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Not Girly Crossovers
(This page was never really deleted, I just removed the links to the page. It's back because why not and it's now split between crossovers and normal)
A few of my favorite stories that don't involve Ranma spending a large amounts of time as a girl or even require that he has a girl curse. This page is totally separate from the others and as such wont be updated on the home page. This page isn't a priority for me, just a bit of fun.


A boy in the hand - dogbertcarroll . Link
Hotaru takes Haruka seriously and builds a trap to get a boyfriend. Shampoo delivers Ranma to Hotaru and helps her build a better trap. Ranma comes along and falls for it, believing Hotaru when she says he is her boyfriend as she trapped him. Ranma figures out Hotaru is sailor Saturn and figures he needs to help her as her boyfriend. He makes himself into Saturn's knight, but the Senshi think he is the Silent Knight. After a big fight and lots of energy released and absorbed by the pair, they go on their date and are followed by everyone, curious about Hotaru's date. (Sailor Moon Crossover)

A New Home - Innortal . Link
Ranma's having a bad time when Happosai summons a demon that grabs Ranma and drags him back to where it came from. In another reality Hotaru and Chib-usa are wishing for a husband when Ranma drops in in with a demon, that he finishes with the last of his strength. The girls take him back to their room to recover, where Setsuna finds him and takes a blood sample to track him. The blood contains so much chaos energy it activates the time gates AI Hades who tells her that Ranma is essential to crystal Tokyo. Ranma explains his curse, goes into the Nekoken and licks Luna clean and when they encounter an ice cream Youma, he eats it with other Senshi joining in. (Sailor Moon Crossover)

A New Life - StrykerJ . Link
Ranma Gets Ami pregnant when they both get drunk at a party and Ranma faces up to his responsibility and agrees to marry her, using a moon kingdom wedding ceremony. Mercury's powers are shared with Ranma turning him into Mercury Knight, and Ami into princess Mercury. (Sailor Moon Crossover)

A Team of Wild Horses - beartooth . Link
After the events of 'one trick pony' Ranma and Kasumi have three children who they teach martial arts too. Ranma gets reoccurring dreams about a coming ice age and wonders how to stop it. Sailor Pluto is disturbed that something is interfering with the time gates. The Saotome Children stop a group of boys from hurting a girl called Hotaru and they become friends, Pluto doesn't like this and tries to stop them. The Saotome's come across the Senshi fighting a youma and helps out, but Ranma's attack knocks out the moon cats which the children take home and care for. Luna grows to like them and accidentally reveals her secret, when she is splashed with girl water by a vengeful Shampoo and Mousse. (Sailor Moon Crossover.) Prequel One Trick Pony


Chaos Crescendo - Dancing Imp . Link
Makoto has dreams of her parents who she cant remember but she knows they came from Nerima. The Senshi fight old Youma who are trying to learn their identities. Later Makoto is home alone when three people appear from a portal, her parents Ranma and Ukyo have returned with a new sister for her. The Senshi are soon amazed at how easily Makoto's parents can kill Youma, and it turns out her new sister is a were rat. (Sailor Moon Crossover)

Child of the Goddess - Gekigengar3 . Link
During the fight with Saffron Ranma is doing badly and desperately needs more power, searching within he finds the light hawk wings and uses them to defeat Saffron but was unable to save Akane. Tsunami is happy that her child she thought had been destroyed had returned. Ranma tells Akane's sisters how she died and Nabiki wants revenge on Ranma. Ranma travels to the Misaki shrine to meet Yosho and find out about his goddess mother. (Tenchi Crossover)


Daughter of Chaos - Bob Lobster . Link
Chibi usa travels back in time to the wrong area and gets amnesia. Luna-p was also damaged and it's memory corrupted, it's now convinced it has to find usa some parents. Ranma finds Usa and takes her to Dr Tofu where Luna-P is convinced that Ranma is Usa's mum and dad and hypnotizes those around Ranma causing funny consequences. (Sailor Moon Crossover)

