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Ranma spends most of his time as a girl, usually she is locked in female form sometimes voluntarily and sometimes not. Sometimes Ranma chooses to spend all her time as a girl, falls in love with a guy, gets pregnant, but mostly spends most of the fic and sometimes the rest of her life as a girl. Some stories Ranma enjoys being a girl, and others Ranma is forced into being female and fights against it, trying to turn back into a guy. A few have Ranma raped, while others she gives birth willingly. There's a whole bunch of different stories to pick from.

Please report any broken or alternate links here.


A Clean Slate - Coengar2 . Link
Ranma loses the challenge in the Amazon village. Shampoo gives her two choices, death by being poked to death by spears, or a challenge of being sexually pleasured and no crying out for mercy. Ranma chooses death, so the Amazons induce the sleep of ages causing a death like state and sending Ranma to meet the Amazon mother. Ranma is accepted as an Amazon and in the Amazons eyes, reborn.

A Colder Curse - RCN Prince . Link
Ranma has no memory, just terrifying nightmares that stop her from eating and drinking. Ryoga finds her and nurses her back to health and falls in love with her. Back at Jusenkyo a panda hugs her making her faint, when she wakes she remembers everything. Ryoga is mad he's lost his love but Ranma tells him she still thinks he's cute.

A Day in the Life of Ranma Saotome - VaultDweller . Link
Kasumi restores Ranma's memory of the day he really thought he was a girl. He goes off to think and decide which Ranma he or she wants to be, deciding to become a woman. She has water from the boy and girl springs, and locks the curse by using the girl spring again. Akane loves Ranma and curses herself to turn into a boy. They explain to Nodoka and get her to teach femininity to Ranma They talk to everyone and get them to leave their wedding alone then they get married. They honeymoon in Paris, while Genma falls into a coma unable to accept the situation. Ranma gets back as Genma dies, but her bad mood is improved when she finds out she is pregnant.

A Different Time - Gothicphoto . Link
An older Ranma drags Genma out training after losing his wife and children to warring fiances. Ranma falls into the girl spring and comes out as a younger teenager. When they visit the Amazons for a cure, Ranma fights Shampoo. When Shampoo gives her the kiss of death, Ranma is pissed off and kills her. The Amazons drug her, lock her curse and erase her memory before Genma finally rescues her.

Adventures in Womanhood - Ranchan2k3 . Link
The springs of Jusenkyo are Permanent with nicknaming back and forth. Ranma goes to the Amazons for help adjusting to her body leaving her panda father with the guide. She fights Shampoo for a place in the village and gets training in the amazons ways and fighting. Another elder hates outsiders and plans to kill Ranma but Ranma beats her and her traitorous plans are discovered. Ranma goes home to meet her mother and is accepted. She goes to Furinkan and becomes friends with Akane and quickly agrees to train her.

Akane - Kirinin . Link . Link2
Akane feels someone is missing and everyone is dancing around her trying to keep her from finding out. Ranma had died, with only Akane's DNA nearby. She is wanted by the police, and Genma wants to know why she killed him. He drags her to Jusenkyo, where he tortures her for information. She runs away to the springs, meeting Ryoga where the truth of the incident is revealed.

AMAZONS - Jeffrey Hosmer . Link
Genma lost Ranma when the Amazons and the Musk fight at Jusenkyo. Ranma is locked as a girl and taken by the Musk until she is rescued by the Amazons with no idea who she is, she is adopted as an Amazon and trained. Years later Genma, Nodoka, Soun and Akane are at Jusenkyo again looking for Ranma. The guide warns the Amazons have banned access from the springs but Genma leaps for the man spring and is knocked out. They are tried and found guilty, being punished with a years servitude.

Am I Smart? - Penguin-sa . Link
Ranma gets a head injury and starts to believe he is a smart girl like Nabiki, She threatens people by charging them or arranging an undesirable outcome. She goes shopping, hustling to make some cash and buy clothes and presents. She offers Nabiki a contract for manager as together they can be rolling in money. They use smarts to get out of the Amazon and Ukyo engagements. Genma and Soun attempt to recreate the accident despite the risk of brain damage but when it doesn't work Akane gets mad and pelts Ranma back into the pond, causing Ranma to apparently shift back to being a boy. Nabiki is heartbroken, but it turns out Ranma realized the fathers would never give up trying to change her back so she's acting as a boy.

A New Awakening - Dani Yanega . Link
Ranma and his mother are transformed into Faerie's and go to live in the Faerie realm. Ranko is reduced to a child like state and happily lives with her mother while learning everything she can and flying at hyper speed. Time in the Faerie land passes slower so the five days she spends away from Nerima is actually ten years.

An Orchid Beside the Red Heaven Way - Michael Barnard . Link
Ranma is traveling with a different sensei under the name of Shikon Ran to learn all about magic and unexplained phenomena which led to him gaining a girl curse at Jusenkyo Ukyo had taken over Ranma's role and cursed herself to become a boy. They meet later in Nerima were Ran becomes a friend of Akane and they start teaching each other stuff.

A Not so Simple Wish - Ebiris . Link
Ranma buys a wishing urn from a shopkeeper who's shop he'd just destroyed in a fight. The urn is cursed and changes his wish so he ends up as a girl called Ranko Xiawang, while there is also a fully male Ranma Saotome out there. To get her male body back she has to seduce Ranma and get him to kiss her with true love. She starts by cosying up to Nodoka and getting an engagement arranged, followed by defeating the Tendo Dojo and taking their sigh. Unfortunately Ranma becomes engaged to Kasumi who is sweet, caring, very good looking and cooks great plus he lived with her. Ranko tries her best to win Ranma over, even promising to train him, but Kasumi is sent along as well and Ranko finds out why Kasumi Rejected her when she was Ranma.

An Ultimatum Ranko - zeltronica . Link
Nodoka is getting suspicious of Ranko, Ryoga placed her into a polar bear costume and Azusa kidnapped her, making her escape she is forced into a cute dress. During a fight with Ryoga Ranma's grandparents witness Ranma's curse. They are horrified to see their granddaughter fighting when she passes out they take her to the Tendo's where they tell Nodoka she is her son. Nodoka is forced to sign a contract to stop Ranma fighting in female form and exploiting her assets. Ranma is given three ultimatums and must choose one before a year, one of which is staying in girl form for a year. After a fight that destroyed the Tendo's house Ranma is forced to choose and she needs new clothes for her long stay as a girl as they move in with her grandparents. (Ranma/Herb pairing, will update description when I read this again sometime.)

