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More girly than normal Crossovers
Ranma seems to spend more time as a girl than he usually would, he is temporarily locked or he just acts more feminine when in female form. She doesn't quite qualify for being entered into the Ranma-Chan section, but it would be a shame not to read them if you like female Ranma fics, as they usually almost feel like a Ranma-chan fic at times. Also features characters, worlds and situations from other series.

.Please report any broken or alternate links here.


A horse and His Cabbit - borg rabbit . Link
One of my favorite almost Ranma chan stories, Ranma falls into the spring of drowned girl and supposedly finds a dragon egg. The Amazons brainwash him and lock him in female form in order to control the egg. The egg is a Cabbit, and since it was in the pool Ranma becomes a Cabbit as well. (Tenchi Muyo Crossover.)

A New Beginning - Lerris . Link
Ranma is losing against Saffron so as a last resort he merges with the spirit of his girl curse giving him the magical skills needed to defeat him, but the mountain collapses and they fall into waters filled with magic that is killing them. He ties there lives together to save Akane and sends a magical message that the Senshi receive and they are rescued. They are judged worthy and are made Senshi in order to cure them and fight a major threat. Ranma and Akane work together to get rid of the fiances, learn more martial arts and find more allies against the coming darkness such as the Amazons, Yosho and Ryoko. (Sailor Moon, Tenchi Muyo Crossover.)

A New Life - Thrythlind . Link
Nabiki finds a potion in a magic shop that might cure Ranma, but she is warned it was only designed for women. Nabiki tries it and nothing happens so she gives it to Ranma. Ranma changes to a girl and rapidly becomes pregnant, giving birth to a baby girl hours later. Ranma and Nabiki leave with Ranma's baby Midori. Midori grows up fast and they need a place to stay, they find a nice house with a roommate who happens to be Keichi's sister and the goddess who are helping her move in are surprised that three god's and goddesses are moving in. Ranma and Nabiki are shocked to find they are divinity. (Ah! My Goddess Crossover.)

Another Day of Private School - stbays . Link
Nodoka has a dream that Ranma teaching in a dojo would be bad for him, but in a school would be good. She uses a special incense to increase Ranma's intelligence, making him the smartest in the school and capable of teaching. He tries to get a job teaching at Seitow Sannomiya Private School but they don't hire men. He decides to use his curse form to get the job instead, meanwhile another man had the same idea to get the PE position and dressed as a woman but lacked the curse. Akane finds strange mushrooms under her bed and Kasumi eats one turning into a thirteen year old. Soun decides to send her to school so she can have her childhood back, she just happens to go to Ranma's school. (I My Me! Strawberry Eggs Crossover.)

Back to Elementary School - Dumbledork . Link
Ranma is stuck as a young boy after Ryoga destroys the aging mushrooms so he runs away to find doc Tofu. He rescues a little girl and gets hit by a truck instead. She wakes up from the dead, having been revived by a perverted scientist woman who loves little girls and is persuaded that she has to stay in order for her to be cured. Ranma is sent to the local elementary school where she makes friends with the girl she saved, causing hilarious consequences. (Ichinensei ni Nacchattara Crossover.)

Betrayal's Reward - Trugeta . Link
Ranma is framed by Kodachi for a murder in America. She is locked away in a top security facility Ryker's island. While there she gets a symbiote like venom. She escapes and the symbiote changes her appearance allowing her to hide in plain view while she plots to get revenge on her family who had abandoned her during her murder trial. She and occasionally he enjoy fighting the bad guys and even becomes friends with the Spider Man. (Spider Man Crossover.)

Blessings in Disguise - Inuyasha-loves-Hanyou-Kagome . Link
Genma is scared of Ukyo's father and flees to China early. They get the same curses but a little girl is nearly the same as a little boy so Ranma hardly notices and spends most of his time growing up as a girl. She makes friends with Ryoga who Genma engages her to and they both fall into a coma and learn from Goku and Vegeta how to fight. When they wake up Ranma continues the training journey. At the Tendo's Ranma declines the engagement and ends up beating Happosai, who gains revenge by feeding mermaid meat to the family. Instead of dying, they unlock their demon bloodlines. Ranma is ecstatic to learn she is engaged to Ryoga. (Dragon Ball Z Crossover.)

