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More girly than normal
Ranma seems to spend more time as a girl than he usually would, he is temporarily locked or he just acts more feminine when in female form. She doesn't quite qualify for being entered into the Ranma-Chan section, but it would be a shame not to read them if you like female Ranma fics, as they usually almost feel like a Ranma-chan fic at times.

Please report any broken or alternate links here.


A Different Path - hueloovoo . Link
Ranma has always desired to be a girl, so when he emerged from the spring of drowned girl it was like a dream come true, however she had to hide her feelings from her father. At the Tendo's Akane treats her like a freak and she is devastated her first new friend in years hates her. Kasumi talks to them both and they sort of make up. (Really Short)

Alternate Landings - Shadow Dancer . Link
Ranma lands in a different pool that activate with hot water and he turns into a little girl. Akane decides to help the little girl and while sparring, Ranma breaks her leg. Akane takes her to Dr Tofu's who puts a cast on it and makes it so that she cant change for several months. On the way back they meet Ranma's mother.

Am I Pretty - kayemsi . Link
When Genma knocks Ranma out with a sign post at the beginning of the series, Ranma gains amnesia and thinks she is a girl. Genma is captured by the zoo, and Ranma is taken to the Tendo's as the last place she remembers she was going to go to. She becomes friends with Akane, and freaks out when her curse is revealed. Akane calms her down, and then asks Ranma to pretend to be her fiance to get rid of the hentai hoard.

A One-Half Semester - Ran Dandel . Link
Two guys go to a costume party as Ranma and Shampoo. Some girls are kicked out for not being invited and in revenge they toss a magic ball that changes people into their costume character. They turn into Ranma and Shampoo with all the martial arts, curses and love to go with it. They find out they have the curses and decide to stick together as lovers.


Bits of China - Ozzallos . Link
Ranma had just been recently cursed and is hunting around for food when she finds the Amazon village. She is soon captured and has to fight for her freedom. She fights well but she hadn't eaten in weeks and her hunger overcomes her. The Amazons are impressed and adopt her into the tribe. Ranma stays and learns many techniques as well as the Amazon way of life. Genma takes her away to Nerima where she meets the Tendo's and acts in a more Amazon way to situations.

Catch me if you can - Jebe  . Link
Shampoo's kiss of death turns into a game between her and Ranma and they part China as friends. In Nerima a more confident in herself Ranma becomes friends with Nabiki and arranges an advert to get some fighters from his past to fight with after getting bored leading to his reunion with Ukyo who's gender issues form the perfect love triangle. Shampoo comes to save Ranma from her grandmother and joins the group. Ranma goes to school as a girl and is outed with Ukyo as a lesbian.

Chaotic Neutral - Ozzallos . Link
Nodoka catches Genma trying to take her son away on his ten year training trip, to pay him back she takes his itinerary and takes Ranma herself. Not being stupid or dishonorable like Genma, she makes many different choices making Ranma both better yet worse than with Genma. One choice takes them to Jusenkyo early where Nodoka is changed into a Kitsune and a seven year old Ranma is changed into a girl, failing the seppeku contact. Nodoka changes the contract to woman amongst women as well as man amongst men, and teaches Ranma how to be a girl.

Children - ranma5487 . Link
It had been discovered, at an exam following Ranma and Akane's difficulty having children, that Akane's body could not support a child. Not thinking before he spoke, Ranma volunteered his girl form. 9 months, and a whole load of new experiences later, two beautiful twins were born, Ranma, and Akama. This is their story. Prequel: Mother

Children of the Future - C. Jones . Link
A virus wipes out most of mankind leaving behind only those cursed by Jusenkyo, but the virus locks curses. Ranma stuck in girl form protects Shampoo from getting splashed until the virus had passed, but Ryoga, Mousse and Genma are locked. Taro happens by in his mixed curse form with a wife who is a cursed cat, he unlocks all the curses and they realize they need to make children. To create a larger gene pool, Ranma decides to become a mother as well.