A Pandas Dream - Excellsior . Link
Ranma and her father are stuck in their cursed forms and turn up at the Tendo's. Due to her change, Ranma seems very spacy and out of touch with the world. Ranma starts to get close to Akane and they learn about each other.

Ascending changes - Ridgewolfe . Link
Ranma and Akane are locked as the opposite sex and are getting married in a double wedding with Ranma's cousin. Ukyo has been invited and has to struggle with her feelings but is happy for them and the wedding goes off without a hitch. In the reception Genma moans about Nodoka not being able to see the wedding setting Ranma off as it's all Genma's fault. Ranma and Akane are talked to about marital duties and wedding nights sending them into shock, and as the last dance approaches Ranma decides to make it up with her father and dance. They spend the honeymoon in a hotel getting used to their new lives and bodies. Meanwhile Ryoga and Shampoo are not so accepting and a new man appears at Jusenkyo with the power of a wizard and wanting to do some ritual with Ranma and Akane. Prequel: Final Solution.

Battousai and the Ruby Tiger - michael fetter . Link
Ranma and Ryoga found themselves alone in a war between three tribes at Jusenkyo, Genma having chickened out. They fought for their lives killing anyone who came close as they were attacked and ended up fighting Amazons near the springs. Ranma kills a red head who drowns and is knocked into the same spring. He turns into a copy of the Amazon, she drags Ryoga to safety. They are found by Amazons and they assume Ranma is Ruby, who accidentally persuades them Ryoga is her husband. Ruby's mom gives her a powder to use on the food that makes them horny. Ranma and Ryoga make love and then head out for a war party the next day.

Beautiful Girl - Saberwulfe . Link
Ranma is fed up of the multiple fiances and leaves for a year telling them to sort themselves out. When he returns he has a plan to preserve his honor and have a happy life. He will take a potion that will lock him as a girl and wipe her memories allowing her to live happily as a beautiful young woman. Everybody is sad but they all do their best to protect her and make her happy, unfortunately the schoolgirls don't believe her and beat her almost to death and are shocked and horrified when she doesn't change in the shower.

Boiled Nyanniichuan - Tangent . Link
A short story. After being cursed Ranma finds a possible cure in the guides hut, take the grass from around the cursed spring and make tea with water from the spring. Ranma reacts badly and suffers transformation shock. Genma takes her to the Amazons, who says she's locked and only the musks artifact the Kaisuifuu has a chance of unlocking her curse, Genma goes to look for it.

But That Way Lies - Scott K and Kevin D . Link
Nodoka is called to the amazon village where she finds her son and husband have been permanently cursed and mind wiped by Jusenkyo. Nodoka takes her new daughter to the Tendo's and after explaining, gets their help to look after Ranma Ranma goes to school with Akane and quickly catches up. Ukyo shows up and Ranma decides to pay her back, thus restoring her honor. She works hard until Nabiki convinces her to get a life. She and the Tendo's work together to get Soun and Nodoka to fall in love.

Can't Win - Bryan Neef . Link
Nodoka tries to see her son and is sad too have missed him so offers to take Ranko on a trip. Ranma buys a magic ring that can keep him in female form and spends a month as Ranko training to be a woman. When she returns to the dojo, Ranko is very feminine and the ring has permanently locked her. She reveals Ryoga's curse and is able to sort things out with Akane, finding they love each other. Nodoka finds out about the curse, so the Saotome clan commits seppeku along with Akane. As they are being buried, Ranko, Nodoka and Akane watch as there fake bodies are laid to rest with Genma. A small sequel written by Kevin D. Hammel called Tapestry can be found here.

Cast a Second Line Into the Sea - Simon bre . Link
Ryoga sees Ranma again after being away for many years. He learns that Akane has been dead for seven years leaving Ranma alone to care for his daughters. Ranma's curse has also acted up, making Ranma feel more female. She finds herself attracted to Ryoga and struggling with herself as to whether she wants a relationship or not. She asks Akane at the cemetery whether she should have a relationship or not, she receives a sign, and decides she will have a relationship with Ryoga and possibly more.

Child of the Cursed - Appleseed . Link
Ryoga drunkenly rapes Ranma and she gets pregnant. Genma throws her out of the clan but the Tendo's take care of her. Ryoga later realizes What he's done, and Akane no longer loves Ranma which upsets her and she runs away, finally admitting everything to her mother. The Tendo's search for her and finally fins her, they are upset that Ranma has decided to stay with her mother but understand and visit often, except for Akane who feels out of place.

Clean Slate - Deadly Nightshade . Link
Akane malleted Ranma into the pond and now she has amnesia and thinks she's a girl. Ranma's views on the Tendo's are very different with no previous memories of them. Akane deny's any responsibility for Ranma's injuries causing Ranma's view of her to darken. Nodoka finds out Ranma thinks she's a girl and tries to change her back but the water doesn't work. Ranma gets to meet everybody else that she once knew, including Genma attacking her to try and jog her memory.

Clothes Make The - n1ght3lf . Link
Kasumi catches Ranma-chan dressing in sexy underwear when everybody else is out. After talking they come up with a plan for Ranma to be hit on the head by Akane, therefore Ranma can act like the blow changed her mind to a girl like it did before. Kasumi talks Akane into protecting Ranma-Chan from any more blows to the head in case she gets amnesia, and Akane persuade Ukyo. Ranma pretends to be a lesbian and gets closer to both girls, while putting up with Shampoo trying to change her back. After a date each, it's pretty clear who Ranma loves more so eventually Akane splashes herself with boy spring water that Nabiki fetched, in order to be closer to Ranma and be a normal male female couple.

Cologne's Final Confrontation - Bryan Neef . Link
After Ranma Married Akane, Cologne broke an agreement and attacked killing Soun, blinding Akane, slitting Nodoka's thought and locking Ranma's curse. Cologne demands Ranma breaks of the marriage and marry Shampoo in exchange for her unborn babies life. Months later Ranma knocks out Shampoo and takes her to Mouse, she takes them to the airport where she confronts Cologne getting her arrested. Cologne is tried and found guilty, the elders of her tribe arriving and banishing her for forcing a miscarriage on Akane. In return Shampoo's first child will be given to Ranma and they are given the Nekohanten as payment. Years later a woman enters the Nekohanten claiming to be Genma, she wants to be with her family but makes the mistake of mocking Ranma's lost manhood, Making Akane angry and Nodoka upset.