Chaos Bender - Konsaki . Link
Ranma interrupts Ryoga performing a spell to cure himself which flings them both to another world. Ryoga's directional curse is cured and the Jusenkyo curse copied from Ranma. They find a village but the curse is revealed and they think they are demons so they are chased out. They find out they need to find the Avatar who might get them back to their own world so they fight back against the invading Fire Nation while looking for him. They spend most of their time as girls due to lack of easily accessible water and peoples reactions to the change. (Avatar: The Last Air Bender Crossover.)

Charon & Sharing - Crescent Pulsar . Link
Chibi-Usa tricks Ryoga into giving a time key to Ranma in order to get Ranma to meet Pluto at the gates of time and take her position as Sailor Charon and guard the gates as well. This is to save Ranma from death at the hands of his fiances in the future. Ranma was shown this future and he has to act the same in order to motivate Chibi-Usa to travel back in time to try and save him. (Sailor Moon Crossover.)

Desperately Seeking Ranma - PixelWriter1 . Link
After the failed wedding Ranma and Kasumi vanished and everyone, mostly Nabiki spent two and a half years looking for them. She finds them by spotting a dead zone of demon activity that demons and magical girls fear to cross. Ranma had learnt full control of ki and magic, is now a grandmaster and has taught Kasumi to a high level and married her. Akane had grown more angry and psychopathic and the fathers finally started teaching. Ranma and Kasumi own an apartment building gifted them by Happosai and tell Nabiki what they've been up to, including Ranma helping magical girls donning the uniform, and going to school as a girl. Ranma and Kasumi have many identities, one of which they use to beat down stupid magical girls who cause massive damage, stupid Senshi. (Sequel to Aftermath) (Sailor Moon Crossover.)

Destiny's Child - Fire . Link . Link2
In the late 16th century Genma took Ranma to Jusenkyo. Genma turned into a panda and warm water changed him back, Ranma changed into a young girl and only boiling water would change her back. Also Ranma's cursed form never ages, so she had to watch her wife Akane grow old and die. She traveled the world for 400 years and ends up back in japan under the name Tomoe Hotaru were a being called Mistress Nine will slowly cure her curse. (Sailor Moon Crossover.)

Different Colors - Ellen Kuhfeld . Link . Link2
Ranma follows Ryoga and gets lost in America. He gets hit with water and changes into a girl in front of a were rabbit. The rabbit Erica, is fascinated by the change and invites Ranma to a gathering of were's at a pub run by Bjorn. After an incident involving some were cats, Bjorn offers to train Ranma to control the neko-ken. Ranma learns about being a cat and how to accept his girl side. Later on he fights youma with the Nerima wrecking crew, and becomes allies with the Senshi (The Outlook, Sailor Moon Crossover.)


Eclipsed - Krahae . Link
Ranma unlocks memories of a past life where she was the Senshi of Earth and Queen Serenity was a ruler who took over by killing Senshi and replacing them with others loyal and brainwashed to follow her. Pluto had finally broken herself free from Serenities control and hooks up with Ranma wanting to be with her past lover. (Sailor Moon Crossover.)

Eezoon - Nabeshin Danbei Ayanami . Link
The Lord of Nightmares requests Kami-Sama to help stabilize her universe. She creates a powerful crystal that will elevate a person to godhood. Ranma is training to use magic, when he feels something. He looks, and finds the Senshi fighting a metal creature. He cant fight it, so he draws in power, unfortunately he cant shut off the draw. Kami-Sama notices and decides to give Ranma the crystal. Once elevated, Ranma is summoned to the other universe along with the Senshi by Lina Inverse. Ranma and the Senshi have a long adventure to save the world before returning. The Senshi become Ranma's priestesses. (Ah! My Goddess, Sailor Moon, Slayers Crossover.)

Fated Pasts, Chaotic Future - Konsaki . Link
Ranma marries Akane after sorting out the other fiances. They go to university together, staying with his Grandfather Hino and Cousin Rei. As they reach Juban, a daimon attacks the station and Ranma kills it in front of the Senshi. The Senshi are puzzled by Ranma killing the daimon, he and Akane look like people from their past life and they want answers. Happosai invades Juban and Ranma fights him off. Mamoru is convinced Ranma is his sister and the Senshi confront her, Ranma doesn't want to change into sailor terra but is tricked into it. Based on Lines of Destiny. (Sailor Moon Crossover.)

