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Ranma-Chan Crossovers
Ranma spends most of his time as a girl, usually she is locked in female form sometimes voluntarily and sometimes not. Sometimes Ranma chooses to spend all her time as a girl, falls in love with a guy, gets pregnant, but mostly spends most of the fic and sometimes the rest of her life as a girl. Some stories Ranma enjoys being a girl, and others Ranma is forced into being female and fights against it, trying to turn back into a guy. A few have Ranma raped, while others she gives birth willingly. There's a whole bunch of different stories to pick from. Also features characters, worlds and situations from other series.

Please report any broken or alternate links here.


Absolute Power Leads to Absolute Lonlyness, AMGV - deathgeonous . Link
Ranma is attacked by Saffron 50 years after he defeated him. His whole family dies including his male form, leaving a girl who cant age or die. She kills saffron and gets the gods after her for revenge. After wiping out her universe of gods and demons she goes to another dimension to find love with another immortal who can understand her, Urd. (Ah! My Goddess Crossover.)

A Different Destiny - Michael "TheZorch" Haney . Link
Ranma is dunked in the girl spring twice and is locked in female form. Genma takes her to the Tendo's where she makes friends with Akane, and Genma plots how to engage his new daughter. Genma sends Ranma off to be engaged to Akane's cousin Tenchi Masaki. (Tenchi Muyo Crossover.)

Aftermath: A Story of Blended Clichés - Trimatter . Link
Ranma's locked as a girl and kicked out, living on the streets alone. She is found by a kind family and adopted. She finds out that she is Sailor Sun and that Pluto had been behind her curse and the locking, so she hits Pluto and demands Sailor Moon cures her curse. Happosai almost drives her crazy, and she almost uses her hidden powers as Sailor Sun to destroy the world, she soon overcomes it and fights with the Senshi as a true girl. (Sailor Moon Crossover, Tenchi shows up later.)

Age of Titans - Ozzallos . Link
Ranma owns the arcade in Juban and has to rebuild after a Senshi battle. She knows who the Senshi are and is very helpful and sympathetic to her best customers. She goes for a long overdue meal at the Tendo's, and the truth of why she is stuck and very angry at Soun comes out in chapter 3. (Sailor Moon Crossover.)

Ah! My Ranma One Half - Ozzallos . Link
Ranma's fight with Saffron destabilized the Yggdrasill system causing his and Saffron's data to be lost. When Skuld and Urd fix the system and restore the files they mistake parts of Saffron's file for Ranma's changing him into a goddess. This is Ranma learning her goddess powers and fighting off evil demons. (Ah! My Goddess Crossover, Tenchi shows up later.)

A Human Saiyajin - Michael Fetter . Link
Cell has come to Nerima and has slaughtered many of Ranma's friends as they attempted to stop him from killing innocents. Ranma is injured and locked as a female during one of Cell's attacks. She fights and loses friends and fights some more, unlocking the Nekoken, but still it's not enough. Nearly dead, Ranma is taken to Roshi's Island to recover. More fights with Cell leads to Ranma and Vegita spending a year in the Chamber of Time and Space where she grows powerful and in love with him. (Dragon Ball Z Crossover.)

Ain't no Rest For the Wicked - Aaronexus . Link
Ranma is drowning in the source of the Jusenkyo springs, happy that death is so peaceful compared to her chaotic life when she is pulled into another world. She avoids ninjas and learns about this new world around her when she is accidentally discovered by Naruto and team 7. They are convinced she is their sensei so she trains them for a while before sending them to their real sensei. (Naruto Crossover.)

Amongst the Leaves - Almech Alfarion . Link
Ranma wakes up in pain and female in a strange hospital and she cant change back. She fights off the hospital staff in her much younger body until the Hokage arrives to deal with her. After explanations she learns she is in the land of fire in another dimension and until her ki paths are healed she is stuck as a girl. She decides to make a fresh start and asks the Hokage to lock her curse as she relives her childhood properly. She was adopted by Sakura's parents and grew up to become a ninja, joining team 7 with Naruto and Sasuke. (Naruto Crossover.)

Angel Trainee - Cloud Dreamer . Link . (sequel)
Ranma gets offered a chance to become an Angel but he must give up his manhood in exchange for the powers she will receive. Ranma leaves on a training trip with Malcolm the angel, having nothing tying her to the Tendo house since Akane is in love with Ryoga. The angel leaves behind a magic pool in the koi pond, spring of Ranma, and several people get cursed with it. Ranma trains first with the angel, then she gets taken to the Masaki shrine where she is taught how to use swords. She becomes good friends with Ryoko, and saved millions since her friendship stopped Ryoko from blowing stuff up when Tenchi didn't marry her. Later Ranma returns home and finds that she has been adopted by Kasumi, and that god doesn't really require a price to become an angel, that was just to get her used to her female form so the curse becomes unlocked. (Tenchi Muyo Crossover.)