Crippled: Like a Phoenix - Fred Herriot . Link
The start of this story is written by Gregg Sharp and Kevin D. Hammel. Shampoo shows up, and Ranma is splashed at the wrong time allowing Shampoo to find girl type Ranma and stab her severing some of her spinal nerves. Ranma becomes paralyzed from the waist down, but what if their is a race of aliens that can merge with him fixing his body? the catch is the aliens are all female, and the new person would be a mixture of both in human form.

Dark Huntress Reiko: Soul Mates - Calamity-Queen of Cordite . Link
Kami-Sama hears Akane's prayer for a perfect soul mate and grants it. He tells the spirits of Jusenkyo to give Ranma the girl curse and lock it. Ranma is catatonic and abandoned by Genma at the Amazon village, but when she comes round, she is accepted and learns all the fighting moves she can. She leaves and eventually finds her mothers family who accept her as their own. She goes to a tournament representing her new family and meets Akane, they become fast friends and eventually lovers.

Deep Blue: A Koi Rod Love Story - Kirinin . Link
During the Koi rod incident, Ryoga tries his best to kill Ranma but couldn't bring himself to kill someone who wont resist. Ranma realizes Ryoga hates her so she leaves him, crying all the way. Ryoga leaves, looking for a cure for something he caused and comes back several times to try out a new cure. During his latest attempt, Ranma tells him that if this doesn't work, she'll take him for a Jusenkyo cure. Ryoga sabotages the cure and they both go to china. Ranma sacrifices herself to uncurse a spring that will then cure Ryoga, he is horrified and pulls her out, She's barely alive. Happy that she lives, he decides he could try dating her after all.

Dragonfly - Almech Alfarion . Link
Nabiki bumped into Ranma three years after she had gone missing, and gets a note. She has to gather the NWC in the dojo and Ranma will meet them. She explains how she had been recruited by the Assassins to fight the Templars and has the memories of her ancestors, female assassins, thus making her female. She uses an apple to show everyone why she left and her three years away.

Epiphany - Tripolar Disorder . Link
Genma and Soun out drinking fall and drown in the drainage canal. Nodoka is contacted to confirm their identities, she goes round to the Tendo's and tries to comfort Ranko but She is too scared of her mother. Nodoka realizes Ranko is her son and tries to help her overcome her demons, but Genma and everyone else had caused much emotional damage and she is going crazy. The magic of her curse, Ranko, tries to help her and gives her control over her form. Ranma suffers from panic attacks and Nodoka has to calm her down and finally begin to heal her mentally.

Equal Halves - Deborah Goldsmith . Link
Kuno makes a wish on a rock for others to see both Ranma's together to expose the lie. The rock take Ranko from Genma's Daughter and places her into the normal Ranma world. Ranko wakes up confused and heads home, everybody looks at her weird and Akane mallets her. She tells them she is a girl and shows them photo's of her life. They phone Ranma at where he is staying and find their are two Ranma's. Ranma returns the next day and is shocked to find his female form their. Ranko is upset that nobody really knows her as her, and Akane treats her badly. On her birthday Ranko cries, as she wanted to spend it with her family. She and Ranma visit the Amazons and lots of people see them together fulfilling the wish. Later they have a party and Ranko is shocked to get presents. She teaches Ranma about feelings and playing the violin and rents one for him. Eventually she returns home to her grieving family who had missed her the week she had been gone. Sequel: Notes from Julliard. Prequel: Genma's Daughter.

Fear - deathgeonous . Link
A fear demon causes everyone to live out their fears. Ranma suppresses his and beats the demon but afterwards his fears overwhelm him, leaving nothing but two sympathetic fears that wanted to help, his girl side and the nekoken. The fears merge, becoming a new person, totally opposite to what Ranma was.

Final Solution - Joe Rispoli . Link
Akane gets Ranma splashed with hot and cold water so fast that Ranma's body spasms and she is paralysed, further changes could kill her. At Jusenkyo they don't find a cure so Ranma is to be taken to a hospital, however Akane left the ambulance doors open and Ranma's bed rolls out and into the girl pool curing her paralysis but locking the curse. Unable to be together Akane curses herself to be a boy and locks it. They go together to Ranma's cousins wedding where they decides to make it a double and marry each other. (Poorly written but interesting plot) Sequel: Ascending changes

Fusoku no Kizuna - Shijisha . Link
Ranma comes back to Nerima with her's and Ryoga's newborn baby. Happosai had used a magic smoke box thingy to increase Ranma's female lust, making her need to have sex with a guy. Akane mallets her away and she ends up with Ryoga. One steamy session and nine months later she has a baby and is married to him. Ukyo and Shampoo are not happy with this and try to break them up.

Generation Lost - Sunshine Temple . Link . Link2
Ranma's father died in a training accident and he gets in touch with his half sister Sarah. He travels to America to live with his sisters family, and there he finds a whole new level of magic. People use a computer code called Calash to control magic, and people have in them a space in which the code can be uploaded giving them a magical template that affects their physical abilities and what they are. Ranma gets a template place on him without his consent and it turns him into Sailor Rose and it cant be removed due to password protection. She is now stuck as a girl thanks to the template and it begins to affect her mind changing her into a rose princess.

Genma's Daughter - Deborah Goldsmith . Link
Ranma returns home wet and in female form. A red haired woman calls her Ranko and says she is her daughter, Ranma says she cant be because she is a guy. Nodoka is shocked at the transformation and Ranma falls out with her. Next day Akane drags Ranma over to Nodoka's and Ranma remembers something in a picture, he was really borne a girl. Ranma struggles with himself and finally tries being a girl over summer break, locking herself temporarily. She enjoys her self and likes being a girl, making friends with Akane's friends and her fiance's treating her much nicer. Ranko decides to stay a girl, and she has to tell the school, who are mostly supportive. She joins the music class and applies her martial arts skills to playing the violin. Ryoga asks Ranko out on a date and she accepts, they grow closer but then fall out. Ranko realize she loves Ryoga and tells him. She plays the violin for a recital and decides she wants to be a professional violinist. Sequel: Equal Halves and Notes from Julliard.