Genius and Ditz - Usagi-Hasano . Link
Dexter was fighting his nemesis Mandark when his sister Dee Dee is knocked into the springs. Dexter is killed soon after and reincarnates as Ranma who is very smart and a very good martial artist. He falls into Dee Dee's spring which turns him into a ditsy girl that is opposite of him. He loves playing with his inventions while she loves playing and fashion. (Dexters Laboratory, Power Puff Girls Z Crossover.)

Golden Lining - Cloud Dreamer . Link
Ranma finds out the fiances don't care about him and are just using him. Devastated, he leaves them behind for a new life in a different town where he hides as a girl from Nabiki. There he becomes friends with Futana and Futaba Shimeru and she starts to see life's golden linings. (Futaba-Kun Change Crossover.)

Hearts Healing - Sinom Bre . Link
Genma made Ranma believe he'll be a big disappointment to Nodoka so when he gets cursed, he believes she'll never accept him as a her so she runs away, feeling herself to be disowned. She makes her way to Nerima where she gets sick, she is treated by Dr Tofu who takes her and him on as an assistant. Dr Tofu adopts Ranma and they move to a university where he teaches and Ranma learns eventually becoming a doctor. Years later Ranma runs over a drunken Ryoko who depressed at losing Tenchi. They exchange stories and quickly grow to like each other, neither scared away by the others past. (Tenchi Muyo Crossover.)

Hell is a Martial Artist - Ozzallos . Link
Ranma is sent flying by Akane when he spots a fight between Hild and the Norn Goddesses. He insults the goddess and lures them into a fight much to Hild's amusement. Hild decides she likes Ranma who believes her to be a magical girl lawyer and together they have some fun causing mayhem as Hild teaches Ranma to weaponize her cuteness. Hild finds the chaos of Ranma's life amusing to watch such as the age changing mushrooms and the mirror clones, taking advantage to have fun with Ranma. Eventually they grow close and Hild is honest about who and what she is and surprisingly Ranma accepts her as she is one of the very few who cares. Ranma gets set up as a trainer for Sailor Moon, learns magic and slowly tries to get his life in order. Eventually things get so bad that he disowns his parents and Hild adopts him as her son/daughter and makes it like Ranma never existed with only a few remembering him. (Ah! My Goddess, Sailor Moon Crossovers.)

Honor and Love - Kevin D. Hammel . Link . Link2
Ranma calls his mother to give her bad news and to ask where she lives. Genma drowned in Jusenkyo, and Ranma has a curse. Nodoka convinces Ranma to get used to the curse and go to school as a girl, there she meets the Senshi in normal guise. Ranma is the first in a new batch of Senshi, which also include the Tendo sisters and Ukyo. (Sailor Moon Crossover.)

Impacted Souls - ZRO4825 . Link
After the second impact Ranma was devastated at losing Akane and needed something to focus on. In the remains of Japan formed breeding grounds which took girls and raped them to increase the population, Ranma devoted himself to destroying these places and rescues Makoto from one. Makoto is pregnant and abused so Ranma tries to help her recover, quickly falling in love with her. (Sailor Moon, Neon Genesis Evangelion Crossovers.)

Instruments of Change - Mike Koos . Link
A goddess called Ranmira answered Nodoka's prayers and granted her a wish, unfortunately Nodoka wished for a son like the goddess. As she granted the wish, system bugs appeared and she was lost to the system inside Ranma. She is later discovered and restored, but she must first fullfil the wish. (Ah! My Goddess Crossover.)

Just a Plan - Poly . Link
Ranma goes to Juban for his summer break to get away from the fiances. He notices the Sailor Senshi fighting the monsters and wants to get into the monster bashing himself. He makes a Sailor Senshi costume, as they surly wouldn't notice another one, and kicks youma butt. (Sailor Moon Crossover.)