Deja Vu All Over Again - weebee . Link
Happosai gets revenge on Ranma by using the Nanban mirror to send Ranma to his nightmare, which happens to be the nekoken training where he and his younger self going through the training snap. Ranma goes into the cat fist and attacks Genma, his younger cat self stops him from killing. They encounter Setsuna and are snapped from their madness, she explains Ranma's time travel and older Ranma calls himself Saffron to prevent confusion. Saffron takes little Ranma to see his mother and then talks to the Tendo's, explaining how Mrs Tendo died so they can save her. Saffron is stopped by Skuld who explains that his interference stopped the training trip and so many people will die as a result, he needs to train Ranma in everything he needs to know, without resorting to Genma's inhumane methods. (Ah! My Goddess Crossover)

Fist of the Pikachu! - Hung Nguyen . Link
An amazon ritual and a teleporter pokeball interact across dimensions sending Ranma to the Pokemon world. He comes across an injured Pikachu and slowly builds trust with the untrusting Pokemon. He teaches Pikachu anything goes and in turn learns more about internal energy and firing off electrical blasts. After meeting Professor Oak, Ranma learns all about Pokemon and becomes a trainer, setting out on his road to be the Pokemon Master. (Pokemon Crossover)

Grand Tour - DrunkenGrognard . Link
Ryoga's directional curse sends him to many places in time and space he shouldn't be, such as on Deep Space Nine or the Voyager. He accidentally takes passengers along with him and people end up on the wrong ships or in the wrong times. During his visit on the Voyager he is recruited to use his ability to get lost with the ship, sending Voyager to differant universes such as Star Wars and Red Dwarf. Ranma is recruited by the Time-Space Administration Bureau to track him down and prevent him from damaging the universe any more than he already had. (Misc Crossovers) Sequel: Journey and Odyssey.


Interface - XStylus . Link
Trinity is investigating glitches in the matrix interface and comes across Ranma and Akane. Ranma takes out an agent so they are extracted to the real world. Ranma wakes up as a girl and has to accept it, luckily she still has Akane who still loves her. They are trained to use the matrix and fight the system, meanwhile Ryoga is recruited by the agents to kill Ranma. (Matrix Crossover)

Just Wont Die - Jeffrey "OneShot" Wong . Link
This is a huge mega story with many crossovers. Ranma mistakes the Knight Sabers for boomers and attacks them viciously. The Knight Sabers fight back thinking Ranma is a boomer too, after all how many humans can do what he can do? After the fight, Ranma helps them defeat the Genom corporation who killed his family. Ranma is transported the the Evangelion world were he helps them with there angel problems, then Asuka uses the Nanban mirror to try and prevent second impact. Ranma ends up in the slayers world and meets Lina inverse, and many many other things. (BubbleGum Crisis, Neon Genesis Evangelion,Ah! My Goddess, Slayers, Ghost in the Shell, Naruto Crossovers.) A collection of other much smaller stories by this author can be downloaded here.

Macross OneHalf - Tail Kinker . Link
Ranma joins the U.N. Spacy and learns to fly new Veritech fighters on Macross island. He gets a new CAG, Commander Air Group, who turns out to be Soun Tendo, who believes Ranma called off the engagement. He meets his fiance Akane who runs away when she hears his name. The island is attacked by aliens and the Macross takes off, but cant escape atmosphere so uses it's jump gates and sends the ship and island deep into the edge of the solar system. They have to fight there way home with Ranma piloting his fighter protecting the ship as well as getting to know Akane. Ranma is put in charge of a fully female squadron that includes Akane so he shows them his curse, they quickly rise to become the best of the trainees. Ryoga somehow shows up and attacks, plus other typical Ranma related fun like Kuno and Shampoo. (Robotech/Macross Crossover)

Men of Iron - imortis . Link
Ranma is hospitalized and paralysed after saving Akane from a gunman and getting shot. His family and friends abandon him and Ryoga takes his place as heir. Akane still love Ranma and they contact someone Ranma had saved for help, Iron Man. Tony Stark gets them from the hospital and heals Ranma's paralysis. In return Ranma trains Brodie in martial arts. Tony is impressed by Ranma's skill and character so he makes Iron Man suits for him and Akane. The family back in Japan want them back and and start making problems. (Iron Man Crossover)

Metal Gear Ranma - Slackerchan . Link
Nabiki finds out that Ranma is unclean due to bad ancestors and so everyone turns on him. He stop by Dr Tofu's and is welcomed even after explaining, but the Dr tells him he would be better off out of Japan where nobody cares about what his ancestors did so Ranma joins the American army to gain citizenship and money. A few years later Liquid Snake takes over a base in Antarctica containing a metal gear with which he hold America hostage. Snake is missing so Roy Campbell cant send him in to deal with the threat however someone else had trained with Ranma and recommended he take Snake's place, luckily Akane Tendo was stationed on the Island the terrorists had taken over and Roy could use that to persuade Ranma. (Metal Gear Solid Crossover)