Chrysalides - Sinom Bre . Link
Ranma feels something different between his male form and his female one beyond the obvious differences and experiments with water to find out what. He realizes his girl form gets horny but his guy form doesn't feel a thing. She visits Dr Tofu to find out what's wrong and finds out Genma has interrupted his ki flow making him not interested in girls in that way.

Couch Trips - Sarge4 . Link
Ranma meets a psychiatrist called Dr Epstein who is an empath that uses his abilities to help others who really need him such as Dr Tofu and Ranma. With the doctors help Ranma is able to become closer to Akane and even become truly engaged, but Ukyo takes it badly and tries to commit suicide. Ranma takes Akane and Ukyo on a training trip where they grow close together and creates a three way relationship. They fight the Amazons for independence which causes Shampoo to become banished. The Kuno's get more crazy and when Kodachi ties to get cured Tatewaki tries to kill her. The principle declares war on the Saotome's and friends, sending ninjas to attack but they are stopped and the principle arrested. Ukyo and Akane have children who inherit the curse while Nodoka falls in love and marries Dr Epstein and the rest of the Nerima wrecking crew also pair up. Ranma's wives and children move to China to stay with Cologne who is dieing and become Japanese Amazons along with the rest of the family. Ranma gets himself pregnant which causes scares as he could change back and lose the baby. They move back to Japan, the family ever growing and Ranmas model of having two wives spread to the rest of the Japanese Amazons. The Ninjas attack again in revenge for losing before and are quickly defeated. The families continue to grow and the children grow up. (this summary is very poor as this is a massive story that is much more emotional and hard to describe.)

Cursed - Richard Lawson . Link
Ranma wakes up and starts doing things slightly different. He cant be bothered to spar with Genma, he watches Kasumi cook but denies any interest and he acts differently around Akane and the others. During school she answers a Chinese history exam in Chinese and then cant read it. She focuses on it and when she can read it, she finds she cant write Japanese. She checks the Amazons to find mousse and Shampoo in their cursed forms acting like animals. Everybody is changing into their cursed forms mentally, so Ranma ends up changing into a Chinese girl from over a thousand years ago.


Dew on the Grass - Richard E . Link
Akane causes Ranma to hit his head making him think he's female, this lasts longer than anyone expects. Ryoga attacks the newly dubbed Ranko but when he finds out who she is he feels guilty. Ranko, being sweet and kind works with him to alleviate his guilt and they slowly fall in love. Unfortunately when she has a nekoken attack, it shunts Ranma's personality back into possession and Ryoga loses his Ranko.

Fame - Sinom Bre . Link . Link2
Ranma is transferred to a rich school called Houjun Preparatory Academy by Kuno as a girl. She is annoyed as all the boy's keep trying to hit on her, but the rest are scared as they have never seen ki attacks before. An explosion in the chemistry lab interrupts Ranma's PE lesson. She uses the fire and a pool to create a Hiryuu Shouten Ha and put out the fire, rescuing some girls and becoming a hero. She gets expensive clothes and gifts from her grandparents and finds out they are mega rich.


Growing Up the Half Way - Joe Fenton . Link
Genma decides to leave for China early so Ranma gets cursed to turn into a girl at a young age and grows up with it. Genma tries to get Ranma to do anything to stay in male form and Ranma develops a method of heating the water before it hits his skin. When away from Genma, Ranma just stays female as it's easier to keep water cool than to heat it up and she doesn't care about her gender. Ryoga sees her as a girl and tries to protect her from Genma's cruel ways, and she gets on well with the Tendo's due to her acceptance of the curse.