Neko - Angel Frog . Link
After the Nekoken, Genma decides to visit Jusenkyo. Not only does he curse Ranma to become a girl, he stupidly sends her flying into another spring. Ranma is now a cat girl and decides to leave before Genma's stupidity can do something else to her. Later Ranma meets Hagrid, who she grows to like. Ranma spends her time enjoying herself around Hogwarts and having fun like a curious cat. She bonds with Professor McGonagall and sees her as an aunt, and she gets training in being an animagus. She meets Ryoga in the castle and tries to cure his direction curse, but it backfires and sends her to another world and only Ryoga can save her. (Harry Potter Crossover.)

Nibun no Senshi Sailor Moon - The Eternal Lost Lurker . Link
Sailor Moon is almost killed against a very strong demon, causing Ranma and Ryoga to try and fight it. Ranma is chosen as the temporary replacement for Sailor Moon and transforms to defeat the demon. Ranma meets the other Senshi, giving them a power boost and Ryoga allows a silver millennium spirit share his body turning him into a moon pig advisor. When Ranma visits Usage in the hospital she is followed by the fiances and rivals, luckily they are scared away by the Senshi. (Sailor Moon Crossover.)

Night Shift - Lawra . Link
Akane sees Ranma detransforming from Sailor Theia one night and finds out that she is a Sailor Senshi who mostly works alone in Nerima as she cant move to Juban. There is an attack at a sale organized by Nabiki which Ranma soon deals with but Ryoga is infected with darkness that changes him into a female demon that works with Dr Tofu to eliminate the Senshi. Chibi usa comes to Ranma for training, and Hotaru tried to setup a date with Ranma at her mothers concert but her plan backfires as he is forced to take Akane. Ranma is attacked by Ryoga and nearly killed, luckily she is saved by sailor moon. (Sailor Moon Crossover.)

Not Like You - Lord CBoD . Link
Ranma is dead and yet lives on as a computer program in Ami's computer. Ami's father had saved Ranma's mind into the computer after Ranma had given his life saving Ami, however he feared Ami was getting to close to Ranma so he altered Ranma's programming changing him into a girl. Ranma quickly adapts and while spending time in a virtual city scape Setsuna informs her about the silver millennium. Ami becomes sailor Mercury and her new friend Haruka is an old friend of Ranma's and Usagi is Ranma's cousin. Ranma enters the Mercury computer and in a battle she is sucked into Mercury's body and fights in her place. (Sailor Moon Crossover.)


Paragon - Robert Haynie . Link
A small kid gives Ranma an amulet which allows him to control his curse and turns him into Paragon, a magical girl. Ranma chan uses her new powers to fight evil, sometimes even battling alongside the Sailor Senshi (Sailor Moon Crossover.)

Pegasus Wings - SJiriki . Link
Ranma gets a new tutor called Tenchi who had moved away from his home to escape the girl. They become fast friends and when Akane accuses Ranma of cheating on her and he gets thrown out, he stays with Tenchi. They soon fall in love with each other and Tsunami and they all become engaged. (Tenchi Muyo Crossover.)

Permutation - gsteemso . Link
Ranma visits the zoo and goes neko in the tiger exhibit. Sailor Moon tries to cure her and accidentally wipes her memories. They take her to the outers house and discover the curse. Pluto explains who she is and the Senshi vow to help. Ranma disguised as Sailor Europa trains with the Senshi while the rest of Nerima hunt for him. (Sailor Moon Crossover.)

Phoenix Rising - Terryie . Link
Ranma goes to another district to buy more clothes when he is attacked by the morons of the Nerima wrecking crew. After a glomp from Shampoo, Akane mallets Ranma into a fountain. Ranma decides to give up and almost drowns when she is saved by Ami Mizuno. Ranma is helped by the Sailor Senshi to get her life back on track and she starts to learn magical attacks. Many involved in the attack on Ranma are arrested or put into an institute. (Sailor Moon Crossover.)

Raiju - Trugeta . Link
After one destroyed meal and a mallet too far, Ranma almost drowned in the koi pond. His shattered psyche split and joined with the Nekoken. Her new self will take no crap from anybody. While explaining how bad everyone treated Ranma and how she will no longer tolerate it, Mousse attacks with a banishment scroll sending Ranma to Konaha. She meets Kakashi and Naruto as they are rushing to the hospital, where she sees how Naruto is treated badly. She is tasked with Training Naruto along with Jiraiya. (Naruto Crossover.)