Moving On - Studio ELL . Link
Ranma's out drinking his sorrows about multiple fiances in a bar when he meets Kiyone who hates her partner. They talk and after several drinks agree to have sex, since neither has much chance to do it. Ranma cant stop thinking about Kiyone and decides he needs a job and place to stay so he goes to the Misaki Shrine, where he meets the residents and explains his story. Kiyone shows up later and they decide to be friends. (Tenchi Muyo Crossover)

My Immortal - Dreamingfox . Link
Ranma has rejected the amazons too often, so Cologne slips him and the Tendo's some mermaids flesh. The Tendo's all turn into monsters that Ranma has to kill. Ranma turns into an immortal who is imprisoned by wards on a mountain to prevent him from exterminating the amazons. He is visited by the residents of the Hinata sou and accidentally released, so he goes to live with them. (Love Hina Crossover)

Papa's Back - Innortal . Link
Makoto is surprised by her father returning after being missing for years. He had been fighting a demon that killed her mother Nabiki, when he pushed the demon back through the portal. Now years later Ranma is back and due to his curse he's not aged a day. He reconnects with his daughter and plans to get back into modeling work, meanwhile Makoto has to warn Her Senshi friends to keep their hands of her father. (Sailor Moon Crossover)

Ranma/Knights of the Old Republic - EternalFreedom . Link
Revan and his fellow Jedi Jesse are searching for the Sith on uncharted planets when they feel a disturbance in the force. They come across a feral Ranma who had just been trained in the cat fist, so they calm him and treat his wounds. They ask his mother for permission to train him in the Jedi ways and they leave for the stars. Landing at Coruscant, they are greeted by many of the past friends of Revan and Jesse who are surprised at Ranma's power. They train him up to be a special Jedi who knows the hardship's of the universe, ready to fight the true Sith. He learns from the Mandalorian's how to fight in many different ways, before being trained in the Jedi ways. His return to earth is the start of many problems with old and new fiances and the looming threat of the Sith. (Star War Knights Of The Old Republic Crossover.)

Ranma Muyo - Author . Link
Ranma feels unwelcome as Akane mallets him for no reason and Kasumi lies abut having no hot water and serves dinner early to stop him from getting any. After a fight where Ranma was stabbed Kasumi refused to help so Ranma went to Dr Tofu's nearly dieing on the way. Ranma finds out he is not a Saotome and challenges Happosai for grand mastery. He tells everyone Akane is having sex with Ryoga and is banned from his school and he moves out. He follows Ryoga to Jurai where he is grabbed by Misaki and almost forced into being engaged to Sasami, instead agreeing to be a bodyguard for her. He finds out he is the illegitimate son of a noble who banished his mother to earth where she lost her memory and became Nodoka, Ranma is devastated he couldn't have an actual loving mother. (Tenchi Muyo Crossover)

Ranma's Ascension - mikebreslau . Link
Kami-Sama is bored so he plans to make Ranma a god just for fun. Ranma gets a wish and wishes for the power and ability to solve all his problems, but his problems are so vast that only godhood could solve them. He becomes the god of martial arts and goddess of changes. His first act as god is to propose to Akane, then he works to help the delusional and weird people around him such as Kuno and Hinako as he works to untangle the chaos of his life. Akane and Shampoo are given Senshi like powers and use them to fight Youma better and easier than the Senshi, embarrassing them. (Ah! My Goddess, Sailor Moon Crossovers)

RDF Life - Weebee . Link
Roy Fokker damaged the city and either has to pay a fine or look after a kid, Ranma Saotome. Due to complaints of child abuse, children's aid want to take seventeen year old Ranma away from his father and place him with Roy. Ranma meets his friend Hiroshi and Roy persuades them to join the RDF as pilots. After a funny training period, they are assigned to skull squadron. Aliens attack, Ranma and Hiroshi fight them off and everyone is zapped into space. Ranma manages to use his chi to manipulate the Veritech's power source and shoot a huge amount of energy out of the lasers destroying a large enemy ship. Ranma continues to use chi to defeat the enemy and even manages to train Roy in how to use it as they battle there way home, while Ryoga pops up occasionally and makes a nuisance of himself. Ranma gets home and finds Akane married to Kuno thanks to Soun who sold his daughter. Sequel RDF Life, The Tiger Chronicles (Robotech/Macross Crossover)