A Phoenix Reborn - Senshi of Valis . Link
Ranma's locked as a girl and inflicted with the ultimate weakness point. She is almost killed in another failed wedding and hospitalized. Ranko, her sister and a demon hunter had tracked Genma down, telling Nodoka and her half sister who issues a challenge to free Ranma from Genma's control. Ranma dreams of being Saffrons daughter and Sailor Sol. She escapes the hospital and is taught how to survive on the streets by 2 friendly girls. She is found by her sister and is introduced to her mother who is sorry Ranma was kidnapped by Genma and offers to adopt the other 2 girls. (Sailor Moon Crossover.)

A Pony by Any Other Name - Crescent Pulsar . Link
A priest tells Ranma that he feels like a Kami and that his name has an effect on what he is. After a marital competition between all the fiances to find out who will be Ranma's only single fiance. When Kasumi wins, Ranma feels pressured as he cant delay the wedding anymore which forces a change. Ranma turns into a female Alicorn, as she cant marry if she's not human. She finds she doesn't fit in with her family or at school and is offered a trip to Equestria to be with her own kind. (My Little Pony: FIM Crossover.)

Attack on Ranma - Screaming Dean . Link
Happosai and his granddaughter Ranma and her cousin Ryu arrive at Jusenkyo when they are attacked by titans. Happosai sacrifices Ranma to save himself and is in turn sacrificed by Ryu and eaten. Ranma is saved by her pet bunny Ryoga who is really a cursed man and has trained in martial arts, they are also joined by Yuna Moon. They fight against the Titans as they make their way to the last surviving city, a country protected by three tall walls and Yuna's old home. (Attack on Titan Crossover)

A Wild Pony in Equestria - Tangent . Link
Ranma wakes up in Equestria, surprised to have been turned into a pony. She looks at a cockatrice and is turned to stone for many years before being found by Fluttershy, who takes Ranma home as a statue. When Fluttershy's life is threatened by a manticore, Ranma breaks free of her stone prison and saves her but gets heavily injured. Ranma takes a while to recover and gets to know the rest of the pony's. (My Little Pony: FIM Crossover.)

Balance of Force - MageOhki2 . Link
A Jedi knight called Elisa Jardon lands on earth when she feels a child in pain. She finds a six year old red haired girl called Ranma being attacked by cats. She rescues her and takes her back to her ship where she gets the whole story of the Neko Ken, the curse and how Ranma got younger. Elisa confronts the Tendo's and Saotome's, she's going to take Ranma for training. Genma and Soun try to stop her, but Happosai interferes. He drains the men of their life and fights with the skills of a Sith until he is taken out. Ranma becomes Elisa's apprentice and loves getting into trouble with Anakin Skywalker. (Star Wars Crossover.)

Blood Calls Out For Blood - Miriani . Link
The Senshi are fighting a demon way more powerful than before, in fact it killed Ami and Rei. Ranma picks up Ryoga's head, they had been fighting the demons as well. Ranma is devastated at the loss, and trains to defeat the demons. Next he loses Ukyo, and the Senshi offers him a chance to be one of them. After his mother got attacked, he agreed and merged with the star seed of Sailor Mercury. Saotome Kaiba is borne, a mixture of both personalities. Kaiba struggles with who she is, while going on a date with Akane. She has to confront both her mothers, telling the truth. Kaiba goes on another date with Akane but is devastated when they have an argument so she runs away and collapses with grief outside a shrine. When Akane finds her a monster attacks so she hides in the shrine were she merges with Rei's star seed. Mercury and Mars are back and kicking butt. (Sailor Moon Crossover.)

Chaos Wings - jbh14 . Link
Ranma is fed up and offered a chance of reincarnation by Tsunami. He take it and is reborn as Sasami in the past. When she reaches the time she came from the fiances find her and cause trouble. Small Story (Tenchi Muyo Crossover.)

Chaotic Future - Cloud Dreamer . Link
Ranma calls Skuld a tomboy at a Hercules and Xena convention, Skuld gets angry and locks his curse. Ranma mouths off and Skuld mallets her, almost killing her and causing Kami Sama to change Skuld into a guy as punishment. Ranma lives as a girl for over a year, as Skuld wont change her back due to her life being in danger. Ranma becomes friends with Skuld and his sisters, and a relationship forms. Also featuring the Sailor Senshi as semi villains and then protectors of Ranma (Ah! My Goddess, Sailor Moon Crossovers.)

Chaotic Rebirth - Trugeta . Link
Pluto is planning to kill billions for her vision of Crystal Tokyo and it's up to the Saotome's who are descended from Serenity's line to stop her. They impregnate Ranma with DNA from queen serenity, they baby is engineered to grow up in two years and will prevent the great freeze. Ranma feels betrayed and eventually escapes, on the run she is hunted by her Family and the Senshi are trying to kill her. She is rescued by Chibi-Moon and Saturn when the Senshi find her and is able to prove Pluto was wrong and the great freeze is actually a prelude to invasion from Beryl's clone and a million Youma who must be stopped. (Sailor Moon Crossover.)