Girl Days - Robert Haynie . Link
Nodoka decides Ranma needs to get in touch with his feminine side, so she wants Ranma to stay in girl form for a while. Ranma gets girl training, and starts to enjoy several aspects of being a girl like sunbathing, ice cream, and fighting in a shocking leather outfit that makes all girls green with envy. Very funny story, especially Ranma's views on what a pervert is, she doesn't even like cheeze whiz.

Girl's School - Miko2 . Link
Nodoka had changed the seppeku contract from man amongst men to graduating high school with good grades, something Ranma is failing at. She persuades him to go to St. Hebereke's school for girls where he will have less distractions and will be motivated to learn. Ranma is challenged by Nabiki to out girl student her as Ranma never refuses a challenge. New friends, new challenges and Kodachi.

Glory Days - Horosha . Link
Akane dies in a trap set by Mousse and in his grief Ranma runs away. He encounters an old man who offers him magic rings that will revive Akane but at a cost of half himself. Ranma uses the rings in an ancient marriage ceremony and Akane is alive, however Ranma gave up his boy form turning him into a real girl. Ranma is adopted into the Tendo clan and Nodoka agrees to sell the Saotome home to fund the Tendo dojo and fitness center. Genma hates the changes and runs away. Ukyo and Shampoo are Adopted into the family.

Happily Married - Kirinin . Link
Ryoga hits Ranma into the pond where she hits her head. When she wakes up 6 years have past, she has a baby and she's married to Ryoga only she doesn't remember anything from those years and cant accept his love, causing him emotional pain. As Ranma slowly gets used to the idea of being a mother and wife, she sort of falls in love with Ryoga and her daughter. When She finally allows herself to go to bed with him, Ryoga discovers she doesn't have the c-section scar, she isn't his wife after all. The future Ranma had switched places and was now in the past of an alternate dimension. They manage to switch back to their proper places and Ranma is depressed at the Daughter and sort of husband she's lost which leads to the creation of the future she had visited.

Heart of Ranma - ironmj . Link
Happosai tricks a female spirit into locking Ranma's curse by telling her he's a womanizer with many fiances. Ranma accidentally curses Akane, who takes his anger out on her, nearly beating her to death. When Ranma attempts seppeku, Akane saves her and the make love. Ranma cures Akane and runs away, but the spirit is sorry and helps Akane find her. Akane is cursed again as a guy and they get married.

Hello Again - Benjamin Franz . Link
After cracking his head on the pond Ranma is convinced he's a girl. For weeks Akane and the fathers tried everything to get her to become a boy, making her nervous and depressed. Finally having enough Genma threatens to disown her but she cant change and runs. Akane chases her and sees Ranma crying, the weeping of a soul beyond hope.

HER - Kono Duudu O . Link
Ranma dreams about his cursed form trapped inside a bubble, leading to him and Ryoga discovering that the souls of their cursed forms are within them and they can communicate. The cursed souls want to make love to each other using Ranma's and Ryoga's bodies, so they have sex leading to Ranma realizing he should be a girl. Ranma's fiances band together to try and exorcise the curse spirit from Ranma but it's too late as she had seen Happosai and got him to lock her in her female body, she holds them off until they realize she isn't possessed.

Her War - Materia-Blade . Link
Years after Ranma is presumed dead after fighting Herb, the Nerimans had moved on. Akane, shattered by his death ended up falling in love with Mousse and got pregnant. Ryoga fell in love with Shampoo, Genma got a daughter to replace Ranma. They are summoned to become Japans ambassadors to New China, requested by the empress Ruby who had just won a devastating civil war against the Musk, having lead the rebellion. She had been captured by Herb and horrifically Raped and tortured by the Musk to break her, until she finally escaped and helped to fight back against the armies of Musk trying to take over China. (Extremely Dark and disturbing fic, taken me years to start reading as I personally don't like stories like this.)

I'm the Mother and the Father? - mykon1 . Link
Ranma is masturbating when Nabiki wets him as a joke just as he orgasms. Ranma-chan ends up with sperm in the wrong place and gets pregnant. She is terrified of Akane malleting her and ends up falling in love with Nabiki. Sexual hi jinks ensue, especially with the other Tendo sisters. Ranma-chan is accepted into school as a real girl, and takes her education seriously for her future daughter Ranko.

In Silence - Coengar2 . Link
Kodachi catches Ranma by surprise and wraps her razor ribbon around his neck, trying to reel him in. Akane in an act of pure stupidity, drenches Ranma in water causing his neck to shrink and the ribbon to twist. Kodachi jerks and the ribbon cuts through Ranma's thought. Ranma is now mute, and because she feels safer as a girl, she has subconsciously locked herself as a girl.

Just Normal Girls - boomwarrior13 . Link
During her fight with Herb, the locking kettle is lost. Ranma goes to a new school and makes new friends. One is a Kampfer, fighters who have to be girls to fight, he got fed up of changing and decided to stay as a girl. The other friend is Haruhi Fujioka, a boyish girl who transferred from a rich school after her scholarship ran out. Herb is out for revenge, Kampfer's fight and Haruhi has love troubles.

Kikuko - Cloud Dreamer . Link
After the failed wedding Akane sends Ranma flying and breaks his jaw after seeing something he shouldn't. Dr Tofu cares for Ranma while he is healing. During this time Ranma decides to live as a female named Kikuko and makes some elderly friends who help her on her way. The rest is a secret, but very good.

Kunofication - Ozzallos . Link
Nabiki Notices something off with Kuno and follows him, catching a date between him and Ranma. Ranma had been seeing Kuno for a year and seriously dating for three months after a disastrous day caused Ranma to explode and shout all her troubles to Kuno who sympathized and offered her a safe haven. After a terrible day Ranma uses it and slowly gets to know Kuno, eventually agreeing to date and falling in love.

Lesbian 1/2 - Donny Cheng . Link
As kids Ranma and Ukyo argue about her being more special because she lacks anything below while everybody else Ranma knows has something there. This warps Ranma's mind into wanting to become a girl, and he is ecstatic when he falls into a spring and changes. Since she believes girls are superior, she is sexually attracted to them and joins up with many girls including Shampoo, the Tendo girls and Ukyo. Ryoga feels sorry for his mentally ill friend and is always trying to get her to like being a boy, and blames Genma for everything.

