!> thought Dr Toufu, as he continued, but not before placing the table BETWEEN him and the upset girl. "The only things that I find really unusual about this is your age, along with your curse, of course...


"My curse? There’s something wrong with MY curse? What! What’s wrong with it!" pleaded Ranma-chan and her face blanched white in fear of what Ono might say <He’s goin’ ta tell me... umm, he’s goin’ ta... THAT my curse...> and Ranma-chan could see in her mind’s eye a 10 foot tall Oni-Toufu gloating over a half naked onna-Ranma, telling her <“*Ha, ha, ha! Now That you’re TRULLY female you’re curse is gone! You are now locked in your true form forever! You’ll never trans....*”> Ranma-chan’s vision mercifully broken by the voice of the real Ono Toufu.

“As far as I can tell this wouldn’t have any effect on the functioning of your curse at all.” Dr Toufu reassured the frighten girl. “I was just referring to that due to the nature of your curse, you were mentally unprepared for what has happen. Later, if you like, we can test it, but right now I still have a few more ‘steps’ left in your physical.”

Dr Toufu, along with the help of Nabiki, then proceeded to demonstrate and perform the technique of breast self-examination and various other more intimate feminine tasks that Ranma-chan was ignorant of. Now that her nightmare had not come to pass, Ranma-chan had noticeably calmed down and became a more receptive of the knowledge Dr Toufu imparted to her. Finally she asked Ono about the cryptic referenced he had made about her age.

"Well, you're 16 and just starting high school, I'm sure you know this isn't suppose to happen to girls your age…" Dr Toufu started to informed Ranma-chan before being again interrupted.

"Doc, I'm not sure just what IS suppose ta happen, or what age is right ….or much of ANYTHING." Ranma-chan confessed, with a shrug of her shoulders, her eyes downcast and a sight blush again reddening her face.

Dr Toufu thought for a moment before answering. "I'll tell you what, let me go out and catch up on a little paperwork while you get dressed, I have a couple of booklets that may help. We can read them together and then we can have a long talk.” He turn towards the door, but not before gesturing for Nabiki to follow him, somehow knowing that Ranma-chan need a little privacy and some quiet time. “Take your time Ranma-chan, we’ll just wait for you in my office.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Four years ago, when Dr Ono Toufu had opened his small neighborhood clinic, his practice had consisted mostly of minor colds and flu's, cuts and scrapes, plus the occasional broken bone or sprained joint. It was a quiet, almost boring life, far from the exciting research or challenging cases he had dreamed of in Med school. It was also far from his meddling and overbearing mother who still tried to control his life.

That had all changed a few months back with the arrival of Ranma and his dad. Since that day when Akane first introduced her new fiancée, his life has been anything but boring. Fantastic curses, potent unknown Amazon drugs, new medical techniques, plus, with the help of Cologne, the discovery and unlocking of his own hidden ability for Chi manipulation and healing.

<Case in point,> he thought, <Ranma Saotome was here, this time while he is in his female form for an examination and consultation…> Ono thought as he wrote out the same words in Ranma's thick medical file. He continued to write, listing the exam results, plus the advice and various recommendations he gave her during their little “talk“.

His writing was disturbed by the ringing his door chime, announcing that someone had entered the clinic. He looked up, and felt his heart skip a beat as he jumped to his feet and raced across the waiting room to greet his lovely visitor.

"Ka….. Kasumi! How nice it is to see you!" He cried out in joy with a foolish grin on his face.

"Konniichi Wa, Dr. Toufu" Kasumi replied in her soft, reserved voice. "I was hoping to borrow that book you told me about, the one on alternative medicines." as she bowed slightly in respect and gifted Ono with one of her sunny smiles, all the while secretly amused at his behavior.

"Of course! Of course! Anything for you, my dear Kasumi!" Ono answered, as he Literally, pranced out of the room but not before colliding with the wall, Twice.

"Betty-chan, she's here! She talked to me!" Kasumi heard Dr Toufu cry out from the other room, along with the squeak of rusty wheels, along with various other crashes and bangs

<He must be dancing with his skeleton again.> Kasumi realized with a smile. Knowing that it would take him a few minutes to even remember the book's name, she slowly looked around the waiting room of the clinic. Since Ono only had a part time nurse, he had converted what was normally the nurses’ station into his private office.