Crimson Hunter - Konsaki . Link
Ranma is reborn in the world of One Piece as a girl and raised in a bar with Luffy her foster brother. She slowly regains her memories and practises martial arts. She meets her father the Pirate captain Red Haired Shanks and Luffy is taken by his grandfather causing Ranma to declare she will beat him to get Luffy back. (One Piece Crossover)

Crossing Moon - Kenko . Link
Princess serenity was reborn as Ranma who becomes her when he is cursed by Jusenkyo. She is locked in her new form and she renames herself Usagi. She has the same personality as the princess but with Ranma's skills. She fights Shampoo, making friends. The Amazons were long ago tasked with protecting the princess and will do again. Usagi meets her mother who had dreams from queen serenity and accepted her right away. She makes friends with Akane at school, whose brother Mamoru is her future husband but she dislikes him. She saves a not scary cat from bullies, and is given the broach to transform into Sailor Moon and save Akane from Youma. (Sailor Moon Crossover.)

Daimakaicho Ranma - Tuisto . Link
Hild is feeling lonely and desperate for someone to take over ruling hell from her when Ranma is dragged to hell by a demon taking his payment for Nodoka's wish after she was killed by Nodoka, Genma, Ryoga and Ukyo. Ranma is saved from her torture by Hild who comforts Ranma and offers her the chance for revenge by becoming a demon and her heir. (Ah! My Goddess Crossover.)

Dark side of the moon - Crescent Pulsar . Link
Ranma and Ryoga fight a demon and are saved by the Senshi. Ranma has a dream she is a Senshi of the dark side of the moon. She wakes and transforms, defeating the demon. She runs when the moon cats appear and is chased, they only give up when she heads home. She starts remembering things from her past life, and is locked as a female while taking a bath. She breaks down and is caught by Nabiki who threatens her with a picture, before explaining she had been trying to make Ranma show her emotions and become more human. (Sailor Moon Crossover.)

Death Reborn Evolution - Shanami . Link
Ranma dies when saving Akane but during his life he had many types of magic used on him including the Jusenkyo curse, so his body ended up overflowing with magical energy which included Saffron's phoenix power and the waters from the dragon tap and the Gekkaja. All this magic changed Ranma into a water and ice phoenix egg, which soon hatched into a baby girl. Ranko grows up just as fast as Hotaru and they become best friends along with Usa. Ranko is a magical girl with water and ice powers and wings. She is not a Senshi, but is friends with them. (Sailor Moon Crossover.)

Different Life Different Viewpoints v2 - rochchen . Link
At a young age Genma takes Ranma to China where he is cursed and then subjects him to the Nekoken. Cologne finds Ranma and rescues him. When they try to heal him, the curse acts and gets rid of the Nekoken at the cost of Ranma's maleness. Nodoka is contacted and picks up her daughter, training her in the sword forms of her family. Years later Ranko arrives at the Hinata Sou to stay. (Love Hina Crossover.)

Dragon Lady of Macross - Calamity-Queen of Cordite . Link
Ranma's always dreamed of going into space ever since the visitor crashed when he was little, and he worked hard to learn his school work in preparation for joining the RDF. His dream was almost destroyed by Genma knocking him into a cursed spring, cursing him to turn into a female when hit with cold water however boiling water was needed to change back. Ranma left Genma to the Amazons and she decided to join the RDF as a female. Ranma learns to pilot the Veritech's and fights many aliens as the SDF1 and the island of Macross are hurtled across space and she has to fight her way back, gaining plenty of respect and admiration from the crew along the way. (Robotech/Macross Crossover.)

Dragons, Mages and Martial Artists - Dani Yanega . Link
Ranma's fighting Ryoga when Mousse uses a magic sphere on her. Kuno sees this and attacks Mousse trapping him in the spheres magic as well. Ranma, Ryoga and Mousse are transported to another world where they fight lizard men to save some people. They travel with the group, who accidentally try to eat Ryoga and Mousse. She knows the other two will betray her and even has proof Ryoga was intimate with Akane, but still she will save them. They enter a city, where they are offered a cure. Ryoga and Mousse take it but Ranma doesn't. When she realizes the mage is up to no good she interrupts the spell and absorbs all the curse magics curing them and locking hers instead. Cologne uses magic to allow Nodoka to contact Ranma, and they accidentally link each other with the help of a mage. (DragonLance Crossover.)

Final Approach Ranma - Trimatter . Link
The Government is worried about falling birth rates so they test a plan of engaging compatible people for 3 months in the hopes that they get married. Ranma's girl form is engaged to Futaba Shimeru, another sex changer but he was born that way and started changing after puberty. Ranma is pushed into it by her mother's skewed sense of honor, but while living with the Shimeru family she learns that she wasn't treated honorably and that even strange people like her can have normal lives. She realizes that her family don't really care about her, so she becomes a ward of Futaba's father to get out of their control. (Futaba Kun Change Crossover.)

