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Not Girly
(This page was never really deleted, I just removed the links to the page. It's back because why not and it's now split between crossovers and normal)
A few of my favorite stories that don't involve Ranma spending a large amounts of time as a girl or even require that he has a girl curse. This page is totally separate from the others and as such wont be updated on the home page. This page isn't a priority for me, just a bit of fun.

A.B.C.D.E.F.G.H.I.J.K.L.M.N.O.P.Q.R.S.T.U.V.W.X.Y.Z s

A Change of Scene - karaohki . Link
Ranma and Akane are ready for college and to give each other up, despite each unknowingly loving the other. Shampoo tries to break them up with spices, but Ranma gently hits her hand away in anger causing Cologne to dissolve the marriage. At collage they are harassed by Kodachi, Ukyo has moved her restaurant nearby and Ranma's roommate has fallen in love with Shampoo. When they get married Ukyo cant take it and tries to kill Akane while Mousse is dangerously obsessed with Shampoo. Nodoka makes things worse by trying to make Ukyo a mistress, damaging her sanity even more.

All The Small Things - Slacker . Link
The Senshi learn of a new threat and Ranma runs away from home, he'd been having blackouts where he did stuff he normally cant. He got on a train for Juban and was attacked by a Youma. The Senshi fight it badly and Nemesis steps in and kills it. The outers arrive and attack the threatening black clad man, who easily stops them. Ranma wakes up not remembering what happened and makes his way to the outers house where he had been offered a place to live. Sailor Nemesis helps out more, and Ranma finally learns who he is. (Sailor Moon Crossover)

A Promise Redeemed - pspinler . Link
Ranma was too late in saving Akane from Saffron so returns home in defeat to tell the Tendo's and then end his life. Nabiki stops him and forces him to promise to live and learn how to save lives so they go to medical school to become doctors with Ranma allowing himself to be a guinea pig as they study his curse, in exchange for admission. After graduating they join an emergency disaster team, becoming very skilled and saving lives. On vacation a disaster nearly kills him as he tries to save a town, Nabiki forces him to admit his feelings and they get together.

A Stitch in Time - Michael Fetter . Link
After Ranma falls into the spring part of his mind is sent into Kumiko Tendo's head in the past every time he turns into a girl and is returned when she changes back. Ranma gets to know her over several trips and is their when she finds out she is pregnant with Kasumi, giving birth to Nabiki and pregnant with Akane. Ranma visits a few more times and is upset when Kumiko dies while his body is visiting the Tendo's. Kimiko is in Ranma's head this time and she gets to see her family all grown up, she has control over the body and it transforms into her giving her one last chance to say goodbye.

Banishment actually isn't so bad - VFSNAKE . Link
After the failed wedding, Ranma is hospitalized by Akane and then banished due to everyone else's dishonorable actions. Ranma joins the Amazons and is trained. Years later Ranma returns during a martial arts match and easily defeats Akane while putting the word out to everyone Genma ever stole or made a deal with where he is, Nabiki gets taken over by the Yakuza. The Tendo's and Saotome's are torn apart and Ranma finally receives justice.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place - Zen . Link
After a big fight with Akane, Ranma is upset and wonders around Nerima. A truck swerves to dodge Ryoga piglet and hits Ranma. He is sent into a coma in which he has to climb his way to the top of a cliff with weak fragile hand holds and fighting his enemies on every ledge while not falling off into a bottomless pit. Outside Ranma's dreams everyone is upset by his injuries and Spend time sitting by his bedside hoping he'll wake up. Akane is convinced he wanted to die because of her, and is miserable. When Ranma escapes his dreams and wakes up he is assisted in his recovery by his fiances.

Blind - Magnus DeWinter . Link
Ryoga blinds Ranma in a fight and Ranma's family abandon him. He meets a girl called Himeno who takes him in and gets him to play bass guitar for her and they form a band, eventually winning a battle of the bands competition. They open a club with their own house band and Ranma beats Ryoga using his ki to see, telling his old family to get lost.

Can't Go Home Again - Innortal . Link
When the Tendo fiance is switched to Nabiki, Akane angrily mouths off at school and the fiances misunderstand and vow to kill Nabiki. Ranma defends her against them all and their jealous suitors and the Kuno's getting injured in the process. They move to Juban into a dojo and hide out, where Ranma falls for Nabiki and they get married having two children. They've been away for five years and now feel ready to return to Nerima to deal with them once and for all.