Ranma the Wonder - dswynne . Link
Ranma uses the Nanban mirror and it sends him back in time to Themiscyria the capital of the Amazons. Ranma is adopted as the crown princess and 3000 years later she is going home to when she had vanished. She has 4 daughters who are hero's, one of them Wonder Woman, a title Ranma has briefly taken. Now that Ranma's back he has to contend with the witch goddess Circe trying to cause chaos and sorting out the fiance mess. (Wonder Woman Crossover.)

Redefining Honor - genhoss . Link
Ranma decides he needs a break and hides out in female form near a beach. She meets a beautiful woman called Yuni Jones and her five year old daughter Yuna and falls in love with them. She becomes lovers with Yuni but is sad that she is dying. Yuni is visiting a shrine that helps her with her illness, and they can help Ranma with the neko ken, unfortunately the magic they used reacts badly with Ranma turning her into a cat girl. Yuni dies and leaves Yuna in Ranma's care and Ranma gets revenge on those who wronged him before. (Gold Diggers Crossover.)

Relatively Absent - Togashi Gaijin . Link
During her fight with Herb on mount Horai Ranma is buried alive under the rubble of the collapsing mountain. A lonely artifact called the Time Gates links with Ranma and helps her dig herself out. She is found by her mothers relatives and taken to their house to recover. Her mother is told everything and reacts badly, declaring a blood feud against the Tendo's. Ranma prepares herself to meet with the Senshi, who are angry for losing the gates. (Sailor Moon Crossover) (Removed due to Author request.)


Sailor Ranko - Fire . Link . Link2 . Link3
Ranma and Akane are sent to a Dojo in Azabu-Juuban to be trained by mister Miyagi in how to teach. At school a Youma attacks and the Sailor Senshi struggle against it when Ranma attacks it, the Senshi see a symbol on her head marking her as Sailor Sun. Ranma reluctantly accepts being a Senshi and helps out but has to quit when Akane gets too worried about Ranma coming back injured. When Akane is kidnapped by the enemy Ranma takes back his Senshi powers and starts a one woman war on the Youma, before jumping through a portal to a hellish place in order to save Akane Ranma and Akane struggle to live hiding in the lifeless caves, living of stolen cardboard tasting melons while waiting for rescue. When the rest of the Senshi arrive they invade the base and kick enemy butt. (Sailor Moon Crossover.)

Sailor Ranko: A Love Story - Rebecca Ann Heineman . Link . Link2
After returning to Earth, Ranma and Akane reflect on everything that happened whilst trapped in the other world. A more in depth view on there struggle for survival and there slowly blossoming love for each other. (Sailor Moon Crossover.)

Sailor Ranko: Twice in a Millennium - Kevin D. Hammel . Link . Link2 . Link3
Rei and Akane are furious at Nodoka for rejecting Ranma when he revealed himself as Sailor Sun so they talk to her and find she regrets trying to force the seppeku promise. Nodoka writes a letter saying sorry and asking for forgiveness. Meanwhile the Senshi plan to turn Akane into Sailor Io so that she will live as long as Ranma and they can fight together. Ranma and Akane are married, even with many interruptions from the fiance. (Sailor Moon Crossover.)

Sailor Ranko: Tunnel Vision - Rebecca Ann Heineman . Link . Link2
The world is becoming more dangerous with terrorist attacks happening more often. Riots, Wars and general unrest without reason threatens to start World War III. When the war finally broke out, the Senshi have to deal with the utter destruction of Japan and trace the war to its source; an insane computer called Skynet. They have to battle machines that take a lot of pounding to take down, and even when down can still kill them as Ami finds out. Ranma has to find out more of her powers to battle this foe, but her anger almost causes her to accidentally kill her own teammates giving her a reality shot. They have to battle there way trough Los Angeles, the heart of the enemy forces and were Skynet is located. Ryoga gives his life to finish the computer and the time line is reset, but Pluto was able to save there memories so that important lessons are not lost. (Sailor Moon Crossover.)