Ripples of a Chaotic Pebble - Gaming Ikari . Link
Ranma decides to use the Nanban mirror to go back in time and fix the problems from his failed marriage, however the mirror is cracked and it takes him to the moon kingdom where he kills a Youma about to attack princess Serenity. He vanishes again, reappearing in a city still on the moon he is attacked by sailor Pluto and the mirror shatters beyond repair. He is arrested and taken to the queen where he finds the girl he rescued 30 years ago. Ranma causes chaos with the Senshi that amuses the queen and he is given back the mirror that will send him to differant times until his task is complete. (Sailor Moon Crossover)

Rune Soldier Ranma - Hung Nguyen . Link
The Amazon's have a wishing pendant that accidentally makes it's way to Ranma as he wishes he could start over without his problems. Ranma finds himself transported to a new world that resembled medieval Europe as a six year old with no curse, and none of his skills in the art, forcing him to retrain himself while an elf Celecia watches on, puzzled by his behavior and missing Ranma's achievements such as finally learning the breaking point. Ranma travels to the city Ohfun where he rescues a young mage in training from thugs refuses an offer to join the Guild of Magic. He saves several people with modern first aid and gains more interest in him until finally he joins. Years later he has learned much magic and decides to go adventuring. When he returns he helps out a group of girls who are treasure hunting and want to get into a ruin, only they are tomboys and wont listen to him when he tries to explain he had already raided the ruins years ago leading to him having to rescue them much to their disgust. One of the girls a priestess Melissa finds she is to serve a Hero and much to her disgust finds it is Ranma. They set out to find Ranma a new wand and end up saving an Elf village from an old rival. Later events include a sword fight with a Kuno wannabe, losing a darling jar full of gold and the Amazons traveling to his world. (Rune Soldier Crossover)

Saturn's Guardians - Fierkraag . Link
After Hotaru is turned into a baby the scouts don't find her and assume she's dead. Akane knocks Ranma into Juban and he decides he's had enough of the fiances so he decides to leave. He lands in the ruins of a school and is visited in his dreams by the Kami of Saturn who shows him Hotaru's life. Ranma agrees to become an avatar of Saturn's moon while the spirit of his curse will be another, together they will raise Hotaru and protect her from the outer Senshi who want her killed. Badly written but interesting. (Sailor Moon Crossover)

Shattered Back Together - Matthew Talbain . Link
Ranma is left alone in the dojo as everyone else goes to the beach. He is contacted by Urd who will grant him a wish, but after hearing his life story she is furiously angry on his behalf and he jokingly wishes he was a god so he could be her brother. The wish is granted and Ranma is taken to Kami-Sama to be given the choice of godhood. He accepts and meets his new family who train him and cure his Nekoken. He takes care of his past entanglements and finds Mara squatting in his new apartment leading to funny situations. (Ah! My Goddess Crossover)

Silence Guardian's Rebirth - Riko Tenachi . Link
In Ranma's past life he died trying to protect his girlfriend Pluto and his sister Saturn from being killed by an evil man craving the silence. In the present Ranma is having dreams of being the Guardian of silence and decides to move to Juban to be closer to his university. He moves into the Hikawa shrine where he fight some demons and is recognized by Setsuna and Hotaru. He regains his memories and fights his old foe, and Kasumi is also Setsuna reborn despite there still being a Setsuna guarding the time gates. (Sailor Moon Crossover)

Silver Soldier Ranma - Raynze76 . Link
Years ago Genma killed Ranma with the Nekoken when Admiral Takeshi Katsu of the Nemesis Space Fleet fights him for killing a child. Genma wakes up and knocks Takeshi out and using a age changing mushroom changes him to the same age as Ranma and takes him for his son. Years later Takeshi's computer Kiva finds him and awaken his memories, she gets the help of Washu to deal with Ranma's problems. Ranma cured of the Nekoken and enhanced by Washu learns that his real mother is alive and from Jurai, meanwhile he plans to deal with Nerima and help out the Senshi. (Sailor Moon, Tenchi Muyo, Gold Diggers crossovers)