Change of life -PeTiTe RaNkO . Link
Nodoka dies when Ranma is one so Genma starts training him early. At five years old Genma abandons him to train on his own, stealing his food, money and a letter from Nodoka that he really wants to read. He travels from dojo's to monasteries on his own learning all he can and moving on when finished. He helps Akane after injuring herself and Soun offers to train him as well, he agrees and he and Akane become great friends, sending letters to each other when he leaves. When he returns he had met Genma at Jusenkyo and been cursed to turn into a girl, but he and Akane are still friends and they slowly get closer.(Good Story, badly written)

Coin Toss - Yelroc . Link
Ranma gets fed up with his wreck of a life and stops fighting back with Akane. He tries to sort out the problems in his life by negotiating peace with Ryoga and getting Genma to promise to allow him to make his own decisions. Akane assumes Ranma is trying to cancel her engagement and gets mad. He asks the Tendo's if any of them will marry him, none do therefore he leaves. He pays Ukyo off to cancel her engagement, teaches Mousse how to defeat Shampoo and teaches martial arts at a temple. Nabiki asks him to return so he moves his teaching to the dojo but Akane still treats him badly. Ryoga is given cures for the curse but Happosai interferes and Akane gets curse, Ranma uses the last on Ryoga curing him. Nabiki tries to gain Ranma's affection and Akane realizes she likes him, so Ranma ends up loving them both. They all get pregnant but Ranma loses her baby in a fight with Happosai so she trains to kill him. After Happosai's death Ranma settle happily into family life with his newborn children.


Deserted - Kayko . Link . Sequel
Ranma and Akane become shipwrecked on a island and lose there memory of meeting, allowing them to get to know one another without all the past history interfering. A year later they are found and return home, not remembering any of the other fiances or rivals and Akane is pregnant. They have to get to know everyone again and get back into their lives while dealing with pregnancy and eventually their daughter is born. Ukyo and Ryoga have also gotten together and they have twins, the kids grow up together.

Do It - Snafu the Great . Link
After reading many fics with a manipulative and money grubbing Nabiki Tendo, this fic is like a breath of fresh air. After the ruined wedding Ranma is furious and refuses to speak to anybody and ignores all attempts to give him food. He stops holding back when ever somebody attacks him and even stops Akane's mallet. When Nodoka holds his honor over him one time too many, he prepares to commit seppeku, when Nodoka tears up the contract. Nabiki takes advantage of him one too many times so he grabs her by the hair and flings her out the window, just catching her arm. She cries for help but nobody will help her for what she has done to them. (Fave scene, cant stop laughing like a maniac.) Too embarrassed to stay, she transfers to another school and tries her usual tricks on the wrong couple and is beaten up severely, the couple in question are well liked, good martial artists and Ranma's friends. Akane is mad that Ranma caused Nabiki to be beaten so challenges him, loser can never practice the art again. She loses, yet still attacks Ranma, thus proving how honorless the Tendo's really are.

Genma's Journal - Thrythlind . Link
Nabiki finds Genma's journal in which he describes how he is using everyone to mould Ranma such as using Nabiki to betray him and show he cant depend on anyone. He set up the rivals to keep Ranma sharp despite how many lives he was ruining. He also hates Kasumi for making Ranma soft. The journal is passed around and everyone wants to kill the panda.

Growing Pains - Shirh Khan . Link
Ranma and Ryoga fight and Ryoga accidentally kills a young mother with his typical carelessness. Ranma promises to look after her baby and Akane jumps to the wrong conclusion thinking Ranma had been cheating on her and breaks the engagement. Ranma leaves to protect his new daughter getting a job in a dojo and a new flat. He tries to get his daughter enrolled in day care and has to stop a crashing car from hitting the children.


Handed on a Silver Platter - grookill . Link
Akane isn't picked to take part in the school play and she is depressed, refusing to talk to Ranma. Happosai takes the fathers on a training trip. Ranma is worried about Akane, afraid he did something wrong. Nabiki is persuaded to teach him how to study. Nabiki slowly gets closer to him while Akane gets more jealous and angry. Ranma asks Nabiki to take photos of her so she can defeat Happosai, Kuno gives her a silver plate which she gives Nabiki. The plate shows Nabiki Ranma's reflection. After Kasumi and Nabiki get mad at the fathers for pushing the wedding again, Kasumi reveals Akane isn't the only Tendo interested. Ranma and Nabiki start a business collecting old stuff and reselling it, getting them into trouble with the Italian mob. They make a lot of money, but a mistake in the bank leads the government to believe they are married.