Happi Days - metroanime . Link
Happosai uses drowned girl bride water poured from the locking ladle into the school sprinkler in an effort to turn the boys into girls and get them to blame Ranma, who luckily was out of town after finding out he's been engaged again and declaring all engagements void. Happosai's plan worked as the boy's changed and even the girls were effected becoming more feminine however he was spotted and chased by a mob. He uses a super soaker to shoot water at many men, including Soun and Genma. While Ranma travels China looking for a cure for his curse, everyone else is being affected by the mental aspects of the curses to act like a bride or Amazon. (not Ranma being girly, but worth adding) Sequel

Happi's Redemption - mykon1 . Link . Link2
Happosai was born a girl and cursed into a boy, however his female soul needed female ki thus he became a pervert. His advanced age means he can no longer absorb the ki he needs and he is dieing. Ranma has to take him to China to find his stash of cursed girl water and change him into a young girl. After Curing Happosai they spend weeks in a modern Amazon village learning new moves and medicine And Ranma learns of a way to control her curse, however she has to spend at least half her time as one. They return home with Happosai now named Noriko getting used to her new life.


Indiscretions - Ozzallos . Link
Ranma dreams of making out as a girl with his fiances so he asks them if they would kiss him as a girl. Akane and Ukyo strike out but Shampoo is more than keen and Ranma chooses her while kissing her as a girl.

Life Choices - Cloud Dreamer . Link
After a bad argument with Akane, Ranma decides to leave. She competes in a female martial artists tournament and wins a years free training at the Tanaka dojo and school. She makes friends with the owners daughter Michiko, who shows her how to act and dress as a girl. The Tanaka's warm up to Ranma and teach her their styles, including one meant only for girls. Later Akane finds out where Ranma is staying and enrolls, they get along fairly well until they leave for home. Akane goes back to her old self, and even smashes a cure Ukyo got for Ranma, cursing herself. Akane gets really violent, and Ranma runs away again to his mothers. Nodoka suggests moving to America, and Ranma quickly agrees.

Living Backwards - ravengal . Link
Akane decides being feminine is too much work and hates boys coming after her so she changes school and enrols as a boy. Ranma is taken back to his mother who Genma stole him from years ago. He has to hide as a girl due to Shampoo wanting to marry his boy form. She is enrolled in the same school as Akane where they fight and become rivals.

Lonely Match - Cloud-Dreamer . Link
After getting knocked out by Akane, Ranma overhears Nabiki worrying about how much him and Genma will cost the family and if it is a scam. Ranma agrees it is something Genma would do so they search his pack and find plans to sell the house after declaring Ranma insane along with the scrolls for the Saotome school, Ranma cannot get married before he turns 20. Ranma and Nabiki become friends and Ranma agrees not to let Akane hit him, often sending her into the pond in retaliation. Ranma has to go to school as a girl to stop the curse from getting out and makes a challenge which involves teaching Akane and Nabiki martial arts while he learns to be a girl. The fathers are set up to entertain children as Weepy the clown and his pet panda. Ryoga shows up and gets close to Kasumi, taking her on a date and ends up going on a world tour. Nodoka is informed of the curse and gives up the seppeku pledge. Ukyo and Shampoo show up, with Shampoo getting defeated by everyone and getting multiple kisses of marriage.

Mother Amazon - NamurekaAmasai . Link
After defeating Shampoo during her villages tournament, Ranma moves her head when Shampoo tries to give her the kiss of death and instead accidentally gives the kiss of motherhood. Shampoo has now bound herself to be Ranma's mother and watch out for her. Ranma meets the Tendo's and tricks her father into thinking she likes being a girl. Kasumi helps Ranma with her nightmares. Ranma goes to school as a girl, thanks to Cologne speaking to the teachers, and when confronting Kuno she says she is a warrior and has killed, which scares Akane who rejects Ranma, making her miserable. Kasumi finds her crying to herself, and wants Genma to leave. Soun refuses so Kasumi leaves with her sisters and Ranma and stays with her friend Ukyo, who secretly vows revenge on Ranma.


newRanma - C. Jones . Link
After cracking his head escaping Akane's cooking, Ranma starts to hallucinate and kisses Kuno before collapsing. The hospital determines she has aggravated an old injury to her brain that prevented any sexual understanding, and so needs brain surgery to correct. She has to stay locked as a girl for 12 weeks for her skull to fully heal. She struggles as her body starts to react more to males and females and she has sexual feelings for both, with only visit's to the psychiatrist keeping her slightly sane.

