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My Ranma Fic Ideas
After reading a really good fic, or watching an Anime, I usually find myself full of ideas for a new fic and find myself writing them out, some are short and dirty, while others are long and descriptive. Unfortunately I have very little patience when it come to actually writing and while I can write a lot when I'm in the mood as I tend to write all day, I rarely find myself in the mood to write. I much prefer reading fics to writing them. Anyway I'll add all my ideas here and maybe I just might inspire somebody to write something better based on them. If you want to use my idea, you don't have to ask, just credit me in your fic and send me a draft or link to read.

Please report any broken links here.

Warning, really rough outlines, spellings and grammar contained within these ideas. The Dates show when I last worked on an idea.

A Not so Simple Wish Continued - 4.35kb ~30/04/08~
Just a few ideas I had to continue 'A Not so Simple Wish' by Ebiris. This contains a few ideas for a few extra chapters, but not much fleshing out.

Ranma/Chobits cross - 3.01kb ~08/07/07~
A quick summary of Hideki's meeting with Ranma. Hideki finds another persocomp on his walk and when he activates it, she complains about tomboys. (I loved the idea but never continued it.)

Dr Ranma V2 - 25.3kb ~15/02/09~
A summary/quick draft of what I wanted the story to be. I really like the idea of Ranma being a Dr like Dr Tofu. Ranma breaks from his family and lives with Dr Tofu where she can learn medicine.

Spring of drowned fairy - 43.3kb ~15/08/08~
Rough draft. Starts from Ranma falling into a spring of drowned Fairy, getting help from the amazons, meeting the Tendo's and the first day of school. (Discontinued to to crappy usage of fairy powers.)

Goddess plot V3 - 38.8kb ~17/02/09~
Rough draft. Akane Kills Ranma with her food and mallet. Ranma goes to heaven and meets Kami sama, where she is given the option of being a goddess. She accepts and is sent back to earth to confront her family.

Growing up the right way - ~07/10/08~
Finished Ch1, Rough draft of Ch2 and a summary of Ch2 onwards. Ranma is fed up of his life and wants to grow up again and be loved. He locks himself as a girl, eats an age mushroom and uses the nanban mirror to go into the past where she can grow up as Nodoka's Daughter.
Ch1 59.4kb
Ch2 Rough 32.9kb
Ch2 (not finished) 30.7
Ch2+ onwards summary 60.2

Ranma/Harry potter cross - 17.3kb ~23/11/08~
summary. Ranma fell into spring of drowned young witch then apparated when Genma attacked her. She gets a letter for Hogwarts and goes. Just read the summary for the rest. All I'll say here is that Ranma gets to the philosophers stone before harry and Voldemort.

Ranma - Kana little sister crossover - 6.88kb ~09/01/08~
Few Ideas. This is a crossover with a truly amazing Hentai Game that has very little hentai content within, and instead focuses on the very touching story of a young sickly girl who badly needs a kidney and spends most of her life in the hospital where her brother looks after her. Anyway my idea is that Ranma is knocked into that hospital by Akane and meets Kana and they become good friends. Ranma gives Kana a kidney and she recovers, while Ranma gets poisoned by Kodachi and almost dies. (I really need to add more to this.)

Short Story - 2.62kb ~19/10/08~
Quick summary. Ranma planed for months for the perfect date for Akane. When he goes to ask her, she is furious at him as she thinks he was cheating on her and tells him she hates him. Ranma leaves, heartbroken. Nabiki tells Akane his plans which shatters her. On the night the date was to take place, she gets a phone call that Ranma is in the hospital.

Crazy amazon potion + Ranma's baby - 17.3kb ~11/08/08~
Summary. The amazons use a potion on Ranma locking him in female form and she has to have sex with a guy before the next day or die. They plan to get Shampoo to use instant boy powder, but Ranma gets Akane to do it. When Ranma doesn't change back the next day, Akane is furious and kick her out. Ranma has a baby, which she takes care of while working as well. When her daughter is grown up, she finds out the truth and tells Ranma she hates her. Ranma is crushed and attempts to commit seppeku, her daughter saving her. (I really need to write this one up, this is a combination of several ideas hence the title.)

Ranko Actress - 20.4kb ~26/08/08~
Summary. Ranma vanished years ago and got into martial arts acting and stunt doubling. She found a guy and fell in love and had a daughter. Ranma is famous, and she's going to visit her parents in law's when her past catches up to her.

Ranma & Futaba kun change crossover - 27kb ~21/04/07~
Summary. Ranma finds out he has ability to change gender based on his emotions and thinks he's a freak. Meets the Shimeru's later on. (Cant remember much about this to tell you the truth.)

Ranma read or die - 4.31kb ~11/02/09~
ideas. Based on the read or die TV series. Ranma is a paper master but hates reading. She takes on odd jobs, finding things or fighting. She meets the paper sisters later on. (Not much here.)

Spring of drowned Sasami - 6.02kb ~07/02/08~
summary. Ryo-ohki gets shot and Sasami falls out falling into a spring. Later Ranma falls into the spring and changes into Sasami but she is stuck in that form. Amazons and Tendo's treat her much nicer, and eventually the Tenchi cast find her. They are shattered to learn that Sasami is dead, and amazed that tsunami is merging with Ranma way faster than she did with Sasami. (I know I'll get flamed for this if I ever wrote it.)

Star Trek - 6.51kb ~23/11/08~
summary. Ranma has trained his ki so much that he is evolving into a being of pure energy. Q pops up and explains things to Ranma then transports him into the future onto a ship called voyager. Ranma helps out with away missions and stuff while gaining control of his energy.


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