Memories And Flowers - brown phantom . Link
Akane hits Ranma away and he hits his head. He no longer remembers Akane at all and believes Kasumi is his fiance. He treats her nicely, helps her out around the house and takes her out on dates. They solve the other fiance's and grow to love each other. Akane is mad that she's lost her property but he refuses to let her hit him. She gets madder and more depressed until the wedding when she tries to kill them both, ending up in a hospital insane.

Mistaken Identity - MZephyr . Link
During a fight with Pantyhose Taro, Genma is injured and needs blood. Ranma's blood is checked but he has a different blood type to Nodoka and Genma proving he isn't their son. His family had died in an earthquake when he was seven along with the original Ranma. He is lost, not knowing who he is and wanting nothing to do with Genma who had tortured him in the name of training. All the engagements are null, except for Akane who still loves him and Shampoo due to amazon laws. He trains Akane to defeat her and revoke the kiss of marriage.

Much Ado About Kasumi - Valk the Talk . Link
Kasumi is worried about Akane's treatment of Ranma and when she accidentally walks in on Ranma in the bath she faints. Akane thinks Ranma is doing something perverted and attacks. Ranma stops her to protect Kasumi who had a fever. Ranma looks after her against Akane's protests. They get to know each other and find they both have masks, her as oblivious and him as the dumb jock. They agree to drop their masks and work to get a medical degree. Nodoka arrives and is disappointed in Akane's treatment of Ranma and so the Tendo engagement is switched to Kasumi with her and Ranma's permission.

Muliplicity - mikebreslau . Link
On a year long training trip Ranma improves and creates many techniques including the Amazons technique splitting cat hairs which he improves to split himself into multiple solid versions of himself all sharing one brain but acting independently, and finally full control over his curse and body allowing him to change into anything or anyone. When he returns he has four bodies all acting independently and each fiance gets a Ranma. Ranma takes them on several dates and realizes he needs money so starts his own demolition company. Over time Ranma realizes he's too powerful for any of his fiances to be happy with him.

Nabiki’s Honor - Cloud Dreamer . Link
Ranma works extremely hard to succeed in school to Prove he is not like his father and make Akane proud to be with him, but Akane betrayed him and fell in love with another man who she marries. Ranma commits suicide, and many years later a regretful Nabiki gets her wish granted that she could have prevented it. Nabiki back in time stops Ranma from suicide and convinces him to marry her instead. They go to university together and Nabiki gets pregnant. Ukyo takes it badly so they marry her to Ranma's girl form. When Ukyo dies from childbirth, Ranma changes his studies to medicine so he can help others. He takes a break with Nabiki and they use some instant curse powder to change roles and Ranma gets pregnant instead. (Story not quite finished, parts are still rough notes before returning to proper descriptive story.)

Neko No - TeW . Link
As Ranma gets older the Nekoken gets stronger until he can no longer keep it at bay and get Akane and Tofu to help him kill himself. Akane uses a shard of the Nanban mirror to time travel and stop Genma from teaching Ranma the evil technique as well as jumping several more times to stop Ranma getting more fiance's and the curse. She wakes up as her 16 year self just about to meet Ranma who recognizes her and they get engaged.

One Trick Pony - beartooth . Link
Ranma hears his friends calling him a one trick pony and finds out what it means, he tries to find out how to not be one and live a happy life when he and Kasumi are sucked into another world with no living creatures and only Ranma producing Ki into the world and stopping it from being eaten by monsters. They are stuck and have to learn to read Chinese to find a solution in the Amazon archives, learning many other things along the way. They spend years looking through the information from the Amazons learning new techniques until they finally find a way home. The others are shocked when Ranma announces they are married and don't take it well, so they move back to their old home when stuck in the other world. Sequel A Team of Wild Horses

Out of Sight, Out of Mind - Turbanator . Link
Nabiki wakes up to find her Family and anyone who knew Ranma had totally forgotten him, while everyone else still kept their memories. She investigates trying to find how and why he disappeared. Photos and other physical evidence had all been taken, including the Seppeku contract and honor blade. Ranma's mother no longer knows she has a son. He faked his death which almost caught Nabiki but she realizes that the only way he could keep his honor and life was to be dead to everyone else. She travels to China visiting Jusenkyo, Herb and Kirin, gets attacked by Ryoga, visits Toma on Togenkyo island and visits Shinnosuke in Ryugenzawa. With all the puzzle pieces she returns to Nerima, to find it in it's own enclosed ice age. Ranma clears the ice and disappears. Nabiki tries to find him again and runs into Ryu Kumon who tells her where Ranma went after he healed her. Nabiki finally finds Ranma and finds out the truth.