Nodoka's Lessons - mykon1 . Link
Ranma spends a month alone with his mother getting to know her. During that month, Nodoka found a magical stone that erased inhibitions about sex between family members, and while teaching Ranma about sex education she goes too far and they make love with Ranma being in both forms. Ranma decides she wants to feel sex with a man so she takes the stone to the Tendo's where her father does her while the Tendo's do each other. (LEMON Warning. very graphic sex scenes.) Sequel Sailor Goddess.


Phoenix Ascension - Porthos112 . Link
In a family discussion Ranma reveals he's a lot smarter than anyone thought as he had to keep his learning from Genma who needed a dumb son to control and leech off like a parasite. He refuses any engagements and Genma disowns him, Ranma inflicts the weakness pressure point on him and Kasumi kicks Genma's butt. Ranma plans to Leave Nerima and stay with his moms family on their family training island to think about his life. Due to a magic ward Ranma is locked for up to six months after leaving the island, so must attend the academy as a girl while teaching others how to use chi.

Pretty Magical Girl Ranma! - Ozzallos . Link
When fighting Ryoga, Ranma finds his Ki disappearing quickly until he can no longer power any attacks. His curse had disrupted his Ki pathways, an old magical man informs him the curse is uncurable but his female form can learn magic. He leaves with Kasumi who is to learn healing magic and have many adventure before returning home as mages.

Pride Comes Before The Fall - Snafu the Great . Link
After Ranma lost to Herb and is locked, she is disowned by her parents and the Tendo's. Her temper snaps and she injures everyone, beating Akane and nearly killing Genma before being malleted away. Ranma declares a blood feud on everyone who wronged her. Genma is crippled and can't practice the art, Dr Tofu breaks his engagement from Kasumi, Akane is kicked out os school, Soun is sacked from the council, Nabiki threatens Tofu and gets in trouble with his relative in the Yakuza, Nodoka is disowned by her mother, the Amazons and Musk are pitched against each other and are wiped out, Ryoga is revealed as a burakumin as he is getting married to Akane, P-Chan is fed to a tiger, Nodoka is committed, Nabiki threatens the wrong shop keeper and is arrested to become a sex toy for the prison guard, Genma undergoes the Nekoken training, Akane accepts a challenge and is beaten which bans her from practicing her school, Soun is driven to madness as he watches his family and honor destroyed, Akane is cursed to be a boy and Soun tries to kill him, the dojo is burnt down, Soun is sent to an asylum, Genma panda gets drunk and drowns, Nabiki gets pregnant and dies during child birth and finally Ranma opens his own successful dojo and becomes grandmaster.

Queen Rat - Sarge4 . Link
Ranma, Akane and Nabiki are all in a women's jail after getting caught making money illegally. Nabiki comes up with a plan to make money in the prison by selling luxuries. Ranma and Akane sneak out of jail and by their stock, sneaking it back in. They make a killing, and soon the prison operators confront them, asking for help in taking out a drug ring in exchange for their freedom. They find the drugs and find out what's happening. They are released and asked to continue helping, this time undercover as exotic dancers with Ukyo acting as their pimp. Ukyo, Akane and Ranma all become close, Ranma enjoying acting as a female.


Ranko's Honor - Cloud Dreamer . Link
After being malleted into a coma by Akane, Ranma wakes up in his mind with his girl side Ranko with him. The spirit of the girl spring tells them that they must heal themselves mentally or they will die. Ranko learns about being a boy and martial arts, Ranma learns about being a girl and feelings. Very good story, hard to place as it is sort of a split into two story, but it's only a mental split so I placed it here.

Ranma and Akane: Woes in Nerima - Tuisto . Link
Ranma gets her period and finds she cant change back. She is forced to dress as a girl and go to school, her sanity cracks a little. She has gym with the girls and goes shopping for girly things like lingerie. Some Nannichuan is delivered and during a fiance fight Akane is cursed to turn into a guy. Ranma almost kills the others in her rage. He decides to teach Akane how to handle the curse. They feel things for each others cursed form and acting like each other, Nodoka shows up and knows the truth and Ranma gets pregnant by Akane.