Sailor Ranko: Just Add Water - Rebecca Ann Heineman . Link . Link2
Time has been set back onto it's proper course and life returned to normal. Well, almost normal if you can call a short 300 year old panty thief normal. Happosai vows revenge against Ranma for taking away his silky darlings and summons a terrible demon to punish Ranma. Things don't go as planned as the demon has his own agenda for world domination. (Copied from Rebecca's page) (Sailor Moon Crossover.)

Sailor Ranko: The Harder They Fall - Rebecca Ann Heineman . Link . Link2
With Happosai dealt with, the Senshi take a well deserved break, until a monster from the depths of the sea pays a visit to Tokyo. Ukyo, Shampoo and Konatsu end up in the middle of the mayhem as a Godzilla, born from the creature that attacked New York City, runs amok downtown. (Copied from Rebecca's page) (Sailor Moon Crossover.)

Sailor Ranko: Thrice in a Millennium - Rebecca Ann Heineman . Link . Link2
Ukyo Kuonji has a big problem. She was healed by the Senshi and now their blood courses through her veins. To make matters worse, a little Chinese girl visits the Cat Cafe bearing news that the people of Phoenix Mountain are on the move. In time, all hell breaks loose with the Musk, Saffron and even Happosai causing trouble for everyone. What are the Senshi, Ukyo, Ranma and Nabiki going to do about this complicated mess? (Copied from Rebecca's page) (Sailor Moon Crossover.)

Sailor Santa - Multiple . Link
Ranma is approached by a reindeer to help Santa out in delivering presents to dangerous martial arts infected areas where they get attacked. Ranma takes the job and transforms into Sailor Santa, a magical girl who delivers presents and kills Youma with funny Christmassy attacks. Sailor Santa meets many many people from differant Anime and recruits her own Senshi Nuku Nuku, Hotaru, Eimi and the elf who transforms into a reindeer that recruited Ranma in the first place. (Sailor Moon, Nuku-Nuku Crossovers.)

Secret Stolen Smiles - Materia-Blade . Link
Ranma is a female idol star and signing autographs when Ryoga asks for one claiming to be a fan. He recognizes her and she splashes him before he could say anything. Ranma tells him her story later on, telling a false cheery version while the actual story is darker and sadder. Ranma is the girlfriend/boyfriend of another sex changer Futaba Shimeru, who is also a idol star, but the road to their relationship was rocky and long. (Futaba-Kun Change Crossover.)

Spring of Drowned Miyah! - Sopchoppy . Link
Ranma falls into the spring of drowned Cabbit and her own appearance and voice scares her causing her to run away trying to get away from herself since she is cat like. She feels a pull and follows it to the Masaki shrine where Ryoko thinks she is reunited with her partner Ryo-Ohki. She is sad that her partner is dead but happy that Ranma is now with her. (Tenchi Muyo Crossover.)

Spoiled Brats - DarkFyre99 . Link
For years Ranma has been a famous actress, singer and model while her twin, courtesy of instant twin powder took male acing roles. She takes a new idol star under her wing, Minako Aino while her male self helps out Sailor V. Ranma feels that the three who caused the destruction of the world many years ago are waking up. Beryl, Serenity and Endymion. Ranma is in love with the much younger Minako and is devastated to learn she has cancer and will die. Ranma has to train the Senshi, free Endymion's generals keeping Beryl off balance and wake the prince and princess to get the crystal to cure Minako while also stopping them all from destroying the world. (Sailor Moon Crossover.)


Take the Green and Go - Usagi-Hasano . Link
Shego gets sent into the past and is forced into the cursed springs by the Amazons. Years later Ranma falls into the springs gaining Shego's body and a voice belonging to Shego in her head. Ranma as Shego becomes a teacher in Akane's school, and has fun bugging everybody. Ranma meets up with Kim Possible later and really enjoys teasing her. (Kim Possible Crossover.)

Tales of the FoxCat - Ozzallos . Link
Ranma is betrayed by Ryoga who feeds her age mushrooms and leaves her for dead in Konaha. Ranma wakes and wonders around, worried at the amount of high level ninjas patrolling the village. She meets Naruto vandalizing the Hokage monument and is caught by Kakashi and taken to the hospital. She explains her situation and the Hokage offers to seal the cat demon within her but it interferes with her curse and she randomly changes gender. She is recruited to teach Kunoichi lessons, and Naruto decides he wants to join. (Naruto Crossover.)