Lets Talk - Imortis . Link
When Akane and Ranma are married, Ranma hadn't a clue on how to have sex properly and Akane wasn't telling. Instead she gets revenge on Ranma for hurting her during sex, instead of explaining what's wrong she ties Ranma Chan up and get Gosinkugi to rape her. Unfortunately Gosinkugi's family has a curse that makes them week until they get a girl pregnant, at which time they will steal her strength. Ranma tries to kill herself to prevent giving birth, leading to her getting put into a mental institute run by Gosinkugi's relatives.

Life After Death - NikManic . Link
Ranma and Akane fight only Akane is getting worse and Ranma's giving up hope, the madness of his life dragging him down. After a fight with Ryoga in which Ryoga is badly injured, Akane is possessed and seriously injures Ranma. Whne Ranma wakes from her coma she finds she and Ryoga turned into full time girls.

Lost Innocence - Thrythlind . Link . Link2
One of my favorite stories, Ranma gets given one of Shampoos potions and ends up getting raped by Kuno and locked in female form. This story is mainly about the aftermath of the rape and how Ranma and her family copes with it. Ranma deals with being pregnant, and then losing the baby, and how Akane finally grows up and puts aside her temper to help Ranma cope, getting closer to each other and falling in love. Also the whole school finds out about the rape.

Misshapen Destiny - Tangent . Link
Ranma almost drowns in the drowned girl pool but is pulled out by Genma, changing Genma's curse to a girl panda. Ranma is taken to the Amazon village where she finds she's locked as a girl. Genma pulls Ryoga out of the cat spring, his curse changing to a female panda cat, he tries to adopts Ryoga as his new son. Ranma is accepted by the Amazons and trained, before heading to Japan to see her mother. She is accepted as Nodoka's daughter and sent to school where she meets the Sailor Senshi. (No Crossover, was just stating to introduce sailor moon when it stopped being written.)

Monkey Head Butting - Miko . Link
Ranma crashes into Kasumi who's wearing a monkey necklace, which causes them to switch bodies. Akane drags Kasumi to school thinking she's Ranma, and Ranma is forced to do all the housework in Kasumi's place. Later, everybody starts changing and whoever is in Ranma's body has to fight Mousse.

Mother - ranma5487 . Link
Akane finds out she cant get pregnant and is devastated. Ranma decides to have the baby for her and is impregnated artificially. She has Akane and her mother to help her cope, she has to suffer morning sickness, and she finds herself acting more feminine. After finding out she was having twins, she got paranoid and wouldn't leave the house or do any strenuous activities or cleaning the house, driving Akane crazy. Ranma finally went to a psychiatrist who helped her out, and she started leaving the house for shopping and stuff. Ukyo is getting married, and she wants her best girlfriend Ranma their for support, even going to the bridal shop together. The wedding goes off without a hitch, and just as Ukyo and her husband are about to leave, Ranma goes into labor. Soon twins were born, a boy and a girl. Unfortunately the boy has Ranma's curse and changes. Sequel: Children

Notes From Julliard - Deborah Goldsmith . Link
Ranko is traveling to New York to study playing the violin at the Julliard school. She meets a pompous student on her way out of the airport who constantly tries to hit on her, she is shocked to find he goes to her school. Ranko meets her new roommate Tish Williams and they become good friends Ranko has developed problems in playing the violin, her playing is technically perfect but lacks feelings and she tries everything she can to get better. Prequel: Genma's Daughter and Equal Halves.

Officer Sato - Weebee . Link
Ranma has been locked as a girl and she has been part of the police force for over ten years, now she has been transferred back to Nerima with her partner. Ranma has dreaded going back ever since she left and really doesn't want to confront her past. At first she pretends she is somebody else, officer Sato Ranko, but soon the truth is out and she is meeting all her old friends and family.

Okami - Everybeast . Link
Ranma falls into a spring that contains the presence of Amaterasu the sun goddess. He finds himself in a strange place in which he must gain the powers of gods before he can move on. Amaterasu tells him he is her reincarnation and that they must join. Ranma is now the sun goddess and must provide light to the world. Ranma helps the Amazons with a demon problem that petrifies people, then heads home. She stays with the Tendo's while going to school. She saves a woman, not knowing its her mother, and Nodoka invites her for tea. Nodoka is amazed she is talking to Amaterasu, and they talk about her life. Nodoka realizes the girl is her son, and she cant ask her to commit seppeku, so she accepts her and treats her as a daughter.

Old Souls - Francis Bourque . Link
After Ranma is cursed by the girl spring, she is pushed by Genma into the spirit spring. Going to the Amazons for help, she finds the spring combination awaken a past life. Ranma has access to large amounts of magic, is a short flat chested redhead and has a furious temper. She trains with Cologne to control her magic enough to go back to Japan and find her mother. Genma convinces her to go to the Tendo's and he and Soun try to get them engaged, ignoring the fact Ranma's a girl.

On Her Own - Kevin D. Hammel . Link
After falling into the spring of drowned girl, Ranma is captured by the musk and locked in her cursed form. She escapes and is saved by the Amazons who teach her how to live as a girl. Ranma travels back to Japan, making a positive impact on the people she meets until she reaches a mining town with a bandit problem. She stops the bandits but is injured, during her recovery she stays with a family who's daughter she comes to love as her own. The family is killed in a mining accident leaving Ranma to raise the child. The Saotome's and Tendo's travel to China in search of her and to take her home. Ranma's daughter loves her new grandma.

Path of Peace - RankoSaotome . Link
Ranma's curse was locked by Ryoga who then Raped her. When he tries a second time he is stopped by Mousse, Ranma enters a Neko-ken like state and kills Ryoga. The parents and her fiances only seem to care about the engagements and they fall out. Mousse protects her from Nodoka and is injured, so Ranma protects him from her instead. She stays by his side as he recovers, growing closer. They come to love each other and enjoy their lives together.

Phoenix - Scooter . Link
Ranma falls into a permanent spring of drowned girl and is locked in female form. She leaves Genma to go looking for her mother. Her mother rejects her and declares her ronin. Honor less and with nowhere to go she soon gets sick and huddles up near an airbase. An older pilot spots her while out walking and brings her back to base where he takes care of her. They quickly fall in love, get married and have children, while he pilots his plane in several skirmishes. Ranma enjoys life as a wife and mother.