Fist of the Moon - Penguin-sa . Link
Kasumi convinced Ranma that he was fighting the curse too much and that he needed some girl time. Ranma soon grew to like dressing as a girl and cooking. When Ranma was on her way to a spice shop, she felt a powerful ki and found the Senshi protecting some kids from youma. She grabbed the kids to safety and pushed several Senshi to safety, getting hit in the process. Usagi uses the crystal on Ranma and it cures her but locks her in female form. After Ranma finished sulking, she trains all the Senshi and eventually becomes a Senshi herself, Sailor nightfall. (Sailor Moon Crossover.)

Forever the Tomboy - ranger5 . Link
Ranma had no way out of her life so she used the nanban mirror to go back into the past where she could grow up again in her new adopted family. Her secrets start to unravel when she asks her lover Haruka if she could become pregnant using donated sperm, but makes the mistake of saying who's sperm, Ranma Saotome's. Hotaru is upset about being different again, so Ranma decides to show her Nerima, revealing more secrets. (Sailor Moon Crossover.)

Heir to the Empire - Ozzallos . Link
Ranma shows Nabiki a magical crystal that had saved Akane's life during the fight with saffron. The crystal changes Ranma into his female form upon contact and it feels important. Usagi wakes up feeling something is missing and is distraught to find her crystal missing. The sailor Senshi confront Ranma about the crystal and after Ranma beats them down, she recognizes Pluto. Turns out Ranma is the reincarnation of queen Serenity. (Sailor Moon Crossover.)

Hellfire Days and Wild Knights - Atlan . Link
Ranma, Ukyo and Shampoo are mutants who have fled to America from Japan after being persecuted and pursued by Kuno. They meet Emma Frost who offers the a place in the Hellfire club. Their first mission takes them into a base to rescue several captured mutants, but on the way Ranma overhears the creation of a new weapon, Lady Deathstrike otherwise known as Kodachi Kuno. (Xmen Evolution Crossover.)

Hikari no Daija The Serpent of Light - Miriani . Link
Ryoga destroys the aging mushrooms trapping Ranma as an eleven year old kid. At his mothers house he learns she is a squib and had been waiting for magic to come back to their lines, something Genma and Soun have ruined as Ranma and the Tendo's had their school letters destroyed. Ranma gets a letter for Hogwarts and is sent there by a Japanese school due to him being the heir of Slytherin and as part of an exchange program, his curse is locked so she'll fit in. She is trained to be a master by Happosai and then how to be an Animagus to counter the Neko Ken by McGonagall. She is almost sorted into Slytherin but convinces the hat at the last moment for Ravenclaw, causing suspicion. She makes friends with the other transfer students and enemies of Cho and Draco, Cho thinking her a spy. She starts a prank war with the weasly twins, and the Chamber of secrets is opened. (Harry Potter Crossover)

Hikaru's Secret - Darksyn . Link
After Akane's death Ranma locks himself as a six year old girl called Hikaru and with Kasumi's help is adopted by the Shidou's. Years later on a school trip to Tokyo tower, a magic globe calls for help from the magic knights. (Really short story) (Magic Knight Rayearth Crossover)

Hitotsu ni Suru - Riniko22 . Link
Just as Ranma is finishing of Saffron, releasing a tremendous amount of energy ripping a tear in the dimension, Naruto had just used a suicide technique from the forbidden scroll which got out of hand and also tore into the dimension. Kyubi merges the remains of Ranma and Naruto forming Ranko, who due to a mistake is fully female and is mostly Ranma with Naruto's memories. When she wakes she joins a team of Kunoichi, ready to protect her new home. (Naruto Crossover.)

Hogwarts One Half - Perfect Lionheart . Link
Quite a few Ranma cast are de-aged and sent to Hogwarts to escape the evil team of Akane, Ryoga, the fathers and others who use magical items to gain strength and want to kill them. They are tricked by Dumbledore so must prepare to fight Voldemort, training everyone but slytherens using lost training rooms to give them knowledge. Ranko and her friends are taught by Nodoka on magical cultures by transforming into different creatures such as Centaurs. (Harry Potter Crossover.)

I'm a Girl - Inuyasha-loves-Hanyou-Kagome . Link
After a bad day Ranma wishes she could have has a proper childhood. A passing monk hears her and invites her to his shrine where he casts a spell to remove her curse and make her match what she feels inside, Ryoga is caught in the spell and his curse changes to the girl curse while Ranma is fully a girl and remembers always being so and in love with Ryoga. However nobody else's memory has been changed. Nodoka meets her daughter for the first time and takes her, Ryoga and Akane shopping. Later Ryoga's parents show up about a engagement and Ranma agrees to be engaged to Ryoga. The Tendo's mother arrives, having faked her death due to her actually being Peorth, a Goddess who has come back to aid Ranma and Ryoga as they are goddess candidates. (Ah! My Goddess Crossover.)