Ten of Two - Togashi Gaijin . Link
Usagi is fed up of being Sailor Moon and quits. The gods who use her battles as a game need new players and creates a new crystal that splits Ranma into each Sailor Scout, allowing her to become a one man sentai team. (Sailor Moon Crossover) (Removed due to Author request.)

The Best of Times - Ozzallos . Link
Ranma wished to know why he cant get any peace, and got the knowledge that sailor Pluto was meddling with his life keeping him busy. He researched all he could about the Senshi, know thy enemy. He starts a campaign against Setsuna and joins the Senshi ranks using a Fuku and a magic staff taken from the Phoenix. After more fights against youma, tormenting Setsuna, Prince R, dreams of Pluto's life, setting Kuno Happosai and Kodachi on Setsuna. Ranma meets the moon cats and is unveiled, however moon stops them fighting and gets them focused on the bigger threat. Ranma gathers his allies, enemies and fiances and they all go to another dimension to kick youma but. Ranma sacrifices himself to give the others a chance to escape, leaving two endings. 1)Pluto saves him and they are trapped in another time line, they become closer together as they spend years trying to get home. 2)Pluto saves him at the cost of her own life. Ranma becomes sailor Pluto (Sailor Moon, Nuku Nuku Crossovers.)

The Earth Princess - Cloud Dreamer . Link
Ranma is the Senshi of Earth, and the planets are so connected to their Senshi that they do whatever they want such as changing weather patterns to match the Senshi's desire. Ranma is freaked when this starts happening to her. When the sun is partially blocked, Ranma's thoughts cause all the volcanoes to erupt causing the greenhouse gasses to keep the planet warm and preventing the great freeze. She goes to the amazons for help and learns she is their queen. She receives her past life memories and many were great influential women like Mulan or Xena. (Sailor Moon Crossover.)

The Wild Horse Thesis - Calamity Cordite . Link
Gosunkugi casts a spell sending Ranma into the Evangelion world replacing Shinji as a much more confident and skilled Pilot with some knowledge of how the events will play out while the Neriman crew watch how it plays out on the video tapes left behind and are shocked at Ranma's thoughts about them. Ranma befriends Rei and later Asuka, having lots of fun pretending to be Asuka's twin as his female form looks just like her. They fight together against the angels and grow closer, going on dates and falling in love. They manage to stop Gendo's evil plan and save the world. They are sent together back to Ranma's world and Ranma renounces all engagements to be with his two loves. (to be rewritten). (Neon Genesis Evangelion Crossovers.)

The Younger Senshi - runnerz . Link
Akane destroys the age mushroom leaving Ranma as a little boy. He decides to leave and Kasumi goes with him, they travel to Kasumi's friend Rei Hino who allows them to stay. Minako likes Ranma and invites him to stay with her. Ranma is forced to go to school as a girl and dress as a girl. During a youma attack Ranma is chosen as the successor to Venus, and becomes Sailor Chibi-Venus. (Sailor Moon Crossover.)

Wake Me Up Inside - 5hadow Lady . Link
Usagi is suicidal as her friends and family treat her badly. Her mother slaps her so she runs away. Ranma finds her and takes her to Dr Tofu's. Ranma is kicked out of the Tendo's and Usagi stops him from committing suicide. Pluto takes them and the elder Tendo sisters to Pluto castle to train under compressed time and Ranma becomes the Shadow Senshi, Sailor Sun. Gosunkugi releases a demon. When they return, Nodoka is revealed to be honorless while Usagi makes it up to her mum and is engaged to Ranma. (Sailor Moon Crossover.)

X23 - Kevin Joe Bays . Link
Ranma is taken for an experiment where she is implanted with an embryo. She escapes and is picked up by Wolverine and is taken to Xavier's school. The embryo is causing her to mutate. She is attacked and turns back into a guy, he is badly injured but fights them off. His mutation heals him and when he changes back to a girl the baby is still there. (X-Men Crossover.)

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