Pigtailed Goddess Times Two - Draknor . Link
Ranma falls into the spring of drowned girl then Genma throws her into the spring of drowned twins creating two permanent Ranma Chan's. The guide sends his daughter Plum to live with the Ranma's and a girl shows up claiming Genma to be her father. Some unknown magic changes the the new girls into twins looking similar to the Ranma's and they are all joined as family.

Presence After Christmas - siaru . Link
It's the new year and Kasumi is miserable and alone, she really regrets not having gotten together with Ranma and now it was too late as he had left, unable to be found. Kasumi stumbled around for a warm place to eat and miserably ate a tasteless burger when she sees a black haired woman with red roots. Checking her out she finds out it's Ranma

Priestess - Bryan Neef . Link
Years after Akane's death, Nabiki finds Ranma working as a priestess having given up martial arts. Nabiki had taken over the schools when Ranma left and is competing in a tournament.

Ranko's Big Decision - Unknown . Link
Ranma is walking in the rain when she passes a dress shop. The owner invites her in and puts Ranma in a dress as her clothes dry. Ranma likes it and has an epiphany and decides she wants to stay a girl. Ryoga fancies her and wants a date, he provides a map to the girl spring that can lock her. Akane doesn't know what to do, she can't love another girl, but she goes with Ranma to Jusenkyo and turns herself into a boy just to be with her.

Ranko's Children - zeltronica . Link
Ranma had a son Ryuu with Akane and then got locked as a girl so she left. Ryuu dislikes Ryoga, his step father and wants to meet his real dad. He and his half siblings are suspended for fighting and their parents have gone missing so they have to go to live with Ranma despite her shame. Ranma picks up her other daughter Ryoko who is a mad scientist and sends the other kids to school where they interact with kids from the rest of the Nerima crew.

Ranma and Akane: A love story - Eric Hallstrom . Link
Weird story. During his training Ranma separated from Genma and became an efficient fighting machine making his way from place to place. In Nerima he decides to attend school for a while and flips a coin to determine his gender. She arrives and soon puts a stop to the hentai horde and befriends Akane. She is a true warrior and her views on many things are really strange.

Ranma chan, the Cat - Noy Telin'u . Link
Ranma was born a girl but Genma desperately wanted a boy so he raised her as one and planned to curse her at Jusenkyo, however she fell into the wrong spring and turned into a cat who falls into the Nekoken and attacks Genma. She tries to run and makes it to Japan but Genma injured her in the chase, and she ends up with the Tendo's who help her out. The girls find their father was also involved in the plot to turn Ranma male so they try to save her from the morons and find her mother.

Ranma no More - Dani Yanega . Link
When Ranma falls into the girl spring he wakes the spirit of his great grandmother who drowned their and absorbs her. Her grandmother tell Genma Ranma is dead to him and leaves to find her old lab with her magical books. Ranma meets Ryoga and they become friends helping each other out. After finding her lab and meeting the Amazons she leaves for Japan, along the way a group of monks change her and Ryoga into enhanced fighters, leaders of a group of cursed people like themselves able to control the curses and training together to fight a great evil locked away by the last group of Jusenkyo cursed warriors thousands of years before.

Ranma Plus Ryoga - Ace Sanchez . Link
In an act of madness, Ryoga rapes Ranma and beats her senseless. When he wakes up, he is shocked at what he did and runs away. Years later the daughter made during the rape hunts Ryoga down for revenge for the pain inflicted upon her mother.

Ranma's Birthday - Bryan Neef . Link
It's Ranma's birthday and Genma spoils it by forcing him to hide from Nodoka. Ranma decides to continue hiding as Ranko to bug Genma and try to feel some of what having a family is about. When she blows out her birthday candles, she wishes for a family. When Ranko wakes up the next day she is disorientated, the Tendo's sisters are her sisters and their mother is alive instead of Soun and views Ranko as her daughter.

Ranma's Honor - Cloud Dreamer . Link
After being introduced to the Tendo's, Ranma finds he doesn't like them and leaves after finding his mothers location amongst Genma's things. Nodoka decides she cant make Ranma fulfill the seppeku contract so she decides to kill Ranma for a year, leaving Ranma Chan in his place. She has to dress and act like a girl, going to a girls school and everything. At her new school she befriends Kodachi Kuno, and works at persuading her to fight fairly in competitions to make it more fun and challenging.

Revenge Rebirth - Shad4c . Link
Ryoga finds a monkey gods paw with two wishes. He wishes that Ukyo's mind and soul will no longer haunt him, and that he could have Ranma's life and body. Sixteen years ago Ryoga is reborn as Ranma and Ranma as Ukyo taking her place. She vows to get revenge and trains hard. When Genma steals the Yattai she convinces her father not to change her legally into his son and she vows vengeance.

Saffronification - Ozzallos . Link
Kima of the Phoenix tribe approaches Ranma for help, they are dying and Saffron is too young to ascend and repower the Crystal life battery keeping the phoenix alive. Ranma tries to power it but cant generate enough ki, so she changes her curse to become a phoenix which helps but is not enough. She decides to go through the procedure to ascend which could prove fatal but if it works could save a species.

Saotome's Choice - JP Buckner . Link
Ranma finally cracks, believing that apart from a few people, everybody sees him as a thing or possession. and that they really don't care about him at all. After unloading himself to Kasumi, he gives Akane and the rest one last chance. Akane is just as mean as ever so Ranma leaves, deciding to stay with her mother under her Ranko guise. Nodoka takes Ranko in, and they live happily together, but the fear of being discovered and the increasing number of near hot water accidents causes her to fear for her life.

Secrets - Coutuva . Link
Ranma left Nerima to start a new life as Miyoko, she has a girlfriend Yoriko and enjoys her life, however she is found by Nabiki who contacts the NWC. Akane, a tough biker chick arrives with her son and demands Ranma back. Yoriko is shocked at Ranma's life and is feeling guilty for keeping her from her son, but Ranma refuses to give her up and proposes. Nabiki tries to dig up dirt on Yoriko and is threatened by her father, defeated Akane goes home and refuses to allow Ranma to see her son. Yoriko's father who had disowned her for being gay now wants her back to produce an heir, leading to her being kidnapped. Ranma rescues her and shows Yoriko's father how badly he's treated her. He tries to win them over, helping Ranma's son after he goes into hospital and buying their work places for them. Yoriko is beyond stressed and is hospitalized so Ranma threatens him with fake Jusenkyo water with Ryoga's help and he backs down leaving them to live in peace.