There was a thick file lying open own Ono’s desk, along with his journal, and she decided to start there. She saw that was indeed Ranma's records lying open upon the desktop <How careless of Ono just to leave this out where anyone could read it> Kasumi thought, relieved that she didn't have to search very far for it. <I will just kept and eye on this for him> as she quickly found the most current entry.

Kasumi could feel her heart racing in fear, both of being caught snooping into Ranma's medical records AND of what she might find in them. She sat down at the desk and tried to keep a look of calm innocence on her face. <Hopefully if someone comes in, they will think I’m just a new nurse.> After scanning past the dry clinical description of Ranma-chan's examination, she found a summary of the results, which included Ono's recommendations and the advice he had given to Ranma-chan.

<Let me see… ah, here it is!> Thought Kasumi as she read the reason for Ranma's visit. She felt as if an immense weight had been lifted from her and wanted to jump up and dance herself. <Oh thank you, Kami-Sami! Ranma-chan isn't pregnant!> But as she read further the full scope of what HAD happen became clear.

<Oh! My!.> Was Kasumi's mental gasp. <Ranma-chan! She did... What...? When! Just this morning? Oh My!.., But that means… that Ranma really could get pregnant? Wait, what's this? Birth control, Your Female Body?> as Kasumi read about the booklets Ono had supplied to Ranma-chan.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Kasumi had finished reading Ranma’s file and was now quietly sitting in the waiting room, hoping for Ono’s return. <He must be out dancing with Betty-chan in the park again!> She mused as she reflected on Ranma’s file.

<I should do something to help Ranma-chan, I’m sure this must have been a blow to her masculinity! But as long as her curse remains, she must learn how to deal with this.> Kasumi continued to think then almost broke out in laughter yet again at the absurdity of her last thought <...HER masculinity...>!

<Why didn't she tell me?> wondered Kasumi. <Aren’t I like a surrogate mother to you, Ranma-chan? To both your girl and boy forms?> Kasumi felt hurt and letdown. <But maybe that’s it, that a BOY wouldn't take something like this to his mother!>

Then Kasumi had to silently laugh at herself again. <What am I thinking! What boy ever had this happen to them! But that IS it, isn't it? What boy has to go through the things that Ranma does?>

<I can't help the boy Ranma, but maybe I can help the girl Ranma-chan instead? She is going to need a lot of support and understanding to help her deal with this!> Thought Kasumi, as she sat in the chair, eyes closed, lost in deep thought as she racked her brain for an answer.

Then an idea came to Kasumi in a flash of inspiration. <What about... hmm... I could...> as a plan worthy of Nabiki started forming in her mind. <I can get what I need at the market, I’m sure Shampoo and Ukyou would come, especially if I tell them that the other is already coming! And Akane can invite some of the girls from Ranma's class…> her thoughts continued to plan, as she unconsciously rose, and left the clinic, forgetting all about the book.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Nabiki's excuse of them going shopping was not entirely untrue. After they had finished their visit to Dr Toufu’s, she got to witness first hand Ranma-chan's unique method of bargaining. It was like watching a theatrical performance, as Ranma-chan flutter from stall to stall, with her little fists press to her throat and wide “puppy dog” eyes, as she giggled, charmed, flattered and ‘bounced’ her way around the street. <Someone should explain the concept of a bra to her> Nabiki noticed, <She’s going to have a saggy bosom and a bad back by 30 if she doesn’t start using one!> she thought with only a TINY bit of catty jealousy.

Ranma-chan had finished playing with her ‘victims’ and moved in for the kill, as first she got them free samples of food from all the street vendors, and then as culmination of her skills, an extra scoop of vanilla ice-cream for both of them, AFTER getting the first scoop at a sizable discount, from the local parlor. After their irregular "lunch", Nabiki then took Ranma-chan shopping for some of the "feminine items" that she was lacking.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Several hours later they finally returned, their arms loaded down with packages, just before their self imposed 6 o'clock deadline. Upon entering the Tendo home they were greeted by the din of many feminine voices, coming from the dining room. There, around the table, was seated Akane and several other girls that Ranma-chan recognized from her class, along with Soun and Genma, and both Shampoo AND Ukyou!