Into fire - Nicholas Leifker . Link
Nodoka visits a shrine wishing to know what happened to her husband and son all those years ago. She is helped by the shrine maiden Rei Hino, and Rei reveals she is Ranma This is the story of How Rei got adopted and lived as a shrine maiden, and then joined the sailor Senshi (Sailor Moon Crossover.)

Leaf - Ozzallos . Link
Kushina Uzumaki is helping her husband battle the nine tailed fox a week after giving birth to Naruto. During the sealing, she is flung back to her original world where only one year has past to her ten. She meets up with her old pal Ryoga, and explains how she went from an arrogant male martial artist, to a highly skilled female ninja. (Naruto Crossover.)

Lux Aeterna - belleradh . Link
Ranma's curse changed in Jusendo after beating Saffron, requiring large amounts of boiling water to change back. After a dip in hot water from Jusendo, the curse gets worse and Ranma chan grows wings as a external sign of her increasing power. She meets a man who helps her seal her power and her wings, and sends her to Mahora Academy. (Negima Crossover.)

Mercury's Song - Mike Koos . Link
Ranma falls into the spring of drowned girl and looks just like the girl who drowned their as drawn in the guides book. Ranma finds herself getting smarter, and spending most of her time in girl form. She meets the Tendo's, and goes to school in girl form under the name Ami Mizuno. Eventually she will be given a magic pen and will fight alongside the blond clutz. (Sailor Moon Crossover.)

New Love - the Original Anonymous . Link
Fed up with his life Ranma decides to take matters into his own hands and visits Herb to lock his curse. Unfortunately Herb decides Ranma would make a good bride and beats her, she is rescued by a sane Kuno who is in fact a Jedi hiding from the empire and watching over Ranma who is the most force sensitive person he had ever met. He takes her to Yoda on Dagobah in order to train her. (Star Wars Crossover.)

Nodoka's Daughter - James Lee . Link
Ranma's out walking on the fence tops when she falls off into the canal. A red haired woman sees her fall and crosses the street to help her, walking in front of a speeding taxi. Without thought Ranma pushed the woman away and gets hit by the car. Ranma suffers total amnesia and is adopted by the woman. When she recovers enough, she goes to school she makes friends with the Sailor Senshi. (Sailor Moon Crossover.)

Nyuchezuu no Senshi, Ranma - Unknown . Link
In the Amazon village Ranma moves her head when Shampoo tries to give her the kiss of death, turning it into the kiss of family. Genma gets locked away and Ranma stays with Shampoo. When her curse is revealed Shampoo assumes Ranma wanted to be a girl so uses permanent water to lock the curse. Ranma is trained in amazon techniques and is accepted as one. She returns to japan with Genma and explains to Nodoka. She has to cancel Genma's engagement plans so visits the Masaki's where she frees Ryoko and falls in love. Ranma goes to the Tendo's where Ayeka attacks, but stops when Yosho is mentioned. Akane likes the thought of an engagement and Ryoko likes Akane. (Tenchi Muyo Crossover.)

Orchid Queen of Saturn - borg rabbit . Link
Nodoka had caught up with Ranma and Genma in china, she tried to get Genma to stop at Jusenkyo but the idiot wouldn't listen. While battling, Nodoka had fallen in so Ranma jumped in to save her, turning into Nodoka's twin. Later they find both mother and daughter are pregnant from the god Kronos and the babies have great power. Ranma's baby Hotaru has the greatest. (Sailor Moon Crossover.)

Pearl - Saberwulfe . Link
Ranma loves the sea, yet it fills her with sorrow. A beach trip saddens her and in a cave she cry's and is discovered by Nabiki. She wonders who her parents are as she has blue hair that she changed to red and she feels unrelated. A monster attacks the beach and Ranko, Nabiki and Akane wake past memories and power up into magical girls but they do badly, finally saved by the Senshi. they learn that they came from the moon kingdom and were spy's sent to Atlantis. Herb floats in her hot bath not changing, she is attacked and her powers awaken as well, a water based magical team is forming. (Sailor Moon Crossover.)

Photocopy - Wordcounter .Link
Ranma falls into a spring that turns him into a female robot that can create Replicators and be connected to them like a queen bee. The Amazons tired to kill her so her creations raged war upon them, learning techniques as they are used. The Replicators spread across the world and Ranma orders them to help save people from criminals and disasters. Meanwhile the Goauld are trying to kill Ranma due to the threat she represents and so Ranma must go to war with them as well. (Stargate Crossover.)

Ranma and The Doctor - Turbanator . Link
During the fight against Herb, the kettle is lost and Ranma is locked as a girl. The Doctor shows up at school and Ranma joins him to fight against a cybernetic Gosinkugi who makes more metal people to fight her. After defeating him she joins the Doctor and accidentally drags Ryoga and Kuno on her adventures, visiting the planet of curses where Kuno gets a sword and New New York in the future where she is transformed into a feral cat and Ryoga gains a AI who helps him out. All three are growing powerful in differant ways through there adventures. (Doctor Who Crossover.)