Shattered - Coengar2 . Link
Nabiki is paid to convince Ranma to attend a party hosted by jealous and vengeful boys who hated Ranma for stopping them get Akane. They drug Ranma up, rape her then attacks and tortures her, breaking many bones and shattering her jaw. Ranma is stuck as a female as the metal in her jaw would interfere with the change in a disastrous way and is in traction to keep her bones still.

Shinnosuke - Ozzallos . Link
Shinnosuke leaves Ryugenzawa in search of his love. Ranma is shocked when he remembers her and kisses her. Akane faints, and is horrified to learn later that Ranma and Shinnosuke are together. (Very Small story)

Sister School - adakun13 . Link
Ranma and his brother Adam are permanently cursed at Jusenkyo. Locked as girls they ditch their father and travel back to Japan meeting the Amazons along the way. They meet their mother who accepts them as they are and sends them to school. They make friends with Akane, Ryoga, Ukyo, Shampoo and others, yet their lives are still chaos.

Tabula Rasa - Zeptha . Link
Ranma and Ryoga fought their way through a temple to get access to a gem that could cure them. After losing to a very powerful monk, Ranma's curse is locked, leaving her a broken shell of her former self. Ranma has to struggle to find herself, facing her inner demons.

Tendo Saotome Anything Goes - Kirinin . Link
Ranma, her dog Joi and an uncursed Genma arrive at the Tendo's. Ranma tells Akane about her curse and is accepted as a friend, so they make it seem like Ranma is a girl to the rest of the Tendo's blocking Genma from his plans as he believes Ranma is now locked.

The Blessing - Materia-Blade . Link
Kasumi gives Ranma warm water that triggers the blessing of Jusenkyo. Ranma is transformed into a beautiful blond girl and is locked. She travels to Jusenkyo and learns that a possible cure may be in California. She joins a school and gets a job while looking for the cure, however terrorists attacks the school and she takes them out while dodging bullets. They get revenge by blowing up a cinema giving her amnesia, she is kidnapped from the hospital. Her memory is returned by the spirit of Jusenkyo who wants her to become more girly and accept the blessings. She finds herself becoming more girlish, clothes shopping and giggling. The spirit needs her to fulfill the blessings to free it and remove it's biggest mistake, Jusenkyo. Meanwhile Saffron has ascended and wants revenge on Ranma for killing him. The blessing transforms Ranma into a water goddess and when Saffron arrives she's ready to fight.

The Changing of Isis - Dani Yanega . Link
The warrior of Isis drowned in Jusenkyo in a battle against Seth. 50 Years later Ranma falls into the spring of Isis and is chosen as the new warrior but is unfortunately locked in her cursed form. She merges with the soul of the past warrior and a Elf that occupied the spring before and gets ready for war. Others who fall in the Isis springs aren't changed much but are chosen as Generals of Isis.

The Iris Tales - n1ght3lf . Link
Ranma is going to marry Akane but at his bachelor party Cologne spikes his drink which painfully affects the curse, forcing him to change painfully unless he uses cold water which locks the curse. Ranma is depressed and everyone tries to force her to act like a girl, so she rebels and pushes everyone away. When she finally accepted her situation, she cooks a nice meal for Akane to say she is sorry, but overhears her going on a date. She tries to kill herself and is sent to a behavioral hospital where she meets Kuno. He is the only person she can talk to and in the end they both end up curing each other and slowly fall in love as they teach in the Tendo dojo.

The Journey is the Destination - Poetheather1 . Link
Ranma realizes that girls are not weak, he doesn't mind his curse and he needs some way to get rid of all the negative ways of thinking that Genma has pounded into his head. He came up with a plan, she and Akane would pretend she had always been a girl so that she can avoid fights and get the fiances off her back. They get others to help and many are confused and questioning their own memories. Cologne is not fooled so Ranma trains her friends to fight the Amazons while she defeats the old ghoul for her freedom.

The Kindness of Strangers - Yamato Sora . Link
Ranma Shows up at the Tendo's with amnesia thanks to Genma hitting her over the head with a sign. She thinks she is a girl and is shocked when she turns into a boy in the bath. The Tendo's are looking after her and Akane is her friend.

The Lady of Sakura Mountain - zeltronica . Link
Ranma's curse is locked and she tries to kill herself. She fails and is locked into a hospital, while there she finds out about her powers and uses them to attack herb and the Amazons in a bid for revenge. Akane gets kidnapped by a vampire and Ranma rushes off to save her. After defeating him she tries to save Akane but she's been bitten. She freezes them both in ice, giving them the time to eradicate the vampire curse. Ryoga watches over them from a nearby mountain.

The Lady of the Mountain - Flashfyre5 . Link
Ranma disappeared from Nerima years ago and lives alone on a mountain, where nobody knows her name and the only people who bother her are the occasional martial artist who saw her in a small tournament. A man called Hashimoto Taizo turns up and wants her to train him, but he seems to have been looking for Ranma What does he want with her?

The Life That I Had - Allie . Link
At Jusenkyo Ranma's curse is permanent and her sanity snaps, moving through life uncaring. She works and studies, never happy until she falls in love and marries but eventually he leaves her due to her boring attitude and the unsexy way she dressed. She is devastated, but this kickstarts her into a new fun loving sexy personality who will enjoy life. She decides she needs to rededicate herself to martial arts, moving to Nerima where she participates in a tournament.

The Other Side of Life - Nicholas Leifker . Link
Ranma's curse has acted up and She is drawn to Jusenkyo, with Akane following. Ranma feels Akane cant love her anymore and they can't stay married due to both being girls, Akane does her best to prove her wrong. They make love, and Jusenkyo convinces Akane to curse herself, thus Ranma gets pregnant and Junsenkyo's will is done.

The Price of Freedom - Coengar2 . Link
Nodoka wants Ranma to learn her family's art and become sex demon hunter, a magical girl slut. Ranma refuses and runs away to China, unfortunately there are many people who Genma had pissed off and Ranma is captured as a slave. He kills those who captured him and runs away, getting cornered in Jusenkyo. Herb saves him and then locks him as a girl, she is taken in by the Amazons and then betrayed. At the end of her rope, Ranma staggered around in bad condition until she saw an old man being threatened by thugs. She rescues him and he takes her home to take care of her.