Ranma Gets Fed Up - Master Magi . Link
Akane calls Ranma sexist and he is fed up as she is far more sexist than him. She needs to see what he goes through so he gets revenge by cursing her for a week with instant Nannichuan and waterproof soap. He hides for the week while Akane finds out about Ryoga. When she is back to normal, she convinces Ranma to let go and accept the curse like she did. Nodoka creates a magical watch for Ranma that will change his cloths based on his gender, Ukyo is adopted into the family and Shampoo's marriage is dissolved. Ranma makes Akane the perfect dress but Soun spoils the moment by accidentally cursing Akane with true Nannichuan water (In script format.)

Ranma OneHalf: First steps - Zombie Boy . Link
Akane gets cursed to turn into a guy and Ranma realizes if they are to join the schools then Akane has to be a master as well. He takes her to America on a long training trip, during which they get drunk one night and Ranma gets pregnant. They continue to work and train, until they are sure they will have enough money to return and support themselves. Ranma's daughter is about eight when they return to japan, and time quickly passes with her growing up and making friends as well as gaining more siblings.

Ranma's first time - unknown . Link
Kasumi catches Ranma chan washing a sundress in the bathroom, but Ranma runs away. She's having a period and is panicking. She goes to Nabiki for advice and is told things about being female. She is then taken to Dr Tofu's for an exam , meanwhile Kasumi having overheard thinks Ranma's Pregnant and is relieved to find it's just a period so she throws Ranma a special dinner of red beans and rice.

Ranma's Got His Girl Face On - LlamaMathilde . Link
Akane can't wait for Ranma anymore and so dates Hiroshi. Ranma is confused about her feelings and dates Ryoga who is falling for her. Nodoka was worried about Ranma being feminine and having to enforce the contract so she tries to accidentally destroy it but Ranma keeps saving her. Ranma is shocked when on a date with Ryoga to be found by her other fiances causing Ranma to flip and stop all girl actions, he slowly fall into depression as he has no way to unwind. Things spiral out of control until finally Ranma decides to fulfill the contract, luckily Nodoka finally manages to destroy it saving Ranma's life. Does Ranma love Akane or Ryoga, arranged marriage or his heart. Ranma pays off the dowry he owes Ukyo and pays for Shampoos feast he ate getting rid of them both. Finally Ryoga and Ranma can be together.

Ryoga's Weakest Victory - Fenristhewlf . Link
Ryoga and Ranma are camping out in the woods when Ranma eats an age changing mushroom. Ryoga takes advantage of this and tries to kill her by throwing her off a cliff. Ranma ended up in hospital where she is tortured by Ryoga into believing she is Ranko and not Ranma. Ranko also has no sense of direction and Ryoga steals the medicine she is supposed to take to cure it. Ryoga teaches her how to overcome certain types of being lost but another always takes it's place. Eventually Shampoo learns about Ranma and takes her to China where Ranma falls into a spring and is split into two, him and Ranko. (Hard to place this fic, as the ending could place it into the split in two category.)


Sexual Endeavours - Ichinohei Hitomi . Link
Everyone is convinced theirs something wrong with Ranma's sexuality and so start treating him differently, this causes him to believe he's in a dream and go along, especially when his mom wants to go shopping with her daughter. Trying to shock Ranma, Nodoka takes her into a sex shop however it backfires and Ranma is convinced it's a magical girl supply shop and orders leather clothes to pretend to be a magical girl. Ryoga is convinced he's in another dimension where Ranma is his girlfriend and they date however the other fiances get the wrong idea and dress up as boys to win Ranma back. The boss of criminal organization decides to expand to Japan using the hero and villain stereotypes against them by acting out the villains part with special effect however pretend magical girl Ranma is there to save the day with her knight Ryoga.