Pride Comes Before The Fall - Snafu the Great . Link
Due to Ryoga and Mousse interfering in a fight against Herb, Ranma's curse was locked and she was disowned. She snapped and tried to kill Genma, injuring the rest of her family as well. She plots her revenge on the honorless cowards who tossed her aside. While she is in China destroying the Musk and the Amazons, Nerima had turned on the Tendo's for abandoning Ranma who had saved and helped many of them. Their personal hell had begun, each member of the family are targeted in a specific way meant to do the most damage without killing them.

Proper Punishment - Tom Wrensch . Link
Akane is mad when Ranma says her cookies aren't the best. Yuka tries to calm her down but gets malleted. Ranma asks Kasumi and finds Akane used to be really bad before he came. He is persuaded what Akane needs is proper punishment for being bad and he has to dish it out as everyone else is too weak to defend against her temper. Slowly the punishments work and Akane calms down, bringing them closer together.

Ranma's Decision - kayemsi . Link
Ranma's had enough and decides to sort the engagements out. He Refuses Shampoos claim, gets Ukyo adopted as his sister and breaks the engagement with the Tendo's so they can be friends. He trains Ukyo and Akane before they both leave to separate collages. When Akane graduates the Tendo's are shocked to find Ranma with her and two babies. Ranma went trough sympathy pregnancy and is able to breast feed the babies. Ranma had registered as a girl to escape the fiances, so she was stuck as a girl for at least half the time. They had gone on dates, engaged and finally married. They return to Nerima and everyone else is paired off/

Ranma's Horrible Secret - Jack Staik . Link
The Tendo's learn something about Ranma making them very upset for him and very guilty for what they have done too him. Nabiki Mallets her father for thinking Ranma had upset them. The girls try to protect him from everything including his father, they are very emotional and confuses the hell out of him. He hides under Kasumi's bed scared that pod people had replaced Akane and Nabiki and were coming for him next. (hilariously funny)

Realization - Eric Oh . Link
Ryoga fights Ranma and Akane blames Ranma for picking on Ryoga and attacks him one too many times. Ranma realizes that Akane hates him, that she must know about Ryoga and used the pet excuse to keep her lover close. He decides to leave, but Akane catches up to him. He explains how he thinks she hates him and loves Ryoga, she is devastated and finally realizes what a scum bag Ryoga really is. She finally convinces him she loves him so they finally get married.

Right Moments - Judah . Link
Just after the failed wedding Ranma hears a question, what would you do if tomorrow never came? He decides to live each day as if they are his last and just enjoy it. Happosai hears and decides to give Ranma what he wants, putting him into a time loop, repeating the same day over and over until he gets it perfect. He learns new techniques and. improves his skills to defeat Happosai, learns about his Fiance's and friends and how to keep them happy while solving his problems.

Slight Detour - E-Type . Link
Ranma had been married to Kasumi and away from the dojo for two years when they were attacked by Happosai. Having beat him, Ranma accidentally catches the Nanban mirror that fell out of his pocket and a electric attack hits it sending Ranma and Kasumi into the past before they met. Kasumi decides to take the engagement straightaway and Ranma plans how to solve the problems before they begin.

Something's Fishy Here - Jack Staik . Link
After getting punted into the koi pond Ranma and mousse imagine that the pond has had as many cursed people fall into it as Jusenkyo and that maybe the koi are cursed. They dry a few out and are surprised when identical fishy smelling copies of them appear on the ground. They make it appear as if Mousse killed Ranma so he can claim Shampoo. Ranma uses copies to get Kuno arrested, Ukyo to stop being his fiance, frame Ryoga for murdering P-Chan, Make Nodoka think Genma and Ranko's dead and if she sees another Genma then its a vampire and must be killed. Very funny story.

State of Mine - Shall-Iin . Link
Kasumi thinks Ranma has the emotional development of a little boy and Akane thinks his father may have damaged his head, as he has no feelings of arousal at all except in girl form. Dr Tofu is told and he organizes some tests to find out, including a gynecologist. Akane is proved right and an operation to remove the bone shards of his skull is undertaken. Everyone is given orders that they cant fight Ranma or they will be arrested. Ranma quickly recovers and knows he loves Akane, struggling hard to control his new feelings and physical reactions. He outs Ryoga as he realizes he was wrong to not tell Akane and Ryoga is forced to leave. Ranma comforts Akane and there relationship goes to the next level.