Snake in the Horse's Shadow - Lord Raa . Link
Ranma and Genma listen to the guides warning and avoid the cursed pools, instead going to a temple of enlightenment. The temple turns out to be a ring transporter that takes them to a ship that takes them to it's former masters home. They spend years killing Goa'uld and trying to get home. Bra'tac contacts them and asks for help, in return he will speak to sg1 about allowing them to go home, Ranma agrees as Genma is getting old and worn out. Ranma sneaks aboard a ship headed for earth, blows one up and helps SG1 escape while destroying the other one. He and his Father meet with the Tendo's but only Kasumi is single and she is put off by the secretive man she meets. Ranma helps out when Sam is taken over by Joilinar and persuades Kasumi to blend with her. (Star Gate SG1 Crossover)

Splitting hears - Jeffrey Vasquez . Link
Yosho refuses to take over the throne of Jurai so his grandsons must take over instead. Tenchi is rejected so Yosho turns to the family of his other daughter who he disowned, Nodoka. Ranma makes a bad impression, going into the Nekoken and his curse activating. (Tenchi Muyo Crossover)

Sun and Space - Lord Strife . Link
Ranma and Akane go to stay with Ranma's cousin Rei in Juban where they also meet Akane's cousin Ami. While out shopping there is a Youma attack which Ranma takes care of easily shocking the Senshi, however a new powerful enemy from the past shows up forcing Ranma and Akane to remember their past lives and transform into Sailor Sun and Sailor Vesta. Vesta is a male Senshi. (Sailor Moon Crossover)

Tales of Ranma and Achika - Pug . Link
Ranma is tired of the Fiance mess and Nodoka notices, thus she breaks the engagements and banishes Ranma form the Saotome clan freeing him to do whatever he likes. He sets out to find a cure, heading to the Masaki shrine as a possible location. There he meets Achika, daughter of Katsuhito and they quickly become friends. Kain, an evil being from the future travels to the past to wipe out Tenchi's parents so Tenchi and his girls travel into the past to save Achika and Ranma and defeat Kain. Ranma uses Achika's Power to defeat him and almost dies, only saved by Tsunami who grafts a tree seed to his body making him Achika's tree and they can live a lot longer. (Tenchi Muyo Crossover)

The Black Paw - Ice-Tea-1983 . Link
Ranma joins the science club after being challenged and finds he has a talent for creating things, inventing spring powered engine. Happosai cursed him into becoming a were cat and Kuno banishes him to Jade. There he rescues damsels, defeats bandits and builds his own car in a world where technology is outlawed. After being arrested and escaping he meets the diggers family and returns with them to earth. Genma is a wanted man and desperate for Ranma's money so Ranma returns to Japan to protect his mother. He builds ki limiters for Genma and catches him. He is granted a reward and chooses a plot of land which he builds a house. His plans are stolen and he teams up with Kim possible to get them back. Plus more stuff. (Gold Diggers, Kim Possible Crossovers)

The Light Hawk War - Chaos Lord . Link
Everyone gangs up on Ranma and he snaps into the Nekoken. Worried the he is a monster after hurting everyone, he leaves to seek a way to control it. Outside a shrine he is attacked by Taro and almost killed, he was saved by Mihoshi. A blood transfusion from Tenchi turns him into a Juraian and he stays with him to learn control of his new powers. Tsunami helps him overcome his fear of cats and he gains the true power of Nekoken. Tokimi is planning destruction, and only Ranma, Tenchi's team and the Sailor Senshi teamed together can stop her. (Tenchi, Sailor Moon Crossover)

The Phantom and The Silence - Dark phoneix . Link
Happosai is disappointed in both Genma and Soun and chucks them out of his school, finding a baby girl called Hotaru with large ki potential to train to be his heir instead. Genma develops his own martial arts the yamasenken and the umisenken into a formidable style and trains Ranma. 16 years later Ranma meets Hotaru and they quickly become friends, enjoying a nice even fight much to Happosai and Genma's disgust. (Sailor Moon Crossover)

The Reborn - Innortal . Link
A Ryoga from a parallel dimension slips some age reducing mushrooms onto Ranma's plate turning both Ranma and Nabiki into little kids. Enemies come out of the woodwork wanting a piece of them both so they run away. Setsuna finds them and tells them they are reincarnated from the silver millennium and she needs them to watch over but not interfere with the other Senshi. They become friends with them all while keeping their Senshi identity secret and when the times right, Solaris Knight and Sailor Nemesis arrive to the rescue. (Sailor Moon Crossover.)