Sword and Sorcery - D.Fire . Link
Ranma and Ryoga are transported elsewhere, de aged to six years old and have amnesia. Ranma grows up for ten years as a girl, learning from a sorcerer who adopted her. He comes up with a way to unblock her memories. When she wakes up, she is confused, the memories still integrating together. Ranma looks for her new father but the house is destroyed and he is dead. She bonds with her fathers familiar, a cat called Azure who turns into a panther. Ranma vows to get justice on his poppas killer. She finds a prophecy involving her and six others from Nerima and she has to find them in this world.


Tattered Mist - jade-Orchid . Link
Everything is going wrong, Kasumi tries to help Ranma but she can do nothing to help. When she finds a jar of Nyanniichuan, Ryoga accidentally breaks the jar and turns into a pig man while Kasumi turns into a man. Ranma takes Kasumi away so that they can learn about there curses and end up living at a national park with one of Kasumi's friends. They both live and go to college in their cursed forms to get used to it.

The Four Truths - muishiki . Link
When Ranma learns the Nekoken he kills his father and so must travel alone, learning the art and trying to master the Nekoken. He meets Konatsu, a Kunoichi who is mistreated by his stepmother who also poisoned his father. Konatsu vows to get revenge and Joins Ranma on his journey. They travel to the Amazons and convince Cologne to train them but she will only train girls so they get cursed. They spend years training with the Amazons, never truly accepted until they are captured by the Musk, where they are convinced to become ambassadors between the Musk and Amazons. Herb and Konatsu fall in love, getting married in both forms and they leave with Ranma to travel to Japan where Ranma searches for his fathers friend Tendo. They go to Furinkan high school and begin to change things massively from how they normally happen as they train Akane and deal with events with skill and teamwork.

The Silent Horse - MZephyr . Link
Running away from a cat in the rain Ranma chan runs into a fire escape, knocking her out. Waking up she finds herself about to be raped, when she is rescued by Akane The trauma from the near rape leaves her unable to speak and traumatized. This story is about her slow recovery and his friendship to Akane

To Become a God - Nabeshin Danbei Ayanami . Link
After the fight with the phoenix, Ranma finds himself able to sense magic and finds it within himself. After experimenting he is able to draw magic from water but draws to much and it affects his female form. Essentially Ranma is now a goddess and the Amazons want her to watch over their tribe.

True Friend, True Love - kokatsu na tenshi . Link
Kim is cursed to turn into a boy while searching for an artifact from the Amazons. She learns Happosai took it so he enters Nerima as Kevin. He insults Akane's cooking and almost dies, getting saved by Ranma and becoming friends. After finding the artifact Kim has to rush home as her uncle died. Ranma is tricked into a wedding attempt, after it fails he travels after Kevin. Kevin teaches him to accept his curse and Ranma finds herself spending more time as a girl and falling for him. When Kevin is injured Ranma finds out about his curse while treating him, but forgives her as she was so selfless in her friendship. Ranma travels to Nerima to end the fiance's and gets a letter from Kim asking him to look after the artifact as he'll soon be dead. He panics and wants to save her, the artifact activates and he transports to her side stopping her attacker. The artifact transformed them both to gods and healed her injuries.

Vulnerable - Kyokukou . Link
During a massive fight, a truck veers out of control and Ranma risks his life to save two girls. He is hit and hospitalized with broken bones and has to stay female to reduce the risk of changing and aggravating her bones further. While she is still recovering and not up to fighting strength she is attacked several more times before having to give up the art due to her injuries and studying something else.

Your Body, My Mind - Aurora A. Valenzuela . Link
After losing a volleyball match of boys vs girls Akane is sick of everyone saying how great Ranma is and when going to sleep she wishes she was Ranma. When she wakes up she has Ranma's body and Ranma has hers. They insult each other and confuse their families, who are convinced they slept together. They get help from Cologne and then go on a picnic where they reveal some of their feelings.


Tomboy Ranma

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Created By Jason Kay