Ranma Forever - Michael The-Zorch Haney . Link
Ranma vanished years ago to cure his curse. The Tendo's find him in the Amazon village locked as a girl and pregnant married to Mousse and Shampoo, she gives birth to triplets. Elsewhere, a meteorite is spotted and an alien invasion occurs from the Black Mesa facility in Mexico and SG1 are sent to clear it. An alien ship crashes from space destroying much of China and Japan leaving the way form the amazons and allies to invade and get rid of the communists. Thanks to an ancient prophecy Ranma is crowned queen of the Amazons and has to meet SG1 to work out a treaty and get ready for the Zentraedi threat. The world is united under Ranma's control (Multi Crossover, Way too many to list.)

Ranma, Now on PC - BonusPoints . Link
Ranma wakes up and finds she has been rebuilt as a persocomp and her memories are fragmented. She bumps into Ryoga and tries to fight him as something jars her memory. He tries to take her to the Tendo dojo but they get lost and Ranma finds she likes Ryoga. On a train heading for Nerima she finds out about his curse and e-mails Nabiki using her internal e-mail system. (Chobits Crossover.)

Ranma of Grayskull - Dani Yanega . Link
Ranma asks Akane why she doesn't trust him which makes her angry. Thinking she really hates him he decides to go on a training trip where he improves on many of the techniques he has seen. When he returns Happosai wants revenge and sends him to another dimension while changing him to a girl. Here she meets He-Man and his friends, and gets help mastering the Neko-Ken. She finds she is the Mystic Warrior, who has to cleanse the world she is sent to from evil or it will eventually reach her own. She chooses to stay and fight, learning as much as she can about magical attacks and other ways she could be attacked, getting ready to fight back. (Masters of the Universe Crossover.)

Ranma's Wild Adventures - DWM . Link
During the fight with Herb, Ranma is betrayed by Ryoga and Mousse who destroyed the unlocking kettle. Depressed, Ranma comes across a master of calligraphy who gives her a golden mark on her forehead that allows her to teleport and travel through time. Her first journey is just in time to save Yosho in his battle with Ryoko. As thanks he trains her for a while until she decides to go back home after a drunken wedding between them. (Tenchi Muyo Crossover.)

Reflections of Ruin - P.H. Wise . Link
During the fight with Saffron Ranma had to call upon a power within to save Akane. Ranma changed to Sailor Saturn and killed Saffron, getting locked in the process. She moves back to her moms house in Juban where she has to deal with the enemy trying to destroy the world and the Senshi afraid she will bring the silence and destroy it too. (Sailor Moon Crossover.)

Ririkaru Ranma - Ryo-Wolf . Link
After stealing the Kuonji Yattai, Genma decides to hide out in china and they get cursed at Jusenkyo while Ranma is six. Ranma is shocked to find her thing missing but since that's the only change she stays female mostly. At eight Genma makes Ranma go to school where she makes friends with other girls. At ten, she is chosen by Ryoga to wield magical powers to fight monsters. (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Crossover.)

Sailor Goddess - mykon1 . Link
Ranma plans to get pregnant using artificial insemination but is impregnated by herself accidentally. She prays for the health of her children and receives a wish. She accidentally wishes to be a goddess of sex and has to be trained up. She later finds out she is the reincarnation of Sailor Terra, so she uses her costume to fight crime. Later she finds out about the great freeze, and she works with the Senshi and gods to stop it. She ends up with many children. (Lemon Warning) (Ah! My Goddess, Sailor Moon Crossover.) Prequel Nodoka's Lessons

Sailor Ranko: Moon Princess - borg rabbit . Link
Ranma wakes up in a different body female and pregnant. She cures the body of it's bad ki and gives birth before being returned to his own body. Very short but cool. (Sailor Moon Crossover.)

Scream! - Steve Pardue . Link
Ranma comes across Skuld at the beach looking desperately at ice cream so she treats her. Skuld discovers the curse and mistakenly cures Ranma to reward her and leaving her trapped as a girl. Urd tries to fix the problem only to accidentally change Akane into Ranma's old male form. (Ah! My Goddess Crossover.)

Serenity's Rise - MyRoomPro . Link
After years of struggling to deal with the fiance mess, Ranma decides to escape to his old friends Mamoru's house. He decides to go to school as a girl to hide out, having wiped his girl side from many of the Neriman's memory. She has a job as a model working for Setsuna and is famous in both forms. Usagi is her cousin and the rest of the Senshi are boy crazy and desperately want to meet the male Ranma. Will the craziness catch up to Ranma and Mamoru? (Sailor Moon Crossover.)