Stellarcraft - Eric Warner . Link
Ranma finds an amulet in Genma's pack that Shampoo recognizes. He leaves it with Ukyo and Shampoo shows him another just like the first. The amulets send Ranma and Ukyo to a nexus where they join lives and share memories becoming one. A being separates them and cures Ranma's curse. When they return home Ranma and Ukyo are deeply in love but their joining had gained the attention of evil beings intent on total destruction, they need four amulets to wake a warrior to fight them and must get them from the amazons.

Sweeter than Honey - Digitize27 . Link
After a good morning helping Kasumi, Ranma's day rapidly gets worse with violent fiance's and their suitors attacking and his parents proving useless at helping him emotionally. His only bright spark is cooking with Kasumi. He makes an effort to be nice and learn in school but Akane gets angrier, going ballistic when Ranma gives Kasumi a day off. After a recommendation from a psychiatrist, Ranma goes on holiday, taking Kasumi along for the break at a resort. When they return, Nodoka changes the engagement to Kasumi. They date and grow to love each other, finally getting married years later.

The Art of Justice - Ms Spooky1 . Link
Having been betting when Ranma would finally crack and explode, everybody was still surprised when it happened. Genma was frightened into a polar bear, Nodoka was shocked into a scream pose. Somehow Ranma had tricked them into signing a seppeku contract stating they had to be good parents, and was happily practicing the daki-kubi or beheading. (Funny revenge fic on Genma and Nodoka)

The Education of Ranma - Dane17 . Link
Ranma gets an offer from the Great School of Martial Abilities, Genma had signed permission for them to train Ranma years before. Sensei Chan challenges Genma for the right to train Ranma and ends up beating Genma, Soun and Happosai. His school is full of girls and he is informed that they will help him get over his weakness of not fighting girls, as well as his fear of cats and lack of other skills.

The Least One Can Do - Jeffrey "OneShot" Wong . Link
After being malleted by Akane into another district, a girl called Shori helps Ranma out of the fountain she had fallen into. They become fast friends and Ranma-Chan visits often. Ranma-Kun introduces himself to her and they become friends as well, gradually falling for each other. After fighting Happosai, Ranma's curse is revealed to Shori's friends. Ranma tells Shori, who feels betrayed and tells Ranma she cant trust him anymore. Devastated Ranma runs away and takes a boat to China to cure his curse, making friends along the way. Shori realizes her mistake when she finds Ranma's letter and does everything to find him. (Really good story, but in script format.) A collection of other much smaller stories by this author can be downloaded here.

To Tell a Hawk From a Handsaw - N. Reynolds . Link
After Nodoka's first visit, Ranma realizes everyone was just controlling him like a puppet so he decides to act insane to catch them off guard and unable to find his controls. He claims fiances cant be friends as they demand something from him, he looks around for his parents and finds a wind sock that seemed fathers being a big bag of air. Genma and sound try to get him declared insane but the government claims he's abused and sends restraining orders to stop him from getting attacked. Nodoka try's to see him but the government refuse as she is a bad parent. Ranma threatened the Amazons with destruction if they took him so Cologne calls off the kisses. Over all life is finally looking up for Ranma and several others are getting punished for there wrongdoings concerning him.

When Bakas Learn - bluefurball . Link
Ranma notices that Happosai wont touch Nabiki and realizes that He's scared of her because she has information, therefore Ranma needs information too. He spends a week scaring his class by being attentive. Knowledge is power, so he must be observant and curious to gain power. He uses this thought process to watch out for new moves and copy them rather than waiting to be taught. He spends a week working out how to enhance his senses, seeing sound, feeling light, viewing from miles away, and starts learning

When You Wish Upon a Sword - Metroanime . Link
After Ranma gains Kuno's wishing sword he argues with Nabiki about wishes, saying she would just be greedy. She turns that on him and he realizes that when he help someone he also does it for himself as well making him like her. Trying to think of something unselfish he can do for others, he wishes that his friends have their mothers back but he must give up some of his life force to jump start their lives. Nodoka hears his weak cries for help as she's passing and finds her son who she takes home. The Tendo's believe Ranma died fulfilling the wish and Dr Tofu is advising everyone to go on vacation.

Yuki - Doctor Emmit Brown . Link
Ranma and Akane find an abandoned baby while out shopping and take her home after contacting the police. The orphanages are full so they have to take care of her, they name her Yuki. The challenges of taking care of a baby bring them closer together, meanwhile everyone else are constantly jumping to conclusions about who's baby Yuki is.



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