The Promise - TheonLee . Link
Ryoga spent 10 years trying to find Ranma and give her the cure for the dragon whisker curse since he destroyed the one Ranma wore locking him as a girl. Ranma broke the engagement and ran away. Ryoga cures his direction and pig curse and gets the cure for Ranma however it takes him 10 years to find her. She reluctantly uses the cure only to find it doesn't work. They travel to Jusenkyo, having a few adventures and near deaths on the way. Ranma and Ryoga find themselves getting closer and confess there love, Ranma no longer wants to be cured. Back in Nerima Ranma is reunited with everyone who accept she loves Ryoga except Genma and Nodoka who rejects her. Ryoga talks her round to accepting Ranma however Ranma is shot and hospitalized. When she wakes, Ryoga proposes to her and they marry a month later due to Nodoka's declining health.

The Schools are Joined in Me - Pilgrim . Link
The Tendo's are sad because Ranma's vanished, and it's the sisters dead mothers 40th birthday. A solicitor visits with a letter from their mother written years before her death. She speaks to each daughter as if she had seen them yesterday and comments on their boyfriend choices, including Ranma She also tells the story of how she met Soun, she had amnesia and that the amnesia cleared a bit after each child was born. She was horrified when she remembered who she was but her love for her daughters and husband won out.

The Secret Origin of Kimiko Tendo - sara t. fontanini . Link
Ranma hunts the mirror of desire and uses it to give himself his biggest wish, no fiances, crazy life, curses. When she wakes up, she is in a hospital bed in another persons life. She is Kimiko Hasegawa, she pretends to have amnesia so her sister Akane teaches her about herself. They are attacked by thugs and rescued by Soun Tendo who falls for Kimiko. Kimiko is upset at the loss of her skills, she goes to Soun for training. One of the defeated thugs is plotting revenge on Akane for hurting him.

Three Sisters - Pyeknu . Link . Link2
Ranma falls into the spring of drowned girl and drowns. Several passing aliens take pity on her and the other souls bound to her and create three bodies for Ranma, her sister and the girl who drowned in the spring. Ranma is now an alien and a triplet with mental powers allowing her to read minds and other cool abilities. Her race the Nendo Kata are very peaceful, all female and lesbians. Ranma and her siblings al go to visit the Tendo's to fulfill the agreement and join the schools.

Together: A Tale of Transformation and Tragedy- Rowan Seven . Link
Nodoka makes a wish on a evil magic fountain which makes Ranko more lady like and fall in love with Ryoga The fountain knows that Ranko is really Ranma and grants the wish knowing the pain it will cause Nodoka when she finds out. Ranma hiding from her mother, borrows some girl clothes from school to make her disguise as Ranko better. Things happen to keep Nodoka around, and Ranma slowly changes into Ranko, including falling in love with a guy.

Trauma & Regrets - zeltronica . Link
A year after Akane had been brutally murdered in front of a drugged Ranma, she and Nabiki are on a school trip to the beach. Ranma finally stops blaming herself and allows herself to change her looks, adopting a new hairstyle to cover her missing eye. As she relaxes on the beach she is glad for all Nabiki’s help.

Unexpected Results - James Hunt . Link
Shampoo is terrified, Ranma is trying to kill her because she had drugged her, making her have sex with Ryoga. Ranma puts Shampoo in the hospital. She talks with Ukyo, and then finds out she is locked in female form. Ukyo vows revenge on the Amazons and challenges Shampoo to the death. Ranma finds out she is pregnant and wont change back until she gives birth.

Victory - Bain . Link
Ryoga finally won over Ranma by destroying her happiness. By using the koi rod of love, Ranma can't fall in love with anybody else and her love for Ryoga is one sided. Ranma moved to Shinjuku-ku to live with her mother, and has to dress up and at like a lady if she is to be her daughter. Her mother and the Tendo's are mad at Ryoga and threaten to kill him if she looks for him so when she sees him again she tries to see if he loves at all, she realizes it was all a mistake and he hates her, he had won.

Wanderers - Pyeknu . Link
Ranma finds out Genma had sold him again, only this time the agreement was Ranma as a brother. He and Ukyo are chosen to be jewel guardians, females given powers by power jewels and with Ranma's new sister they are to go and save another world. Ranma has to leave all her fiances and get locked as a girl by absorbing the curse energy from Ryoga. She finally realizes that honor has no hold on her due to the deceitful way the promises were made.

What Price Love - Jon Osborne . Link
Akane is a lesbian and challenges Ranma that if he finds sex better as a girl he will lock the curse to stay with her. After getting an orgasm in both forms Ranma agrees being a girl is better and uses her Chi to lock the curse. Ranma then has to deal with the families reactions.

Where I Came From - Cloud Dreamer . Link
Nodoka tells Cologne why Ranma's disappeared. Nabiki hypnotized him into believing he is Genma, he cries on the nanban mirror shards and is sent to the past. He meets Nodoka and has Ranma, taking his younger self on the training trip as that is how Genma behaved. Due to an accident with the Amazons, Genma reverted back to Ranma-chan and got sent back in time again and became Nodoka who met Genma got married and had Ranma, all the same person.

Worlds Fall Apart - CreamSoda1382 . Link
Soun is disappointed when the son in law he was expecting turned out to be a girl and his friend was dressed in a crappy panda suit. Praying, he is answered by Kalla who changes the duo into guys with curses. Ranma uses a potion of clarity to find out who he loves, but other potions interfere and he overdoses on magic. Dr Tofu uses a technique to remove all magic from Ranma, turning him back to his original form, a girl. She slowly remembers her old life, and realizes she has feelings for Ryoga, but she still loves Akane.

You Reap What You Sow - Pyeknu . Link
Ranma, or Kikuko as she's now known comes back to look after Akane after she had a aneurysm which left her crippled and with partial amnesia. Kikuko is a big time movie star, talks with Kasumi about how their revenges went against the parents and everybody they knew after they threw her out. Nabiki was sent to jail, the Kuno's sent to a clinic and the parents killed by a hit man posing as a policeman. They all got what they deserved.


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