Skipping A Groove - genhoss . Link
Ranma is teleported injured and female into the middle of a council meeting in Konaha. All her details match with a ninja thought deceased, Kushina Uzumaki. Ranma tells the Hokage about her life, but he believes she's lost her memories and her new life is false. Naruto is told she is his mother and he enjoys showing her around Konaha. (Naruto Crossover.)

Spring of Almost Drowned Earth Princess - deathgeonous . Link
The Amazons have a legend that the true earth princess will return from Jusenkyo. Cologne ignored all the signs pointing to Ranma and is shocked When Ranma changes. Ranma is locked as a girl and has to train to use her new magical powers. She goes to work for her mother working for the emperor to help the Senshi defeat Youma and allow the government to communicate with them. (Sailor Moon Crossover.)

Strained Harmony - Sunshine Temple and Trimatter . Link
Nabiki helps a guy from Hong Kong track down Ranma after he had bought him. Ranma escaped and found a job as a female nanny for a young sickly girl named Hotaru, both for money and a disguise. Ranma gets used to being feminine and enjoys her job and new life style. Her employer Setsuna comes to see her as family and treats her to large meals and fun nights out. (Sailor Moon Crossover.)

Strangers in a Strange Land - Pat Olsen . Link
Ranma, Nabiki and Akane all wake up in the future to find they have been remade as marionettes, female robots, by clones from the Kuno line. They escape to find Lorelie, the sole human female who might help them. They are prevented from from getting into the temple, Nabiki is caught and given a control chip to make her obey and Ranma is shut down trying to prevent Lorelie from being kidnapped by the Kuno's. Akane along with Otaru and his marionettes work together to stop Kuno's plan to rule and save the others. (Saber Marionette Crossover)

The Accidental Goddess - Sinom Bre . Link
Nabiki and Ranma use a computer to try and create a record for Ranko but they accidentally hack into the Yggdrasill system instead. After filling out mythological themed forms that they thought were a joke, Ranma is blasted into being a goddess of sex. The Norns investigate and demons are drawn to her sex powers. Ranma's powers keep affecting people causing situations that make Ranma embarrassed and cause hilarious consequences. (Ah! My Goddess Crossover.)

The Charon Senshi - heavens-dark-hanyou . Link
The Senshi are surprised When Ranma shows up and knows Setsuna. He invites them to the dojo and explains how he and Ryoga were born as female twins a thousand years with a shape shifting gift. They are Sailor Charon La and Charon Ea and Mousse is also their triplet and is Sailor Charon Oa. (Sailor Moon Crossover.)

The Fiery Soul - Smzaeo . Past . Present
Ranma Hino arrives at the Tendo's and Akane reacts violently, malleting him for stopping the hentai horde and whenever his curse activates. A group of girls feel sorry for him and when they see her walking by they invite her for ice cream and then a sleep over. They help her accept her curse as herself and show her she is a beautiful young woman. Years pass, Ranma is comfortable with her curse but she is dreaming of a past life as Sailor Mars. She decides to visit her grandfather and see if she can find the Senshi and rejoin them. Akane mallets her into the Juban ward were she sees the Senshi fighting, so she accepts her powers and her curse locks her as Rei. Her father realizes everything he did was a waste and realizes the police will be after him so he commits seppeku. Rei is devastated and takes a long time to recover while fighting Youma and trying to save the world. (Sailor Moon Crossover.)

The Last Grandmaster - genhoss . Link
Ranma wakes up after sleeping for fifteen years to find her curse locked and gigantic angels destroying Tokyo. She sights the Angel using magical staffs taken from Saffron and meets others from Nerima along the way. She damages the angel causing it to self destruct. She is found by NERV and healed, but finds Cologne had altered her mind so she cant tell anyone she used to be a boy. She moves in with Misato and prepares to defeat angels. (Neon Genesis Evangelion Crossover.)

The Martial Artist and the Great Detective - Cloud Dancer1014 . Link
Ranma returned home to a war on who's cooking he should eat, trying to stop the fight before it began he was pelted by all three fiances further than ever. When he lands he finds himself in the middle of a Black Organization shakedown, having used all his ki to survive the landing he was helpless against them. He is forced to drink something that transform him into a little girl. She meets a couple of other people transformed into kids, a detective and a scientist and decides to help out, meanwhile in Nerima everything is going to hell. (Detective Conan/ Case Closed Crossover.)

The Return - Sunshine Temple . Link . Link2
Sailor Pluto tries to connect Ranma to the powers of Earth, but unfortunately Ranma was in girl form and the previous female template for the Earth powers was a succubus. Ranma turns into Sailor Darkstar. Willard International Consulting, a demon hunting company which Kasumi is a member of, threatens Ranma for information until they realize she is a Senshi. Ranma helps the company out, and during an attack on her school she turns Kuno into a succubus. Ranma eventually accepts her demon form and becomes a full succubus and her family slowly grows. (Sailor Moon Crossover. Good story but complex.)