"What’s goin’ on?" A suddenly nervous Ranma-chan asked as she surveyed the room, after stashing her incriminating packages in a nearby closet, lest someone noticed their ‘unusual’ contents. <Oh Kami I cant let’em see these! I’ll rather DIE than let anyone else ever find out ‘bout THIS!> she worriedly thought.

There was a sudden babble as several girls tried to answer all at once, their voices blending together. The jest of it was that they were all invited over for a “special” dinner and party, in Ranma-chan’s honor.

At first Nabiki was as puzzled as Ranma, as she looked around for Kasumi. Then she started to get suspicious as she smelled the odor of what Kasumi must be cooking, and finally amused. <Is this what I think it is? And just how did Kasumi find out about it? OH BOY, this is going to be FUN!>

"My... honor?" Question Ranma-chan as she became even more worried when she noticed Nabiki is reaction to the girls’ presence. <NO! It can’t be! Not the nightmare...>

"Why yes, Ranma-chan, this dinner is in your honor" Kasumi answered her as she entered the room from the kitchen, while carrying a tray with several large serving bowls on it.

"After what happened to you today, I thought we needed to celebrate and I made a special dish just for the occasion." Kasumi proudly announced.

Kasumi set the large covered bowls in the center of the table and with a flourish, removed the lids and announced "As traditional on these occasions, I have made red beans and rice!"

The room was almost completely silent, the only sounds was that of Nabiki quiet laughter, the gasps of surprise from the girls, and the thud as Genma keeled over. The silence was finally broken as an aged, dwarf like creature, wearing a bra on his head like a pair ear muffs and a bag of women's underwear slung over his shoulders, jumped onto the middle of the table.

"Ranma my girl" cried out Happosai. “Congratulations on your first period! I have a special pair panties with extra padding in the crotch just for those days..." He said as he held up a pair of all white panties. This is as far as he got in his oration, as mallet, bon bon, and spatula combined to send the freak into low earth orbit and it started to snow panties in his wake.

Then, after the shock of Kasumi’s statement and the appearance of Hopposai wore off, there was a sudden babble of voices as all the girls tried to talk a once. “...He’s really is a GIRL… ...Healthy babies! …HE does What?… ...Congrats Ran-chan! ...Don’t all girls menstruate? ...Welcome to womanhood! …Can he? I mean she, have kids... ...Hey, Ranma-chan, do you WANT kids?”

Then the voices of his three finance’s were heard rising above the din.

“Aerin!, you true woman today! You now be Shampoo Husband And have Amazon child Too, Shampoo be very very happy!” Shampoo cried out as she jumped to her feet in joy!

“Her first period!” yelled out Akane as she also leapt to her feet and glared intensely at Ranma-chan, her right had reaching for her hidden mallet. <He didn’t tell me! I had to find out like THIS! I’m his Fiancee! He doesn’t trust ME! That BAKA!> she fumed, as she realized SHE was the only sister that didn‘t already know. “I will never marry an untrusting freak like you! Ranma no Hentai!”

“Ran-chan, sugar!” Piped in Ukyou, glad that she had decide to remove her bindings, and wear something a little more feminine for once. “Now you are free to marry me! I will never think of you as a freak!” <Not after all the cross-dressers I normally seem to attract!>

“My daughter won’t marry?” Cried Soun, with tears flowing from his eyes as he rushed over to Nabiki and griped her shoulders and pleaded to Nabiki‘s face. “The Tendo and Saotome’s line must merge! Nabiki, it is your duty to marry Ranma now…………

This was interrupted by "NNOOO! NNOOO! NNOOO! NNOOO! THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING!, AAGGH!" from Ranma-chan as she finally came out of shock and stood bolt upright, fist clenched tightly to her sides, head tilted back and she screamed out her frustrations to the heavens above, and realized that the “secret” she had hoped to keep to her grave would be, by this time tomorrow, known by all of Nerima!

The End.

Author's note: In Japan, it is traditional to celebrate a young girl’s first menstruation as a coming of age ceremony. A special meal is given in her honor, attended by her family and close female friends. These meals always include Red Beans and Rice for good luck, fertility, and healthy children.

PS: The timeline is about 4 or 5 months after Ranma's arrival at the Tendo Home. I believe (for THIS story, anyway!) that Ranma's female body doesn't age while he is male, and of course that also means his male body doesn't age while he’s female. Since he is only female about 4 hours a day or so, on average, it would be almost 6 months between "Periods".