Tsukimaonichuan: Spring of Drowned Moon Cat - Innortal . Link
Ranma falls into spring of drowned moon cat and is picked up by Pluto to train Minako into being Sailor Venus, however Minako is boy crazy and loves having her own hunky boyfriend. Ranma helps out in her fight by posing as Omega Knight. Artemis is picked up by Kasumi who mistakes him for Ranma, Genma angers him and the small cat buries him and Soun. Akane jumps to the conclusion that she is a magical girl and forces Artemis to make her one, he produces three henshin pens and is horrified that the Tendo daughters are minor Senshi as well. Ranma and Minako move to Japan and Ranma is soon chased by many others including the other Senshi, Luna and the Amazons. (Sailor Moon Crossover)

Tsunami - SJiriki . Link
Tsunami is lonely when Ranma literally drops into her life. She saves Ranma from the lake and in repayment wants Ranma's life story. They become fast friends and she gives Ranma a method of teleporting to her so they can continue their friendship. Nodoka learns of this and Cologne tells her Tsunami is evil and Ranma must marry all his fiances to fight back. Ranma feels betrayed and kills himself after shunting a lot of power into subspace, he is reborn as a godlike being and marries Tsunami. (Tenchi Muyo Crossover)

Unnamed Master - Sierra-Falls . Link
Failing to save Akane after defeating Saffron, Ranma releases the last of his ki to kill himself and ends up transported into the pokemon world. A Electabuz tries to shock him and Ranma ends up absorbing his powers. He then learns control of the NekoKen from a Meowth, becoming sort of friends. He becomes known to the wild pokemon as a trainer who will improve their skills and not capture them. He also encounters an Amazon village who fight using Pokemon instead and he bargains to escape any marriage challengers. (Pokemon Crossover)

Wednesday's Child - Tail Kinker . Link
Akane is killed by terrorists so Ranma joins the JSDF to protect others from them, he does so well that he is recruited by the marines. During a furlough she meets Misa the daughter of her ship captain and makes friends but the captain objects and sends her squad on a dangerous mission when the mission is interrupted by a ship falling to earth and causing a tsunami. Ranma is sent into the ship and finds it was used by male giants at war with female giants. He is offered a career change to pilot. A few years later he transferred to Macross and tests the new Veritech designs. Years later aliens invade and Macross is stuck in space fighting to get home. (Robotech/Macross Crossover)

When Blue Clashed With Blue - Lady Rinehart . Link
Ranma and Usagi both run away, they meet each other and decide to take a ship to America. Usagi's friends and family abandoned her and threw her out, believing she isn't the true princess. Ranma had gotten fed up of the fiance mess and a new attempt to force him to marry Akane. They fall through a portal to the DBZ world where they are trained by the Saiyans. When they return they travel around America killing monsters being sent after them. (Sailor Moon Crossover.)

World of Change - mchambli . Link
Ranma travels with his mother to Macross island to meet his uncle Roy Fokker. He sees an old friend Minmei and gets reacquainted, when the island is attacked by aliens. He and Minmei are rescued by Rick and then Roy and taken to the SDF-1 when it takes off and executes a space fold leaving them in space past Pluto. Ranma works to rebuild Macross but is upset that Minmei is missing, he has a dream and knows where to find her and sets out to rescue her. Later Ranma is persuaded to join the RDF and become a pilot, fighting his way home. He has many misadventures with the XO Lisa, calling her a tomboy and getting called a pervert. When he finally returns to Earth, he finds he had been declared dead and Akane married a martial artist named Alex Satori. He is heartbroken and returns to RDF-1, with Nabiki tagging along. Lisa gradually feels for Ranma and they slowly get together while fighting the Zentraedi threat. (Robotech/Macross Crossover)

Wrong Place, Wrong Time - Innortal  . Link
Ranma is in Juban when he helps out Sailor moon and is photographed. Everyone overreacts and his mother is on the news claiming Ranma got Moon pregnant, not helped by many funny situations making moon seem more pregnant and with Ranma leading to a forced wedding. Meanwhile everybody thinks Tuxedo mask is gay and Mamoru's denial of that makes him homophobic and gets him arrested. (Sailor Moon Crossover.)



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