The Sands of Time - Richard Foo . Link
Ranma had been having strange dreams of a fuku clad warrior named Pluto while growing up. In his past life, he was Sailor Pluto and she had cast a protection spell on him, protecting him from Genma's stupidity like the nekoken. As Ranma falls into the cursed springs, he remembered everything about Pluto and she gladly takes on the role of a Senshi. Ranma scares Genma away and trains with the Amazons. Ranma visits the gates of time, and spends a lot of time their learning, and gets a degree when she returns to earth as a twenty one year old. She reunites with her mother and gets a job as a school counselor in Furinken High. (Sailor Moon Crossover.)

The Trouble With Past Lives - Cloud Dancer1014 . Link
Kushina Uzumaki had just given birth to Naruto when she is summoned back to her old world. Her old rivals had locked her curse, de-aged her and banished her to the Ninjas world. She grew up their as a ninja before getting her memories back. Now stuck in her old world, she holds no punches and seriously injures her rivals and demands cologne send her back. (Naruto Crossover.)

To Live and Love Again - ChasTaro . Link
Katsuhito is feeling lonely when he feels a battle going on nearby. After a large explosion, he checks for any survivors and finds Ranma He takes care of her and carries her home. He gets his son in law to take them to the hospital. Ranko is examined and has casts placed on her arms and legs, and then is taken back to the Masaki shrine. She finds a TV and is surprised to find alien channels, and so is told about Jurai and space. Katsuhito comforts Ranko when she's sad, and takes care of her, he finds himself falling in love. (Tenchi Muyo Crossover.)

What if You Have to Die to Save the World? - Krisrat . Link
Tofu asks Ranma for help in diagnosing a patient due to Ranma's high level ki control. Ranma dresses as a candy striper and sees the patient, she doesn't like what she sees. She checks again a week later and it's even worse. Hotaru's ki is like a well that has no way of filling, it's cut off and she's using it without it filling up again. She has very little time left so he uses his ki to force open the pathways. For a time it worked, but after transforming into Sailor Saturn, the blockage is back stronger than ever and Hotaru soon dies. Ranma is devastated that he couldn't save her, when queen Serenity's ghostly form visits him and explains what happened. Ranma offers to be a replacement, knowing it will fully change him into a girl. Ranma becomes sailor Saturn and helps out the Senshi. (Sailor Moon Crossover.)

What's in a name? - muishiki . Link
Ranma was locked as a girl and living in self inflicted isolation for many years when she is found by Harry potter as he hunts for vampires. They are impressed with each others skills and agree to teach each other. Over time they help each other heal there mental scars, Harry losing his wife and Ranma being locked. They grow to love each other but Ranma is conflicted and needs lots of counseling to accept her true feelings. (Harry Potter Crossover.)

Wild Honor - MageOhki . Link
Ranma is found frozen in space in a comet by a ship and wakes up to find she is in the future and is a little girl. She has trouble remembering her life but knows she is a boy and knows how to fight. She is viewed by the Tendo descendents as a goddess who they have waited thousands of years for, so she'll be raised by the captain who found her, Honor Harrington to prevent her from being killed by an enemy that has tried to wipe the Saotome clan out. (Honorverse Crossover)

Wild Magic - Usagi-Hasano . Link
Ranma is killed by Voldemort and is reborn as Lina Malfoy. This is her quest to regain her former skills and learn about magic from Hogwarts. Growing up she stays with the Tenchi cast and gains lots of cool skills, until she is old enough to attend Hogwarts, where she makes friends with Harry and his friends as well as two girls who are reincarnated from Lina Inverse's time. Current story goes up to the end of the first Harry Potter book. There is also a side story called 'Side of Wild Magic' which covers Ranma growing up in more detail, and a re-write called a fix of wild magic (Harry Potter, Slayers, Sailor Moon, Tenchi Muyo Crossovers.)

Windborne - Sunshine Temple . Link . Link2
Ranma is out training on his own when he finds a box containing magical dust. The dust changes him into Titania queen of the fairies, and she even gets a talking wolf advisor to help her out. The change also contained a magical spell to smooth out her rough edges and allow herself to become feminine and queenly. Her mother fully accepts the changes and wishes to become a fairy as well, and she pushes Ranma to accept being a queen as she will then gain lots of fairy grandchildren. (Sailor Moon Crossover.)

Your Destiny is Annulled - Cheb . Link
An alt universe continuation of Sailor Ranko. A block of frozen time crashes into Ranma's universe causing new enemies powered by a mystery machine to attack the Senshi. After a bad attack, the team are scattered to different worlds where their powers don't work and only Akane and Ranma with their skills can save the others with the aid of the machine that allows them to open portals. They find they must collect tokens, like dragon balls, in order to speak with highest level user of the machine so that they can find their last missing team mate and save the world. Ranma and Akane as the only ones who can fight without Senshi powers do looking for Usagi, the others try to find their way home and Saturn is stuck teleporting around with little control. (Sailor Moon Crossover.)

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